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Loved It!!!
This movie is very entertaining, and will make you think long and hard about your own life for many hours after you leave the theater. I was expecting a slapstick comedy, and ended up shedding some tears. This movie sends lots of messages about life, and teaches us all a very good lesson. I also loved the soundtrack, lots of great older songs used throughout the film. I left the theater, and drove to Best Buy to purchase the soundtrack, but was disappointed to learn there was not one! Bottomline, GO see this movie, you will NOT be disappointed! Two thumbs way...............up! I took my 10 year son, and he loved it as well, however, some of the humor is a bit crude, and may be offensive to some younger children. For example, there is lots of "dog humping" shown throughout the movie. But it's the message the movie sends that's the most beneficial. It will truly make you "think"............

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