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Mamma Mia!

As Far Away From Essential Cinema As Wal-Mart Is To Quality, Class Or Cleanliness
My goodness, how far has humanity fallen?

Imagine the olden days when a man serenaded and sang odes to women. Now come see this. Its nail scratching, hair pulling torture. I rather shop at Wal-Mart and subjected to a marathon of Once Upon A Time In America than suffer through this rubbish again. Women should use their mouths for beautiful things.


It Is A Lie
Look up the true story of Abby Johnson. She was a miserable failure and was fired. I wonder what her royalties are for renting her name to this film.

They replaced her with thin woman with feminine hair and try to tell us abortion is bad. These are the same people who think the orange dotard hitting on Ivanka is cute. I should have shut it off, but the mixture of laughter and disbelief kept me motoring on.


A Lack of Psychological Awareness
The descendants of Shakespeare have fallen so far from the tree.

Moreover, the acting is horrible. Why can't newer actors and actresses do a good job anymore?? Is it really that difficult to pretend you are seduced for example?

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