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Cobra Kai

Brings me back ...
I thoroughly enjoy watching Cobra Kai. As someone who grew up watching the original Karate Kid movies, this has been a pleasant treat. Of course, I hated Johnny Lawrence back in the day. He was a typical bully. I rooted for Daniel-Son. With that said, I absolutely love the shows take on it. Daniel grows up to be a very successful businessman, while Johnny is a screwup. It seems like justice, but you start really feeling sorry for Johnny. You see the original story through someone else's eyes. I found myself cheering for Johnny. It is much more entertaining to watch Johnny Lawrence as an adult than Daniel LaRusso.

The series is 100% cheesy, but quite enjoyable. So many actors came back for cameos throughout. It is such a treat. We got to love that 80s music too.

I have been watching it wife my wife and 12 year old. Even though my daughter doesn't know the original story, she loves the show.


Power Book II: Ghost

New Ghost, New Era
I was a fan of the original Power right from the beginning. I loved watching the two sides of James "Ghost" St. Patrick. He was a legitimate businessman, but also cold-hearted gangster. The St. Patrick children were not focused on much in the earlier seasons. When they became more part of the storylines, Tariq became one of the most annoying characters to grace the screen. I couldn't stand the rich wannabe gangster. He acted tough. I wanted his father to put him in his place. As much as I enjoyed Power, it began to go down in the later seasons, so I wasn't disappointed it was coming to an end.

When I heard there would be a spin-off with Tariq, I had no interest in watching it. For whatever reason I gave it a try and I was pleasantly surprised. The story did not end with Power, as it continue with Power Book II: Ghost. No longer did Tariq annoy me. Maybe because he was no longer in his father's shadow or because he was no longer being a winey punk. I have been thoroughly enjoying this show with Tariq following partly in his father's footsteps (at least drug/crime life). It is great seeing another family (Tejada). Although I am a little surprised that the Tejada family is not aware of who Ghost was. Sure, they are from different parts of New York, but Ghost was presented as one of the toughest, don't mess with gangsters around. It sounds a little far-fetched they wouldn't have cross paths with Ghost, or the legend of Ghost before Tariq entered their lives.

I am glad they brought Brayden and Saxe into the new series as well. We also got to see Tasha St. Patrick until her departure, but I could care less about her continued presence. We did get a little glimpse of Tommy Egan. It appears we will see Tommy in his own Power series which will probably take place on the West Coast.

At this point, we have only had 1 and half seasons, but it's been an interesting ride. I am excited for the 2nd half of season 2 to start in a couple days.

Friday Night Lights

Texas Forever
If you want a show where you can truly connect to the characters and find yourself interested in what's happening in their lives; look no further. Forget about football for a second, this show is about friends, family and a community. The Taylor Family is at the center with Eric Taylor coaching the Dillon High Panthers. Coach lives and breathes football as his family can attest to as their livelihood is directly affected by it. We get to look at town in Texas where high school football is as big (if not bigger) than professional sports. The town closes down on Friday nights to attend these games. The football team is sort of an escape for most people from their daily lives. The show was on for 5 seasons and like most teen/family dramas you deal with more than just the focus of the series. Way more is going on in this series from family troubles to small town politics. I did not watch the series when it was on the air. I watched all seasons over the past month or so through Netflix and enjoyed every bit of it. I felt a little empty when the show was over because I was no longer seeing what was going on in the characters' lives. I realize it is just a TV show, but like high school football can be an escape for the people of Dillon; this show can be an escape for you.



Sitdown and Enjoy ...
Wentworth is a show that initially focuses on Bea Smith and why she was put in Wentworth Prison. The show takes place in Australia. Often times, I get skeptical of non-US shows. It's not because I don't think they are good, but rather I cannot always understand what is being said due to the accents. This did not seem to be the case with Wentworth. I rarely had trouble understanding what they were saying. It was more the slang or different words used as opposed to not being able to make out the words.

The show went on for 4 strong seasons and grew to not just be solely about Bea Smith but other inmates and guards. I have to say I don't know how accurate of a depiction Wentworth is from a real women's prison in Australia, but it seems to be a lot nicer than anything I would expect to see in the US. You really grew to enjoy the characters and care about them. There were good story lines that kept you wanting more and some of it really hit you hard. I was interested to find out this was modern adaptation on an old Australian Soap Opera, Prisoner which took place in Wentworth Prison. A lot of the same characters, but I am sure a different development as soap-operas are done quite differently than drama series. I really find myself interested in other Australian or New Zealand, etc. TV shows.



We've got to go
I recently watched the entire series, but prior to that I had little to no real background on Louis CK. I found the show was similar to that of Seinfeld as it focused on the comedians real life as opposed to just playing a character on a show. In both cases its about the comedian and there day to day life. While Louis CK basically plays himself, he is really playing a version of himself. I found the show quite funny and it made me wonder how close to the character of Louie is Louis CK. I also wondered why I didn't know more about him before watching this show. I use to see him and thought he was some old man, but he is like 10 years older than I am. I feel we see a better version of the stand up comedian life than was portrayed in Seinfeld. Hell, even good old Jerry Seinfeld made a couple of appearances. Although in great Louis CK fashion, Louie was a disappointment to someone else. If you would compare the two, Jerry is a clean comedian and Louis is much more raunchy. I haven't seen enough of his stand up act to say he is raunchy like an Eddie Murphy, but he certainly talks about sex and masturbation a lot. Unlike Louie the Character, Louis CK is more than successful as a stand up comedian and actor/writer/producer. He has certainly made millions and he did make one hell of a show.

The Gift

Not Too Shabby, Not Too Great.
After watching this movie, I am a little surprised at the reviews. Mind you, I didn't think it was a bad movie. I just didn't see anything particularly special about it. I certainly didn't say wow at the end of it and didn't expect to see fairly regular praise on IMDb.

The basic plot of one individual embedding themselves in another person life is not new. I did like how Simon ended up being just as screwed up as Gordo. Clearly Simon was an older version of his bully self from High School as you can see with how he handled his competition for the promotion.

It was interesting enough to keep my attention, but it lacked the intensity that other movies like this have. I started becoming more "afraid" of Simon than Gordo. Intentional? Maybe. I don't quite understand if Gordo ran into Simon that day by chance or if it was calculated. Either way, the extent he went to get back at Simon was a little over the top. Did he or did he not rape Robyn? Even if he didn't he was invading their privacy and was touching her while she was passed out even if he didn't rape her.

I guess in the end having Simon revealed for who he was a bully and psychologically making him wonder if Robyn gave birth to his son or to Gordon's, did get Gordo's revenge.

So, yes. It was not too shabby. I just do not think it was that great. It lacked the thrill and intensity that other films like this have.


It is all about the badge . . .
A show about a deputy U.S. Marshall Raylan Givens (Timothy Olyphant) going back to Kentucky where he had grown up around the feuding families including his own criminal father. I found Justified had some soul like other FX shows (The Shield and Sons of Anarchy). I was also pleasantly surprised to find Boyd Crowder being played by Walton Goggins (The Shield and also SOA). I found myself really liking the character of Boyd despite the fact he was cold-hearted killer. I appreciated how the show was able to make a follow his own rules "cowboy" of a U.S. Marshall without making him some type of Chuck Norris kicking everyone's butt insight. Sure, he could shoot down anyone and he feared no one, but he could get his butt kicked as well as anyone.

I thoroughly enjoyed watching the six seasons of this show and I think Timothy and Walt did a great job portraying their characters who went head to head throughout the entire run.


Bank Roll

Block Buster Poster. Low Budget Low Rating Movie.
The very first thing I have to say about this movie is how misleading the movie poster is from the actual movie. There is a ringing in my head about not judging a book by its cover. I wasn't expecting a blockbuster, but the poster leads you to believe there is at least an attempt at an action movie. An action movie that I will say doesn't exist. Although the movie had a couple of enjoyable parts I couldn't help but feel ripped off. I was expecting something more than a low budget movie and don't get me wrong I am not against low budget films; I just didn't expect this to be one. Now before anyone says if you just looked it up you would have known. You're right. Although at the time I was just scrolling through available movies to download onto my iPad. After numerous times of passing this title, I decided to give it a chance and I really was not expecting much nor was I expecting the quality of film that it ended up being.

The movie was about a guy who pays each one of his friends to help mimic a bank heist that his brother was just busted for. The idea was to cause reasonable doubt that the brother committed the crime. Everyone had their job. The movie was filled with a lot of long drawn out scenes that made you question what you were watching. There was a long scene in which you watch one of the characters work out. Seriously. How pointless was that? After all you watch, you never see the bank heist that should cast reasonable doubt for the brother in jail as the movie ends right before he enters the bank. I wouldn't recommend this movie, but if you were going to watch it just know it is low budgeted with long pointless scenes and no actually bank heist.

Nurse Jackie

Nurse Crackie
Medical shows can be quite interesting with the patients, but with it being a Showtime series, I knew they would make it more intense. Plus with Edie Falco from the Sopranos and OZ; I thought it had a very good chance of being an enjoyable show.

I watched all 5 seasons recently and it definitely hooked me in. I was worried I wouldn't see Edie as anyone other than Carmela Soprano. Nope. It was all Nurse Jackie. She was so good as a drug addicted pathological lying nurse; I found myself hating her at times. Despite her flaws she is a great nurse with the patients best interest in mind (most of the time)I love Dr. Cooper (Facinelli). He is just brings a comedic aspect to the show that is needed and appreciated. Then you have Zoey (Wever) who brings an awkward presence that cannot be beat.

I would recommend Nurse Jackie as comedy/drama with great actors and story.


I am Special Agent Hudson and this is Special Agent Rose.
Supernatural is Super AWESOME. Two brothers (Dean and Sam) travel the country investigating supernatural type cases. The show has been on since 2005 and started with Dean requesting Sam's help with finding their father (John) who had gone missing. Sam had left the life of a "hunter" to focus on school and to be "normal"; whereas Dean stuck close to dad in the family business. The show changes throughout the years, but I still love to watch. I love the classic rock music. The rock references they use when posing as federal agents.

From yellow eye demands to Lucifer and the King of Hell to Castile "an angel of the lord"; this show delivers. I will hate to see it end because no matter what you can enjoy beer drinking, cheese burger eating, car driving, joke making awesomeness of Dean Winchester and Sam's salad eating, conscious struggling, also beer drinking, sasquatch walking ways.

If you like Shows like Buffy, check this out. You will not be disappointed.


LOST (and found)
This show revolves around the survivors of a plain crash somewhere on an island in the South Pacific. This "island" that they are on is no ordinary island. We watch and learn about the survivors as they interact with one another and through flashbacks from their lives before the crash. They are not alone on the island. Who else is there? You will have to watch and see. There are twist and turns throughout this master piece. This is a work of art. I am only on Season 4 of 6, but I wish this ride had no end. You will have questions and you will get answers. You will learn to trust no one or at least nothing is ever as you expect it to be. Don't pass up a chance to watch this series.

The Crazies

Don't Drink the Water
The Crazies is about a town with toxic chemicals in the drinking water. Of course any person who drinks the water will get the "crazies" within 48 hours. I don't want to give too much away. I will say this, I expected more out of a zombie-like movie. There was not enough horror in my opinion. I would have liked it to have been more along the lines of "The Hills have Eyes" with its shock horror. It fell mighty short for this viewer. It wasn't a total waste. There was action. It didn't have me looking to shut it off, but it just didn't do it for me. I decided to check on the 1970's original and it seemed to have even less horror. If you want more of the Zombie Killers fighting the uninfected then watch something else because this is more about Big Brother eliminating a problem.

Law Abiding Citizen

nothing is out of reach
A man's wife and little girl are murdered and one of the men accused gets a deal from the District Attorney's Office. The man (Butler)who is more upset at the injustice of not bringing the killer to trial than the killer getting off goes out for some payback. Despite being behind bars if he wants you dead, you're dead. He makes demands and let's hope you don't fall short of meeting them. This is an interesting movie with some fascinating story lines. I would recommend watching this piece of action. I found myself cheering for the bad guy because he was far more interesting than anyone else in this movie. Oh and without giving anything a way, I wouldn't answer that cell phone!


Alice (not that Alice)
I was very excited when I heard about a "Alice in Wonderland" miniseries. What I was not expecting was this. This is not "Alice in Wonderland" as you know it. The Alice in the story is not even the same Alice from the story we all know and love. Just a "happy" coincidence.

It is a modern take on a very old classic. It apparently takes place many moons after the story we all know took place. Ironically the Hatter apparently gets younger over time. I was not satisfied with this version. I didn't hate it. There is just so many elements from the classic version that is missing in this one. There was some interesting parts, but because it is an adaptation on a very popular story, it is hard to get away from that.

Please let Tim Burton's version be worth the while.

Rehab: Party at the Hard Rock Hotel

Drink, Eat, Shake that ... and be merry.
Remember when "Reality" shows were a new concept. These days reality shows are clogging up the channels. With that said, you can imagine how old and played some of these ideas can be. "Rehab" is no exception, but on the other hand it does take place in the hottest party in Vegas.

I caught the show once in a while in the first season. It wasn't bad. Entertaining. It was something to watch. Now in the second season I am glued. I am glued because there is a new Pool Manager. Yeah, doesn't sound like pool manager would be a high ranking job, but when you are Pool Manger at this party it is everything. This new guy is a total TOOL. I watch because I can't believe he is still working there. Besides bumping heads with one of the heads of Security, he totally disrespects everyone. He is suppose to be professional and some of the things he says to the employees seems to be grounds for dismissal.

I really don't know what happened to the manger in the first season. He didn't put up with crap, but he sure treated people much better. The one thing I will say is if it wasn't for the new guys antics I probably wouldn't watch. Maybe it is all for TV??

Check it out, if not for the story line. ... for the view.

Family Guy

and Boom Goes the Dynamite.
It was 8 years ago that I wrote a review on Family Guy. I thought better to start fresh than to update it. Thankfully the show has lasted all of these years and is making some crazy episodes. The show becomes more and more daring, but I think unlike when it first came around we are not surprised to see what this show does. Imagine all those years ago when Family Guy was canceled if it was not brought back. That would have been a sad affair. This show is exciting and edgy and I love it. I do understand that kids tend to watch shows like this because it is a cartoon and it is not appropriate for children. We are in a different age and for many years (thanks to shows like the Simpsons) cartoons are not just for kids. Some are for adults.


Inside American Jail

COPS: Aftermath
COPS! A show we all know and probably have seen at least once. I usually find myself watching COPS on Saturday nights. Now we get to see what happens, when people stop being polite and start getting real. Wait, that's the essence of the REAL WORLD. Still it does this justice. No pun intended. We now get to see what happens after someone is arrested. It is pretty interesting. I don't know how some of these people are able to work in these jails. I mean, the stuff some of these "criminals" say, I don't know how they ignore it. Obviously I am not right for that type of work and someone has to do it. This show could have a long run just like its parent show, COPS. Who would have thought back in the late 80's that a documentary style show about a COP ride along would be still airing and kicking out high ratings in 2008. This show has that potential. We need more jails willing to show us their insides. It makes for some good television. So whether you find yourself watching "JAIL" on the MyNetwork TV or "Inside American Jail" on Tru TV, you have got to check this show out.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Stop! This is not the Buffy the Vampire Slayer with Luke Perry of 90210 fame. That my friends was a bad comedic joke. This is the television series of the same basic plot, but that's where it ends. This show is allot darker, but at the same time can make you laugh. We follow the life of a Slayer as she is trained and takes on evil. Oh, but don't forget she is also in High School and happens to fall in love with a Vampire named Angel. I know, a Slayer in love with a Vampire. Trust me, you will enjoy their relations. There is also a great supporting cast that carries you through the 7 seasons of BTVS. This is one of the greatest series I have got into. There is crazy story lines and you get to love and hate characters. You also get to see them grow, so there is a dose of reality. If you haven't seen it, get into it. You will love the trip you are about to embark on. One downside is the show does end, but you do get many years of entertainment out of it.


Getting Darker
Take a character like Angel and you are bound to get a fan base. The character of Angel began on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but eventually was spun off into his own series as he moves from Sunnydale to Los Angeles. The basic idea is still there, the fight of good vs evil. Angel becomes a private investigator who tracks down trouble from visions brought to us by supporting characters. The series brings some characters from Buffy over and then throws into the mix some brand new characters. Much of the show is the struggle Angel faces against Wolfram & Hart, which is an evil law firm. Oh how we love that. This is a great show and can stand on its own but is better served with having saw Buffy. Angel lasted on the air for 5 good years. Check out the ride of evil in Los Angeles.


This Side of Sunshine...
The FX network jumped in all the way when they joined the original series battle and they held back nothing. I didn't watch this show when it first came out and now I am on Season One through the DVD experience and I must say simply, "wow". The show is a focus on the life of two plastic surgeons and the (explicative deleted) they get themselves into. I am amazed at how a cable series that is not on an HBO or a Showtime can get away with half of the things that they do. The only time I heard curse words on regular cable is like a PBS Scared Straight program. This show uses the vulgarities and shows some sick and twisted stuff. Strong story lines and one messed up world of Dr. Christian Troy and Dr. Sean McNamara. Take a step in and tell them what you don't like about yourself.


So much blood
Welcome to a new kind of madness. Do you like stories talking about tracking down a killer? Do you like to see through the eyes of a killer? What if you could have both? Certainly you would be pleased to find out Dexter Morgan is a wolf in sheep's clothing. Oh wait, not everything is what it appears to be. He is not your typical killer because he was raised with a conscience. A serial killer with a conscience, can it be? Not exactly, but maybe you should tune in to find out. Dexter is a killer, that much I am sure. He kills those who "deserve" to die and you might just agree with him on that. While he might dance in the shadows as a killer; he also works for the Miami Police Department in lab as an expert on Blood Splatter. Yes, he is a killer and a Blood Splatter Analyst. This is not because he likes blood; in fact Dexter doesn't really care too much for blood. What did I just say? You read that right. You read it all right. Just take a chance with the killer we have grown to love. Dexter is a riveting show that will make you squirm and keep you glued. Don't worry if you have already read the book because the writers of the series only based the show on the book. The book has many connections, but it was indeed done in a different way.


a Killer Business
Hostel is a movie that revolves around two American men backpacking through Europe as a life experience. They meet a young man from Iceland along the way and join up with him as they travel from hostel to hostel. The basic idea of the movie is disturbed businessmen pay big money to torture and kill people. What a concept, right? As Hostel does deliver many unpleasant scenes of blood, guts, and beyond; I do feel this movie had one major flaw. When you first start watching this movie, you will slowly start to ask yourself and others in the room if you are really watching the right movie. Why? That's because the first 30+ minutes of the story seems more like a National Lampoon's movie than any horror. I personally feel they took way too much time to get into the heart of the story. With all that said, it did a very good job at depicting a disturbed world of torture. The idea of that even slightly being possible makes me sick. Many of the scenes are very graphic and are probably not recommended for the light of heart. Overall the concept and torture scenes accomplished the mission of great horror cinema. The over stretched story packed with sex and partying was a bit much. I would recommend SAW over HOSTEL any time, if someone asked my opinion. I feel the original SAW was a better movie in every aspect and HOSTEL had many good qualities, but slacked in a smooth story.



Oh man, that's gotta hurt.
I couldn't really be sure what to expect from this movie, but the previews said to me it was going to be action packed. With that said, I didn't know if it was a hit or miss. I felt confidence in the movie because the main character was in the two Transporter movies. I picked up the movie and right from the beginning I realized it wasn't just "out there" in concept, but in your viewing experience.

You have a wild ride following Chev as he fights to stay alive from the poison flowing throughout his body. He has two objectives:

1- He has to see his girlfriend 2- He must make who did this to him pay.

You will not be disappointment with the action and there is plenty of dark humor along the way. The movie rolls the way it wants to and you see things portrayed differently than in more conventional movies.

Check it out. This movie is a kicking good ride. I close by saying "Take me down to Chinatown."


Miami Ink

The real "Inked"
Miami Ink is a reality show focusing on a Miami Tattoo parlor run by a group of Tattoo Artist who are friends. All of the tattoo artists on this show are highly skilled. With out a doubt, I would say this show blows A&E's "Inked" out of the water. "Inked" has way too much drama going on. I mean, I am tuning in for the ink and not for the drama. What do you expect when it's located in Vegas? Miami Ink is a great show which shows the running of a tattoo parlor and the interesting folks that finds their way in to get inked. This show does a much better job then the other one, on capturing the feeling of the customer and the process of the artist. Don't get me wrong they do have their drama on Miami Ink too, but its focus is where it really should be ... on the ink. Drama is good and all, but that's all "Inked" seems to have. I personally believe the tattooists from Miami ink are on a far higher level than the ones from H&H.

When it comes down to deciding what is the better tattoo show to watch, there is no decision, there is only one: Miami Ink.


Class of their Own
"24" is absolutely a one of a kind drama masterpiece. I am on a mad dash to catch up on all seasons before Season 6 debuts in January 2007. I have just completed season 4. I was hooked after a couple of episodes in Season 1. This show has more twists and turns than a roller coaster. You never know what you are going to see and nothing you assume can be for sure, even when a season ends. They have superb writers on staff and the character of Jack Bauer is a legend among big and small screen characters. He puts the well being of the U.S. security and people above his own and I mean to the most extreme sense. I am lost knowing I have to wait until December to buy Season 5, so I can find out what happens. I am not worried about catching up before January. I am anxious to know what happens next. It is that good. You really get to know these characters and they truly have a changing effect on your feelings for someone just like you would in true life.

Great show! Please join in and watch. Great for a rainy day or any other.

Update: 10/10 I was really anxious as I stated about Season 5. I found Amazon sold an unboxed version online. I am the middle of Season 5 and loving it.

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