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The Rogues

Ahead of its time...
This show was too advanced,i.e. sophisticated for the viewer in 1964-65 ? I was eighteen years old at the time. Here we are forty some years later and I for some reason still remember this Sunday night ...I was playing in a band in Rochester N.Y. we were "the" band of the time,doing all Beatles tunes. It was a hot summer night with a terrific thunder storm we were performing at a bar on the waterfront of Lake Ontario.Between every set I would go to the back room and watch the "Rogues" I remember a huge thunderbolt hitting a tree right outside the door of the saloon and the TV went off...Just a fond memory of my youth and that particular Sunday night. The feel of the show has been imitated ad nauseum ... I have wondered what happened to the film and if it would ever go into syndication.If anyone knows who has the rights to the Rogues please let me know.

A bit of irony here,I moved to Los Angles in 1967 and was a musical staff writer for Four Star which was owned by David Nivin and Charles Boyer( Dick Powell,Ida Lapino ) who were the producers of the Rogues. Lastly,it is difficult to comprehend the fact that three of the stars took their own lives.( Charles Boyer,Gig Young.? )Quelle Tragedy ...

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