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Finding Forrester

"they found themselves... across a gulf of age, suspicion, and race"
I completely stole those words from reviewer: danhicks from Minnesota. (just wanted to create a one-liner) Oh its gotta be five lines minimum. One of the things in the movie I thought was under developed was the negative vibe between Jamal and the 'rich' black kid played by Matthew Noah Word. "You may think we're the same. We're not." Wow, that's such a horrible attitude.

One-Eyed Jacks

One of the best westerns ever made
Although this movie probably suffered as a result of cost overruns/studio shenanigans, I would certainly put it in my top 20 westerns, probably knocking at the top 10. This is the only western I've ever seen that takes place in Monterey. I would *JUMP* at the chance to see Brando's 5 hour version. Ben Johnson and Slim Pickens were excellent as was the whole cast. When Brando gets fired up; watch out !

Brando's first effort as a director was excellent. Too bad he lost his taste for it; I don't think we got as much mileage out of his fine talent as we should have in later years.

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