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Dark Waters

Eye opener that stays with you for days
Can't stop thinking about this film. The fact that it is based on a true story in recent times is rather terrifying yet interesting at the same time, and makes you look at some of our Western products in a different way. For me it was a real eye opener. How ignorant the public is kept by some corporates baffles me... Truly recommend this film if you want your eyes to be opened!

Charlie's Angels

Such a fun, refreshing movie! Why the hate?
Honestly people, were you expecting award winning performances? Come on! Lighten up and just enjoy the film as it is. It is a fun, entertaining movie with badass women! All the actors looked like they were having a lot of fun filming this and it shows. Seriously, some comments saying they did not enjoy the film because the angels were not "sexy" or "pretty" enough... well they obviously missed the point. It is about female empowerment and not about being objectified. Just lighten up and enjoy it! For me personally it was refreshing. There will always be some predictable moments but I thoroughly enjoyed it and liked the twists! Don't think of it as a reboot, think of it it as a new film with a new story to tell. Make sure to keep watching till the credits :)

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