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The Keys of the Kingdom

Great teaching tool!
I used the book to teach students and played the movie afterwards - comparing and contrasting each. They learned a lot and I did too.

The Vietnam War

Usual Claptrap about the War
Probably the worse documentary about Vietnam. When you take 9 of 10 N. Vietnamese and tell their tale and only one from the South, you know what to expect. The historians and military who knew what was going on or expressed different opinions than Burns were cut from the final film or ignored. When you look for only those opinions that backup yours. you know what to expect. This also explains why it took 10 years and millions from left wing organizations to accomplish. Thanks to the media, Ivory Towers and liberal politicians all of Vietnam is communist. It should have been otherwise. Both my father and I served in Vietnam.

Good Morning, Miss Dove

What a great movie!
Growing up in the '50s, I was fortunate to have teachers like Miss Dove. I hope I was such a teacher myself in later years.

Ride the Thunder

True story
Having also served in the US Army in I Corps during the Easter Offensive, I can vouch for its authenticity at the beginning and how the VC and their ilk acted afterwards. The North promised not to seek retribution on the South in the peace accords but lied as they usually did. This movie brings it home.

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