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The Perfect Murder

Short end of the stick
What happened?! Did production draw the short straw when it came to selecting actors for this program? What a sad disgrace to victims & those who cared for them. OR were these working actors heavily directed to act ridiculously? Props to the real life investigators, attorneys and law enforcement who offered their experiences and retelling. This show is more like a black comedy; leave that to bad movies. IMO these tv programs are more intimate and would present better with respectful presentations. Interestingly the actors that portray the police, investigators etc come across more realistic than the friends and relatives of the victim. The relatives, et al are played in a campy manner. It's infuriating because just when I think interesting in depth details are to be revealed a clownish presentation of a daughter, boyfriend, sister, brother SPOUSE comes on screen and mucks up the whole program.

Lost and Found

I'm not finished watching this movie as of this review but I am going to finish because I want to see if my theory is correct. However it is so stupid. The parents in this movie are especially annoying; I don't know if it's the character development or bad acting. It's infuriating that they're both idiots. I GET denial, wanting to be in control & wanting to protect a child but these characters UGH .. again STUPID. Even if the characters are pretending to be idiots it's still annoying.

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