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Yeok-jeok: baek-seong-eul hom-chin do-jeok

It's a powerful drama with powerful story and Characters. U won't get bored i swear.

Looking for binge watch?

So simple Go for it!


Twist Twist Twist
Legend movie of South Korea Loved it Choi min sik is different level actor

Shao nv da ren

Nice drama detective skills are the best Good love story Good to binge watch

The Legend of White Snake

SuperB binge watched this series within 3days
Loved this Cdrama Actually I won't watch romantic genre but this one changed my perspective. There's lot of dramas are there to worth Watch VFX effects were little disappointing overall it's a good item for binge watch.

Nv shi zi

Actually no words to say Tremendous acting by the main roles hats off to people who done work with casting program.

Unnai Ninaithu

Best casting Surya is the best for this role What tremendous performance Unbelievable

Kuai can che

Nice humour movie. I loved it Just go for it. I laughed a lot (as usual for JC movies)


Nice comedy movie Just watch for time pass I laughed to death


Good but no too good
Don't expect much. Like action Gunshots etc It's nothing here. Different concept movie I liked it

The Bone Collector

Nice investigation movie But of lag but worth watching

Tang shan da xiong

Extraordinary movie Loved it Very different story concept

Xiao quan guai zhao

Jackie love
You will Love this one. Nice movie nice stunts Directed by JC


If you're looking for a Action Sci-Fi series Jst go for it Worth watching. But its take a while to cope up with the storyline. But once you understand the storyline you' Be addicted to this MEGASERIES


Don't expect too much but worth watching. Action sequences were Pathetic

The End of the F***ing World

Parfait. James and Alyssa will haunt you after you watch this. Nice making,direction and theme songs were too good. Worth watching! If you love to watch teen drama or road trip series, you should watch this trust me guys. I loved it

Andha Naal

Fantastic movie
Good Crime movie, tamil crime movies were mind blowing I loved it. Worth watching trust me!

La piel que habito

What a brilliant concept. Nice movie to watch worth of time. Paybacking of Revenge heavy


A must watch Superstar Rajini sir film I am suggesting this to young film lovers

Thimiru Pudichavan

Good to Watch
Superb movie! But There's a Big brag is there in the movie. About God power A Souk enters into his Body.then he become something supernatural. Except this scene all others are very Good !


Amazing 😉
What a brilliant story and Screenplay. Perfect Casting!! No words about to Explain Tremendous Acting by the Actors. It's worth to watch this movie. No Time wasting.!!.


That BGM for PSYCHO scared the sh*** out of me. What an Epic movie. The brains of Tamil movie Writers. Semmaa


Nothing TO SAY
You guys will love this movie. What a Good movie. nice Sci-Fi crime thriller. But Incase of actor,he performed well But the writers may choose better choice.


Nothing TO SAY
You guys will love this movie. What a Good movie. nice Sci-Fi crime thriller. But Incase of actor,he performed well But the writers may choose better choice.

Locke & Key

GALLANT SHOW! Loved it But Characters are very Boring or they aren't very smart
First episode is Moving little bit Slow. But the story line was great Good to watch all scenes there's nothing to Get bored. After the 1st episode the entire Story seems to be very Interesting. in Each episodes they're Unwrapping each keys mysteries

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