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Parasite is a very rare film ...
Parasite is a very rare film. IMDb have it listed as a 'Comedy, Drama, Thriller'. These three just don't do it justice. It certainly has some very funny moments ... but it's equally depressing and sad (both in a good way) as it deals with tough subjects like injustice, poverty and class. It certainly is a drama; each character has multiple situations ranging from normality to crisis. We watch as these scenarios merge and cultivate themes and topics to contemplate. Yes, you guessed it ... it's also a thriller; the storytelling beautifully builds up, twists and works to a crescendo.

However, the film has so much more. There's plenty of argument to add 'Horror, Romance or Crime' which are all blended into the colourful narrative. Plus, this film is the quintessential 'Family' film; yes, the families are in 'interesting' situations, but the shades develop and raise questions on many layers. The fact this film can do all of this and stay even remotely coherent explains why the film is rare. The credit should go to the sharp writing and directing of Bong Joon Ho and the brave and touching work of the actors.

Now ... it's a long way from 'perfect' in my opinion. I've scored this film a 10 here as it just crept into the required range with 91/100 using my own scoring system (I have my own detailed method). It's certainly true that some people won't enjoy this film. Of course, the genre mix I describe above may put people off straight away. Without saying too much that gives anything important away some might feel the underlying themes have been done before and that the film can feel confused and ambiguous (on a variety of subjects and positions). You may also need to deal with a film without an obvious 'hero', characters with whom you may struggle to empathise (especially by the end) and an 'unlikely' main plot and close.

Personally, none of these impacted my enjoyment of the movie in a significant way. I'd primarily put this down to the direction, screenplay and acting. There are small moments in the film, which resonate as they underpin the themes. I found 'Parasite' thought provoking and engaging throughout.

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