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Blast Beat

A great 90s film
If you like the 90s and 90s films this movie is for you. Lot's of nostalgia watching this movie. The story is done in a way that feels like it is based on a true story, but because it is not based on a true story the ending doesn't feel as satisfying. There is a few plot points that don't really make sense that seemed put in to keep the movie going.

Even though it has lots of flaws I gave this movie a high rating because it is such a blast to watch and brought me back to my childhood.


A fun ride that captures the essence of Baltimore
Not a great film, but a good film. It has some really good ideas and a strong message that will speak to anyone who has grown up in the inner city.

I wish there had been more dirt bike driving and stunts, there is a very good scene that shows off some great action but because it is earlier on the movie slows down after that scene. If it had kept the pace of the action scene this film would of been the best action film of the year.

The Killing of Two Lovers

Simple, yet very deep and great writing
The less you know about this film going in the more you will like it. This is a slower film with long shots, but that really helps showcase how good the acting is. I think this will be an indie classic and I can't wait to watch it again.


A fun ride, but not much else
This was a fun film to watch, the lead actor was very good and a great representation of the culture trying craving to get more views and likes. This is all filmed as though watching from different social media apps and does a good job at staying engaging.

Main negative is that the movie got a little messy at the end. I got the chance to see this at Sundance, and what turned me off a little from the movie was the director live streaming from his phone at the Q&A. This defeated the point of the movie.


Great film filled with emotions
This will be a film talked about for a long time. The story is very powerful portrayed by fantastic acting. I could tell this story was written from the heart and was made with lots of passion. It was very easy to connect with many of the characters.

No major negatives, which means everybody needs to see this film.

Spaceship Earth

A fun doc with lot's of information
I knew very little about this story going into the movie and so I enjoyed all the background it presented. What makes this film work so well is the mass amount of archival footage it has. It has great characters and well shot interviews with a good message.

The first 30 minutes was a little slow and I wanted to get into the main story sooner is my only negative.

The Truffle Hunters

Great visuals that take their time.
Great film with amazing cinematography. The story is original and interesting to watch but shots do run a little too long at times. It is not told in a traditional documentary format, which made me curious to what would happen next. Lot's of information was sneaked into my mind that I did notice until later in the film.

I do wish this film was a little bit better, the idea and summery was very intriguing to me but because of the slow nature in shots I did tend to get bored.

If one is a dog lover this is a much watch.

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