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Almost Paradise

hit and miss
Poor acting, the main actor looks here there and everywhere and is missing something in the way being a former agent and it being believable, also someone moved abroad and didnt think that it would be full of tourists and expected it to be the same as it was 15 years ago i dont even see why you would add that in

Good Girls: Find Your Beach
Episode 1, Season 3

They're BACK!!!!!
Omgggggg, super well made comeback for season 3 I caant wait for the rest of season three


Distasteful, watch Miranda instead
This could have been great. They should have kept her best friend alive at least the two had chemistry and added something to the show. The sister is way too cold, same with the rest of the family. I don't actually get the point of the show; what is it actually about? Seems to depict a woman struggling in her personal life, no interesting plot lines. Too many unecessary r rated scenes, don't when shows starting thinking adding r rated scenes for the hell of it made them progressive. Mimics person talking to camera style also used in Miranda, I would recommend watching Miranda for some real laughs and original comedy.


Love what the makers were able to achieve, this show is unexpected and takes risks however maybe stop at season one because the plot seems weak as it feels like they add things in to extend the show.

Keeping Up with the Kardashians

Depends what you like
I recommend the earlier seasons they are entertaining and tbh the kardashians were still successful but not massively so that you couldnt still relate whereas now I feel there is not much to relate to as they are bigger celebrities and its very hard to relate to their everyday lives also due to this a sense of authenticity has been lost and mostly the drama just isn't very interesting, also we lost rob and bruce which added to the family and kendell and kylie arnt really a part of it anymore. The show has become more "a day in the life" type of show.

Regular Show

Beautiful concoction
This show is brilliant, start watching today you wont be disappointed. I really enjoyed it

The Amazing World of Gumball

Everyone should watch this show
This show is amazing, the humour is absurd borderline bizarre and its one of the best cartoons you'll ever see. I also just saw there will be no season 7 therefore I have to say THIS SHOW HAD ONE OF THE BEST FINALES IVE EVER SCENE. I was mesmerised and holding my breath the whole time. This show has everything and needs a bigger audience for sure

Little House on the Prairie

Perfect family show
As a child I would watch the re-runs every week as it was before my time. I was one of the favourite parts of my week. I love this show, it's so endearing and wholesome; the sense of community is admirable and desirable. I rewatched a bit of season one a couple of weeks ago,being a young adult now and it still holds up however reading some of the trivia of the real going ons on set somewhat taints the sparkle of the show, start watching without reading any trivia is my advice.


A you can do it movie
Ive watched this movie several times, i thoroughly enjoy the main characters rise to success upon struggling. I love the depiction of the mum who watches TV all day its perfectly captured and lends some explanation towards Joys somewhat defeated character at times. It's believable, it's interesting, give it a go!

The Truman Show

Perfect timing
My favourite thing about the movie is the timing of events so perfectly orchestrated in this well oiled machine that is Trumans life. Interestingly a Danish show actually exists where around six children from different families were from filmed from their birth to the age of 18; no way near as invasive of course but interesting example of life imitating art. Watch this movie;its a classic.


youre not missing anytihng
This show is way too racy simply because it can be, the only thing it does well is depicting the sheer overwhelming sadness that can accompany adolescence year however, all the nudity is just uneccessary they could have made it a coming of age type series where the teenagers overcome their struggles and grow from the however this show is just overwhelmingly depressing without any good reason, maybe thats the point however this show as a teen is not at all relatable, it just gets sadder and sadder, no motive for watching not for entertainment nor for education because it doesn't achieve either.

Peaky Blinders

in walks a man with a red right hand
Amazing in every sense of the word however if I was to have one complaint it would be that thomas shelby becomes weak whereas previously he was ahead of the game and one step ahead of everyone but now he seems to be blind sighted by others it was partly why I stopped watching the show around season 3 season 4, it felt like he was no longer in control and he started to develop relationships sleeping with women and got married personally i felt his character could not afford this as he needed to stay level headed to be able to run the gang and if i remember right they come into money and buy houses it doesn't suit them

La casa de papel

Love season 1
Might seem like a high review but let me explain, season one is amazing I was hooked from the beginning and binge watched it, the characters are phenomenal the plot is amazing but season two and three just arnt as good-they don't measure up. Season three was especially disappointing; like someone else mentioned, actors made stupid silly illogical decisions to allow the show to progress however this cheapens the fabric of the show-definitely recommend to watch non the less. bella ciao bella ciao bella ciao ciao


watch to be entertained
Don't start watching expecting to get a realistic view of the life of teens-you wont get it. The show is entertaining, good plot, suspenseful and keeps you on your toes, personally I have never met any 16 year olds that act like this or have this many issues but thats just my experience. Also the portrayal of a muslim girl not only that also her family was refreshing i'd never seen that before however sad to say I was disappointed exact same storyline of muslims feeling opressed thus going against their religion and succumbing to peer pressure its unfortunate that they couldn't portray muslim youth staying strong and sticking to their faith I guess that may have made the show less interesting therefore I say again take this as entertainment only. I think two or three actors from la casa de papel are in the show which was also a reason I was interested to watch it theyy're acting is great

Gilmore Girls

makes me wish shows like this were made today
I love that this show is a depiction of life and I love it for its innocence, about a teen daughter and her mum and their relationship and daily lives in their small town. Nowadays teen shows quite frankly hold nothing back depicting drug use, hypersexuality, mental health issues not to say that these are not realities teens face rather that they dont need to be the focus of all teen shows. constantly. I love their lives for the normality feels like they could be my neighbours down the road. Really sweet show for the whole family.

The Neighborhood

Not a fan
The concept is definitely there; black man gets quirky friendly white neighbour thats eager to become friends black man shows contempt towards him at the beginning and gradually they learn to get along, throw in a couple jokes about race and thats the show for ya. My problem lies with the script not suiting the actors, it makes the acting very placid and difficult to watch, sure you get whats going on and a point is made however, its not entertaining, sure cedrics a bit funny sometimes but he's also bad at acting out the serious scenes and comes across mildly sarcastic at those times. watch something like seinfeld better use of time

The Unicorn

What is walton doing in this show?
Let me preface this review by stating that I barely managed to get through the first episode but heres what I think;I loved walton in vice principals so i was excited to give this show a go however, from the very beginning I was utterly baffled, walton does not work nor is convincing as a single dad it just didn't work and on top of that none of the acting of the other characters is very believable furthermore I felt like it was hard to get to know some of the cast members playing his friends i think his personal friend group is just too big especially since no time was permitted to get to know them.

Vice Principals

A must watch
I wish this show had a bigger audience. Its a unique comedy, I love that the teachers can be extremely immature and that its tolerated it makes the show fun and adds suspense because different situations arise from it. I recommend this 100%

Green Book

Friendship,family but most importantly understanding, everyone should watch this movie, a very honest depiction

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

v. excited for season 7
Happy this got picked up by another production company. this show is witty and the actors are consistent and unique and not overdone. must watch

The Rain

somewhat stupidous-but ok
The main thing that attracted me was that it was in danish-and as a native I was quite intrigued that netflix had made a danish television show so i decided to watch. from the onset I have to admit the characters come across really niave almost unbelievably so however i enjoyed season 2, there are definitely way better shows to watch though


Accepting it for what it is
I love this show and will maintain that its one of the best shows out there. Was i disappointed by season 4, sure, did it fall short of its previous seasons, sure did it lack substance sure did abby's character who was deceased frequent it way too often definitely however ive decided to view sherlock holistically which means accepting season 4 for what it is, its not the best however its still interesting and filled with suspense it just falls short of the previous seasons which is why i think many dislike it. it definitely makes sherlock depreciate in value as we see him deterriorate. definitely give the first three seasons a watch also having to wait for new episodes made the show really enticing and at that time it was probably a bit hard for me to see season4 for what it was. great show non the less will miss out on great television if you dont watch

Modern Family

it'll always be a classic
Great show, impressed by the documentary style element as it was the first show id seen made like that. its quirky its funny, the cast are loveable. Only complaint is the last three to four seasons were nothing compared to the others, all the characters become out of touch, the show has lost surprise element and originality

Big Little Lies

Watch this show, it will shock you, intimidate you, educate you. great storyline, great actors nothing missing

One Day at a Time

great first season
In 2017 the ideas where fresh while being entertaining, it had representation which I hadn't seen yet. It touched on every day real life subjects such as struggles of having a mum who worked in marines, being raised by a single mother etc however at some point this show became about pushing certain political views onto its audience who are just there to enjoy, not to be fed information and told what to think, it made the show really unattractive and I lost interest. My favourite character was the grandmother

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