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The Munsters

If you liked the Addams Family, this sitcom is to die for!! A very clever idea of turning Universal's famous monsters into, funny, friendly, lovable family members. You had the father and head of the household Herman Munster, who bears a very strong resemblance to Frankenstien's monster, Lily Munster his vampire wife, who is a cross between the bride of Frankenstien (with the white streak in her crazy length hair) and Lilith who was from the Universal film Dracula's daughter. Thirdly there was Grandpa, who was Count Dracula in his old age and who was Lily's father, Eddie Munster, the son of Lily and Herman and who looked rather like a cross between a wolf and a vampire. Finally there was Lily and Herman's niece, Marylin, who was blonde, blue-eyed and beautiful. However she was considered by the other ghoulish family members as been the ugly duckling - they actually felt sorry for her!! Excellent episode plots, brilliant unique characters - you've never seen monsters so cute and cuddly.

Along with these memorable family members you get to meet other famous universal monsters such as the creature from the black lagoon, in the form of uncle Gilbert and Lily's brother who is a wolf-man.

Some of the plots are similar to the Addams Family and others evolve around certain characters like Herman or Grandpa. Unlike the Addams Family, this family is a real typical suburban clan, it's just respectable ordinary, decent people who wouldn't harm a fly, unfortunate for them however that their appearance doesn't make their lives easy for the neighbours and people they bump into. The chemistry between Herman and his father-in-law Grandpa is wonderful to see! There is so much more to say about this sitcom, but i think you would be better to see for yourself.

An excellent comedy!!!

Here Come the Munsters

Rather good
I feel this film was very well attempted. I thought the plot was quite interesting and the characters were well portrayed. I especially liked Edward Hermann as Herman Munster. Although this film did change some of the original features in the TV sitcom, such as Marilyn being related on Herman's site instead of Lily's, i think overall, a very good attempt. I wasn't that disappointed with the different house, because this one still looked very creepy and Munster-like. I think it's film worth watching to Munster fans. I especially liked the idea of seeing Herman and Lily's wolf-boy son actually turn into a werewolf on a full moon, as this element was never portrayed in the original sitcom.

A well worth watching film!, a good cast of actors!

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