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Broken people / relationship in Big city..
That movie is about "relationship" between some random people or group of friends ?...there is some OK performance some Ok quality production .. so its not bad.

movie gives the Point, that there is hope after no faith of getting love. and then there is hope of reconcile after the betrayal . its in the movie. but the reality is different from it. as more younger generation watch these movies, it BRAINWASH their fragile mind. thats it ok if its Adultery because its a MISTAKE. its ok to keep dating / intimate on random people to find a True love? yeh , thats happening to this generation.

Outside the Wire

waste of money on stupid stuff. netflix.
So its a typical , an american playing an american hero and an american robot dude go rouge to destroy america, because USA is a real monster but in the end , american kill american robot to save the WORLD? or america only.

Movie has tons of flaws but still its exciting movie.

Pieces of a Woman

very hard to watch first 30 mins.
The first 30 mins,, The most amazing, most longest and most realistic home birth scene ever filmed. that was truly a masterpiece , very very solid performance by Kirby and shea. strong plot , strong performance, strong emotions.

But the ending is kinda sad n happy in some way. wasnt expecting that. even its very close to reality. because , in reality, when a couple has miscarriage or child death can cause very heavy damage to relationship. most people end up divorce in that situation. only strong one survive.

Run Hide Fight

Not bad...not bad at all... better than expected
I thought it would be some low budget cheap tv action movie.. and yeah it seems but its well directed , well performed. and its very exciting. movie is a bit long but still overall its great.

The Swerve

solid performance..weird story and ending,
In start the movie is understandable and simple. but slowly slowly it gets weird and no idea what the hek is going on. whats the reason , why . its just about " mentally unstable woman" , extreme depression ,insomnia.

there are lots of scene has no dialogue and just very boring long scenes of sad depressed face. there are some major flaws in movie but still its a good movie.

Locked Down

Due to Lock down ..Divorce rate is Extremely High .(REALITY)
Not bad , not soo good. both did some decent performance. yeah, there are many boring and stupid side stories which just doesnt connect to the movie. Also , the LOGIC in the end is kinda stupid and has flaws.

The purpose of the movie , is actually trying to give some HOPE the problems between relationship during this virus problem. and yeah, the whole world is STILL suffering. many people lost their jobs and this affects very heavily to marriages. due to unsuitability couple getting had enough and breaking the marriage. Only those SURVIVE who has some strong connection + understanding.

Anna heathway is one a pretty woman. and very talented.


never cheat with cop.
Damn good, better than i expected. i thought this is another Low budget soap opera tv movie , which it seems in start, but then movie gets better n better. both lead characters (hillary and earl) did solid performance.

yeh , movie plot has some holes n flaws but still , overall its exciting.

The Wrong Husband

very loud music....but she enjoyed it...
Its a very low budget Tv movie , the whole movie is shot in house , in a furniture store. the performance is so so. watch this movie if you nothing good to do or just kill time. i watched in fast forward , probably in 30 mins. so many boring n stupid stuff.

the loud background sound effects are very annoying. i had to watch the movie in subtitle and lower the volume to understand the movie. and also the ending is kinda very stupid.

Race You to the Bottom

Once a cheater... always a cheater..
I dont know whats the point of movie. yeh the performance is somehow OK, its a low budget movie. the story starts somehow understandable , gets interesting and then in the end it gets stupid.

the way i see, its like "cheaters" have feeling too. means its story about a girl and guy who are having affair, and they talk about their feeling and stuff the whole time until the in the end.

and then what the hek is that ending?...

-----------------spoilers----------------- so even in the end, the met at hiking track , and they both got someone else. but then they start having an affair ?.. means again they cheat on their significant one. that disgusting.

Widow on the Hill

damn , natasha is hot as hell.
Its a good movie but its UNFINISHED , no satisfying or complete ending. yeah , it based on true story. in real life the names are different. but

Anyhow, in the end, the daughters RECLAIM the property. but that widow got away with murder and of course with some money too. its a very long trial (many years) .

Zeit der Wünsche

Amazing, beautiful.....SAD ENDING...
Well performed, well written , well directed , good quality production. even a good music. its a good emotional , romantic and tragic love story between two peoples and their hard work lives.

Apart from very liberal /religious views , the movie is great. there was NO POINT to add those religious idea (in spoilers) in the movie because it doesnt connect to the main story.

Also i didnt like the ending, its very sad. i was hoping of good happy ending, because the whole damn movie is SAD .

The movie represent the hardship n struggle of small town people in difficult times. and after struggle n suffer n success it also shows how it affects on later life.


un relevant religious ideas in movie ( AS im muslim) . as the movie about turkish people , and they are MUSLIMS and it gives some views ( mostly BAD way) in the middle of the movie. a scene where it shows a Kadir's daughter goes to school bus and take off her scarf and then went swimming pool with BIKINI. and then father found it and he angry about it. and the way it shows that bad way. and later in the movie that daughter left the family and living with german bf ? ...In reality , yeh turkey is very liberal NOW, but such thing doesnt exist in GOOD muslim people. like unmarried woman / girl lives with a GUY without marriage . also wearing bikini ? never.... but in some very liberal open minded soo called muslim families has such thing. so those doesnt count.

well its german made movie, but its about turkish people. so i wasnt expecting a NUDE Sex scene. the actress n even that lead actor is hot n pretty.

The Squid and the Whale

infidelity /adultery Destroys lives / relationships
"infidelity / divorce" ruins many lives / relationship. its really good movie and even its 2005 movie , it represent ALOT reality now in 2020. movie has some really solid performance by jeff, jessie and laura. only i wished that there would be some logical satisfying ending.

A man try everything to save a stupid broken marriage but WOMAN /wife dont want it.


the movie didnt justify that cheating / infidelity is EVIL or bad. in near end of the movie, wife / mother told son , she had numerous affairs, even before marriage . here the movie didnt focus this point. that she is enjoying her OWN life without concerning how it gonna ruin other lives?. this is really sick.

Dead Easy

typical double cross cheating spouse movie... bad ending.
Overall the movie is enjoyable, its not that bad or not soo good, its just a tv low budget movie. and also there are similar plot in 90s.

a rich couple, where both spouse are unfaithful to each other. and trying to find a way to run each other over. in this movie, almost everyone is bad. so i really expecting was some really satisfying ending, but there is none. its a very bad ending which ruined the whole movie.


as i said, noone is good in this movie. all are cheaters and bad characters. so almost in the end, i thought maybe the wife would be good as husband is also regret and trying win the wife back. but later wife become more evil.

so another way , lesbian won. i only wished that wife would also be dead too. that would be better ending.


SIMP feelings .
Well, its a movie or story about a SIMP / husband and his unhappy cheating wife. one night she left husband for lover but she returned sooner. and there the whole spend on their conversation about what went wrong.

Effi Briest

unhappy wife ...starts an affair....its fun until karma hit her.
Good movie with some solid performance and good quality production. the plot is not that NEW, there are similar movies (foreign and english) i have seen in 90s and early 2000. not much is difference.

All these similar plot movies, no matter how much great the "AFFAIR / adultery " is, there will be always a consequence which ruin many lives.


daddy issues and wife issues.
Good with stupid ending. some decent performance. overall , the movie is enjoyable. but i didnt like that WIFE character. its bad n weird and gave her happy ending.

a husband got in serious car accident while coming back at home which made him paralyze and impotent. wife left him and came back after 7 months. but there is another MAN also came between them. and movie goes interesting.

-------------spoiler----------------- its a very stupid ending. wife left the husband when he is paralyze and she is banging another dude and then came back to husband. and then she starts having with another guy. in the end she is happy with husband ? ... thats really a bad plot here.

Ovunque sei

Good start .. confusing stupid end.
Yeah, the overall performance and quality is somehow very decent for 2004 year. the plot is a simple straight forward , until the movie finishes half of it, it gets very complicated , or maybe i didnt understand very well. and what is that ending? ..


so first that wife / surgeon had sex with fellow doctor and she regrets heavy later because her husband died in car accident , which later it shows that he survived.

so in the end, wife goes happy n lovely with another man and husband goes to another man happy? .. is it just dream or memories?


very close to Reality... in 2020.
Some solid performance and quality for 2004 Austrian cinema. the plot is simple straight forward about 3 stories which are connected to each other. A good movie but ending is not very satisfied / un-finished.

some sex scenes are very hot. seems like unsimulated one.


the 1st story about couple seems completed, about a cheating wife who lacks passion or desire from husband , so she goes for other man. and in the end. husband wants her back?.... simp..

2nd is not completed , about a gf who faked are pregnancy and her cheating bf. in the end she is ok with bf even she knows he is cheating ? .

3rd story is kinda completed , about abusive husband, karma hit him in end.

Sotto falso nome

didnt understand the crap, but .. she is HOT.
I watched it because this movie is under " cheating wife" category in many websites. As this movie is in different language , therefore i used subtitle to understand it , but the subtitle grammar and translation is very bad , so couldn't understand much.

Gerrat sacchi did many CHeating wife role movies, and in this movie she is the wife who got cheated on. atleast she got some taste of infidelity.


didnt understand whats its about . mind screwed movie.
Nahh, not for me , its sooo very MIND F$# movie, couldnt understand whats going on... lesbian , gays , orgies and then open relationship.. didnt get anything.

Just a movie about this stupid generation who just like sex like animals n parties.


One amazing beautiful romantic movie (german) ever.
WOW, just WOW, what an amazing romantic movie, first German movie i have seen in life, its soo great. Amazing quality , performance, full of emotions , great music. this movie should in OSCAR worthy.

almost every characters has perfect emotional acting. the main lead actor seems like YOUNG Leonardo di caprio.


there are few things i didnt like, the MAN did everything for woman , he is madly in love, he was doing everything and a woman? , she married to another guy and even almost leave him in the end. In movie "titanic 1999" , Rose actually went back to sinking ship to save Leo. but here in this movie, everything is done by MAN. but anyhow a good movie.

my heart just broked in a scene where He was waiting for lover at airport and she came and kiss another guy. that was painful scene.

Cherry Hill High

Last Movie of " Rebecca mendum" .. RIP.
Its typical erotic movie of late 70s but its not softcore one because the sex n nude scenes are not that good.

i only watched this movie because of rebecca mendum. she has a very little role in this movie. she was the goddess of 70s , just like shannon tweed in 90s.

no idea why she left the movie industry , maybe she dont wanna do anymore such movies (sex ones). she did 2 hardcore movies, i guess after that she felt really bad about it , and end her career in movie industry.

The Affair

Everyone is cheater.. show. But really good.
Really Like and HATE this show. Like? its very exciting and well performed ( ruth , dominic joshua and maura) show. Hate ? Everyone in this show is CHEATER!!!. husband cheater, wife cheater, grandparents cheater, and then...KIDS are also cheater. its a show about broken marriages and bad parenting. its 5 season show, but its TECHNICALLY ended in season 2. ending is kinda happy. But the show missed FEW major story (in spoiler).


First of all, the whole show is about ALISON and Noah and its very very stupid to END her role in season 4, i wasn't expecting that ending for her. after season 2, the show is boring and totally focused on side stories HELEN + Noah .

2nd, in whole show there are only 2 guys are somehow GOOD, one is COLE and another Helen. And really hate ALISON character, she made both guys SIMP. even though she performed very well. her character of Broken mother, broken heart love , soo much pain in life..But how she got END? killed by stupid man.

3rd..There is a HUGE unfinished Point / story / twist which didnt revealed. about Alison in season 2 .where her brother in law SCOTT told her about " the very dark secret which could destroy the life of her husband/ COLE" what was the truth ? ... i think ...her first son (gabriel) is scotts's , not her husband's..

4th, that character WHITNEY, damn she is skinny pretty girl , but she is total bi#$. atleast her sister / stacey is very cute n much mature.

The end is good n happy.. the family got back together after 10 years.

The Cure

Turkish version of MICHEAL BAY.
I have Mixed feelings, if this movie released 10 years ago then it would be damn good. because it has CHEAP visual effects but still it looks very interesting n really good action sequence.

if they improve some visual effects in this movie, then it would be really great. and im really looking forward for the next part. even its typical more than 1 hour theatrical version.

Banging Lanie

why this generation is dumb n cursed with bad relation? = this movie.
Maybe im old n old fashioned guy , but this movie about a VIRGIN teen girl attended sex education and then suddenly wanna explore about it by her own methods or way.

The she get helps from homo friends, and then have crush on some another kid from collage. and start having dates , until to the end.

even the end is stupid .


a single mom tells young teen daughter to go out have FUN (sex) with a guy ? what kinda parenting is that?

and then in the end , her bf got hurt n break up . and she didnt even fight for love or watever she feeling and then she start to have feeling for another boy ? ..

no wonder the divorce rate is getting high in that stupid country.

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