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Naughty Girls Need Love Too

Very good movie in parts but missing cum shots in the final scene with Rachel Ashley and Richard. Not good.


Rachel Ashley makes this movie great.
This is what makes vintage porn so much better than the modern gonzo stuff. This movie has a plot, good photography and good wardrobe. Rachel Ashely is particularly sexy in two scenes and worth watching for her alone. Nice erotic movie!

Sexual Odyssey

Jerry Butler was gay, but after getting in on with Rachel Ashley and Karen Summers he becomes straight!

Twin Cheeks

Debi Diamond at her best
Debi looks super hot in this movie. One of her best!

Backdoor to Harley-wood

One of my faves
Set in a Harley Davidson workshop this movie is super hot. Biff malibu is terrific in his scene with Rachel Ashley...

Deep Inside Rachel Ashley

Loved this movie with Rachel Ashley
Set on one of the islands off Los Angeles, the scened with Rachel on the beach are awesome!

Hot Yachts

Rachel is hot.
I agree withe other reviewer on here that Ron Jeremy is an incompetent director. But Rachel Ashley is hot in every movie and she is great in this one.

Shame the photograhy is so bad. Some of the night scenes you can barely see the actors.

Deep Inside Viviana

Rachel Ashley at her best.
Rachel is in 3 scenes here and stars in the movie especially in the hot beach scene with Sasha Gabor. Ron Jeremy seems to have been the director using another name but as usual it lives up to Jeremys poor standard of directing.

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