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Great Gore, decent acting, great story...
A lot of folks are rating this movie poorly, which confuses me. I thought the story was good, the acting was great and the gory effects were very believable. Sure there is some twisted sex scenes that might make you uncomfortable, but that was the directors idea, to get you out of your comfort zone. I really liked this movie.

Bachelors Grove

Ricardo Islas does it again with Bachelor's Grove!
Just watched the free world premier of Ricardo Islas Bachelor's Grove movie, on his YouTube channel newalphastudios. I am quite familiar with Bachelors Grove being the founder of a scientific paranormal team called Vparanormal.com. I was very interested in seeing the connections to the real place with this movie. Screenplay writers Ricardo Islas and Ruth Camargo did an excellent job telling this scary as hell story, tying in some real elements of the actual cemetery. The story was complex enough to keep you guessing, and gets all tidied up in the final 20 minutes of the movie. The kill scenes were all unique and quite effective (as Ricardo has become a master at this):). The actors all did an excellent job conveying the script and the special effects were very gruesome and real looking, which makes the story really come to life (or should I say come to death??)

Zombie in a Penguin Suit

Review for Zombie in a Penguin Suit (2011)
I loved the baseline story with no dialog of this short. Made you have a strong compassion for the ghoul penguin guy. Very nicely done edits and visuals. It is amazing how much emotion can be expressed with a low budget movie when you get the right group of individuals together. This is a perfect example of that. It seems that there is a new interest in zombie related entertainment (like the series "The Walking Dead") and this short gave me the same internal feeling of watching a great 7 minute section of that series. My hat goes off to the producers, the actors and the cast who made this movie short. I highly recommend watching it, it is a well worth 7 minutes of your time..

The Dead and the Damned

Review of "I was Damned to watch it"
The best part of this movie was the boob shots and the latex make up effects. The story was pathetic, the acting was as bad as if I was doing it. The ONLY original idea that I liked was a woman ghoul who could not see because she was disfigured and bloody and she had to sniff her way to get her woman prey. That was very cool. As far as sound, Foley work, that was not too good also. The sound man seemed to not take in to account the corners of a room. Some dialog was boxy and hard to hear. The American Indian actor was good looking, way too good looking and clean cut and spoke back and forth between a fake Indian accent to a California accent. I actually got up from the half way point of the movie and kicked my self in my own ass for renting this movie. I was so depressed that the series "The Dead Walking" was finished, I needed a zombie fix!

The Quick and the Undead

considering their budget, I think they did pretty damn good!
I just saw this movie on my home theater projection system and I think the biggest problem with this film is the lack of character development and the average acting. The movie is shot in video 24P high def, which has its color saturation limits, which in this movie hurt the overall look. Some scenes seemed extremely dark, and the DVD M-Peg 2 encoders they used were probably not the best. It was also a very short length movie, which I feel if they took more time to create the characters, it would have improved things. I have worked on low budget movies and it is extremely difficult to orchestrate continuity in the story and character development. So lets give these guys a break and try to enjoy the creative side of this movie!

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