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Taylor Swift: Christmas Tree Farm

A sweet baby taylor
In this video we can see baby taylor and Andrea SWIFT and baby Austin what a lovely idea

Taylor Swift: Bad Blood

All we see is an action movie
It's an action movie starred by taylor swift and Selena Gomez as well as their good friends except one betrayer kk

Taylor Swift: Blank Space

Red lips handsome male model
These are all my favorite things. Everything in this video is what I enjoy and appreciate

Taylor Swift: Out of the Woods

It's amazing
I love her ocean eyes and blue skirt it is pretty I hope that in the future I can see the scenery with my own eyes

Taylor Swift: Wildest Dreams

Enjoying the beauty
It's the most beautiful and amazing music video I have ever seen

Taylor Swift: Look What You Made Me Do

Look what you made me do
Slay sLAY sLAY artist of the DECADE we love the music video so much

Taylor Swift: Reputation Stadium Tour

Amazing REPUTATION era
I love getaway car so much, i hope it could be a single.

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