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don't think this was supposed to be a comedy...
...but I lost it every time they freaked out. It was just so frickin funny, idek why.

Honestly, if I hadn't found it funny I would have found it so frustrating bc maaaan they're stupid. The two big questions I have are 1) why didn't she just stay on the lift and jump up and down to get the bolt thing to fall out so that when the lift fell, she could fall with it, it would take the brunt of it, and she could walk away and 2) how could someone who's never been able to do a pull up monkey-bar his way across the width of two lifts and climb down a pole, all while his palms were sliced open and bleeding

Like p much none of the movie makes sense, and half the stuff doesn't really wrap up so what's the point. Plus it was hecka boring and most of the movie is them screaming and then tryna have a deep convo and then going back to screaming.

But it was really funny so I gave it six stars instead of like four bc I really did get a kick out of it lol

White Collar: No Good Deed
Episode 9, Season 5

Strongly dislike the verbal abuse Neal keeps getting from Peter
One of the most frustrating episodes I've watched. I love Peter and Neal's bromance, but this was awful to watch unfold. Seems like Neal can't go two steps without Peter suspicious of criminal activity, and he's always alluding to Neal's not being able to break his criminal habits that he'd had before prison, despite his telling Neal (in the earlier episodes with Caffrey Sr.) that he can lead a diff life than his dad chose. And it's frustrating to see Peter contradict himself by constantly insinuating things to Neal and getting mad at him and then saying "but what do you expect from a convicted felon". It's hurtful, it's uncalled for, and it's extremely unprofessional. He understands that Neal did this to help a friend (you, actually, Peter!) - but he can't be content with that, he has to push it by telling Neal that Neal is wrong about what Neal's intentions were and that Neal was actually doing it bc Neal likes stealing things and Neal's a criminal. Which just seems like a low blow to give your friend who has worked with you, protected you, bent over backwards for you all within a two mile radius and no pay. Oh, and constant reminders of his low rank in life. I used to really love Peter and the way he worked with Neal but the more and more I watch the more I dislike the whole relationship.

I would have given it six or seven stars but the whole plan was impressive and the acting was well done so I reluctantly bumped it. Hope people can forgive me for being so generous about such a crappy episode.

Barefoot in the Park

lol what did I just watch
If it hadn't been so hilarious, it would have been a six, maybe seven if I felt generous. There was little to no storyline, and everything was so chaotic and random that it had the feel of a rollercoaster only less fun and more confusion. It was as if the writers had gotten interrupted every couple hours and never had a chance to really work on it. Watching it was extremely odd and the whole time I was just trying to figure out what the point was - is it a movie about newlyweds getting used to life with a partner? Is it about her finding a man for her single mother? Is it about him getting a job and slowly rising to wealth? Is it about them both growing as people as they learn to sacrifice a little bit for the other? Honestly, even after watching it I can't tell you. I'm pretty sure there was a new plot introduced and concluded every twenty minutes because this movie was like a runaway horse dragging you along by the reins. What it lacked in plot it made up in humor, and that's the only reason I would watch it again. Or I might just watch a compilation of the funniest parts on YouTube and save myself the hour and forty six minutes.

The Natural

cinematography was fire
The one reason I would watch this again, the reason that bumped this up a star, was the cinematography. It was incredible. Every single scene has beautiful lighting. I watch a lot of Peter McKinnon, Matti Haapoja, Casey Neistat, etc - and the stuff they tell you to watch for or to do, all of that is in here times ten. The plot was at least interesting and twisting, even if it didn't always make sense. The ending was a bit of a conclusion but it left a lot of story threads unresolved. However, the acting was good, the camera angles were great, and it was interesting from the opening scene to the credits - it kept me in my seat, and some moments were actually incredibly suspenseful, despite its being a sports movie. Some parts were cheesy, hokey, or weird, but all in all I did really enjoy it and will probably watch it again, if only for the cinematography.

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