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Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy

A Nice Surprise
To be honest, I am not a huge fan of Will Ferrell, he's too over the top and ridiculous in my opinion. Obviously you still get the over the top attitude in this film, but what makes it all the better is how it knows how ridiculous it is. This film I find to be a satire on the comedies, because of the exaggerated scenes, such as when Ron plays the flute or when Ron and Veronica have sex. I loved how the film did not take itself seriously and went over the top, knowing how stupid it all is. It doesn't hurt that the supporting actors are HYSTERICAL. Steve Carell's character is easily the funniest performance, and Paul Rudd was amusing to have as well. I adore Vince Vaughn as the opposing News Anchor, and the scene with him and the other News Channels all fighting, in a direct spoof of West Side Story, had me crying I was laughing so hard. Overall this film was definitely worth watching. It's certainly not perfect by any means, but it's refreshing to have a comedy that not only knows how stupid it is, but uses that to its advantage. An easy 7/10 for me.

Rocket Power

I used to love this show and still do
Whenever I look up old 90's shows on youtube, I always seem to find each one mention Rocket Power and it brings back some great memories. I used to adore this show. Every day I would flip through channels and if I saw this show was on, nothing else mattered. I would pick watching an episode of this for the fifth time than a Hey Arnold for the first time (although I did enjoy that show too).

I think what I liked this one the most out of the 90's shows was because it was somewhat on its own. Other shows always showed the kids at school with two parents and good grades. This one was slightly more realistic in that sense. Sure, they played the sports ridiculously well so i'm not saying that was realistic, but Twister had a mean brother, Reggie and Otto didn't have a mother, and Sam was made fun of for his intelligence. I felt it was almost more gritty (or as much as it could be) for a kid's show.

Even the main characters weren't likable a lot of the time. Mainly Otto with his cocky personality but all of them had something disagreeable. Sam's wimpyness, Reggie's smart Aleck attitude, and Twister's inability to say anything remotely smart were all factors in showing how no one is perfect.

Then of course, as a child, you find the sports they do to be amazing. I was always jealous of their talent and wished I could be as good as they were on skateboards or surfboards. In a way, they were kid's idols. And I still love them to this day.


How can you not like this show?
It's one of the simplest ideas for a show- just 6 friends who share their lives together. But that is part of what makes it so wonderful. The 6 friends and actors have such a great understanding and connection with each other, it makes YOU want to be their friends. All 6 of them: Chandler, Joey, Monica, Pheobe, Rachel, and Ross, have their own personalities but yet still have that bond with each other. And also, because of the personalities being so diverse, it is quite funny.

Chandler: I know he is usually the favorite of everyone, and yes, he is my favorite, probably since I can relate to him the most. I certainly use sarcasm a lot and see his point of view most of the time.

Joey: He is the most childish out of the 6 but that's what you grow to love about him. Sure, he makes some dumb mistakes, I'm not gonna lie, but there's still a certain cuteness about him you can't deny.

Monica: I relate to Monica quite a bit too, from her competitiveness, to her OCD cleanliness everything has to be perfect. Sometimes that works in her favor and other times, not so much.

Pheobe: While she can be completely blonde at some times (No offense meant, I am blonde as well) she is most-likely the one who's the most wise out of all of them. Having grown up on the streets she isn't afraid to defend herself, yet is such a caring and gentle person.

Rachel: I find her to be the most annoying mainly because of how selfish she can be but there are times where I agree with her 100%. And she DID make it without her father's help.

Ross: He can be whinny and needy however, there's still something about him that you can't quite place but that makes you want to see what he'll do next.

Overall, this is one of my favorite shows to watch. In the entire 10 seasons they never run out of hilarious jokes, fabulous story lines, or those special bonds that make a friend.

7th Heaven: Gimme That Ol' Time Religion
Episode 16, Season 11

What was the plot?
After watching this episode I realize just how much I miss the middle seasons. The entire episode revolved around Ruthie and T-Bone with a "big mistake" they made. No one knows, and you would think that if it was such a stupid mistake, then why would they tell Mac, Margaret, and Jane? Of course the Camdens knew something was up and went to all three of them. And all three told in the end. SPOILERS:

It ends up they both had gotten tattoos. Then we find out that all the Camden kids had gotten some sort of tattoo and never told their Eric and Annie(AKA: their parents). All the kids thought they were so good at keeping it a secret when the parents have known for most of the time but instead of telling them, they find it more amusing to watch the kids try to be discreet about it. Real funny. Well, Ruthie and T-Bone finally come clean, only to see that Ruthie's parents already know. then Lucy came clean about hers... only to find out they knew. How exciting. There was no point or storyline in this episode and the ending was so unrealistic, finishing up with Annie and Eric going to the mirror and looking at their tattoos they got at some point. And yet they subtly punish their kids for the same thing they have.

Prison Break

What a Show!!!!!
A show about breaking out of prison. Who thought that it would work? Well, I didn't at first but now do I regret it.

You find out that an innocent man, Lincoln Burrows, is set to die for a crime that he didn't commit. How could no one have any proof that he didn't commit the crime? Well, there are some people who know, but they aren't about to tell any time soon. Believe it or not, it's people inside the government plotting this. So, in order to save him, his brother, Michael Scofield, purposely commits a crime and gets into the prison. How might this help? He plans to break his brother out, along with himself.

It's never been done before and certainly doesn't look possible to do. But Michael has planned the escape for months until he got it right, and when he did , he knew that it would work. That is, until he meets some road blocks. So, when it's time to break out, their party has gone from 2 to 8.

Once you get to the second season the criminals are out and separate. However, it isn't easy being one of the most wanted men in America.

This show might seem far-fetched or unrealistic and I guess that some parts are but the ideas and scenarios the producers come up with are incredible. Not to mention the acting with an all-star cast: Wentworth Miller, Dominic Purcell, Amaury Nolasco, Peter Stormare, Robert Knepper, Lane Garrison, Robin Tunney, Sarah Wayne Callies, Marshall Allman, and in the second season William Fichtner.

I insist that you watch the show and see for yourself what you're missing, a show like this only comes once in a lifetime!

CBS Schoolbreak Special: Big Boys Don't Cry
Episode 4, Season 10

good plot, horribly executed
this movie was not acted out well, set up well, thought out well, and especially not finished well. I'm going into High School and we had to watch this movie in Health in 8th grade for some reason but it was horrible! It's kind of sad at how bad it is because it has a pretty good plot, then again nearly every movie does, but this movie was predictable, boring, lousy, and disturbing at some points. The plot didn't explain a lot of things, and the movie just ended up being completely uninspiring and disgusting! So, if they had just thought it through then it could've been a lot better. But, because they didn't, it didn't end up being a good movie and stunk.

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