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My Boyfriend's Meds

Do yourself a favor and don´t watch this movie, trust me you will be happier, even if you only look at the ceiling for two hours, for sure it will be more entertaining and less painful

El viaje de Keta

A must see
This is an amazing Mexican comedy that through five stories and five different drugs, all in a colorful and psychedelic environment, gives viewers information about the type, effect and consequences of the drugs that are cited. The film also takes the opportunity to warn about situations in which these substances can be used to sexually abuse someone. It is undoubtedly an amazing film with a very interesting script that addresses important issues like addiction, discrimination, bullying and diversity.

El infierno

Nothing to celebrate?
This movie raises the indissoluble link between politics and drug trafficking. Through the use of irony, the film uses such a situation in a place of the north of Mexico, devastated by irrational violence, extensive corruption and economic crisis. The panorama is heartbreaking and without prospects of exit: skepticism reigns. "Nothing to celebrate," said graffiti on the poster of the film at the foot of the poster of Mexico alluding to the Mexican bicentennial, at which time it was announced. Nothing to celebrate, except that a film so brutal, so fiercely violent and so overflowing would operate the effect of a catharsis.

Enamorándome de Abril

What a piece of crap!
This is one of the worst movies I have ever seen, although it is not that much could be expected, taking into account that their main jokes are based on the names of their protagonists - Leo and April, played by Cristian de la Fuente and Ilithya Manzanilla, one of the worst Mexican actresses of all time

Las Aparicio

Bad movie
Las Aparicio, does not have a good script, the movie is boring and the actresses lost all the essence of what they were in the soap opera, the only thing they have in common with the original series is the name.

La vida inmoral de la pareja ideal

Love it
Manolo Caro unfolds fluidly in the direction of his story. He knows where to take the viewer and how to tell his story. A necessary film that can show that Mexican cinema does not depend on comedies with situations and gross jokes, soap actors who are only there because of the impact they have on the audience

Ramona y los escarabajos

A Lovely film
She is Ramona is not an intense and philosophical film, on the contrary, it is light and perfect for a Sunday in which you want to relax and see happy things, but with a message. Here, the message is clear: "Everyone receives what he deserves" ... or what he has sown. This is despite the fact that we say it very frequently, it is important to remember it because many times we are trying to make people feel that extra kilos are worth less and that this is the cause of our "bad luck", but it is not so and here we can see to karma functioning in all its splendor.

El Estudiante

A Painful movie
This is by far one of the worst films I have ever seen

Dolor y gloria

A masterpiece
I love all Almodovar films, but this one in particular is amazing Loved the story... Almodovar's film captures the way life is reflected in art in ways that only a master filmmaker could possibly even attempt

El Jeremías

A lovely film
I just watched this movie and all I can say is that is one of the most beautiful Mexican films I have ever seen. Loved the acting, the music, the photography... everything is great!

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