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Some signs of being a good film but....not quite there.
This is a slow paced film with editing that is a bit jerky, or maybe it's the story line that jumps around a bit. I did like the querky style and also that it is not the typical generic horror story. However for my taste it could have been done better but this also looks like a real low budget film (some of the actors seem to be just extras that were given a line or two.).

If you don't get into this film by 20 minutes in you will not like the rest.


A bad version of The Wicker Man
Albeit the film style and effects are very well done I'll give them that. However like anything in life all style no substance is indicative of someone that is bent on impressing you with the shallow.

I have watched thousands of films. I love cinema. I am crazy about it and even watch B movies as some of them are quite good and "know" they are B movies. This film is well....pretentious in that it leaves one with nothing really. It becomes tiring and eventually boring.

Watch The Wicker Man to get a sense of perspective on this film and then try and watch this one.

Jim Jefferies: I Swear to God

A comic that fails to be funny
Sarcasm is OK but when it is the only route to your comedy act then it is lazy and cheap. Anyone can write better comedy than this crap.

And nope I am not religious.

La proie

Almost a great film but pace is well orchestrated
A great script/story line can sometimes turn in to a great film. Here we have an example of a great story line well executed and acted. Although I find French actors a bit stiff in the way they deliver their lines there is less talking and more action in this film, which probably ends up saving it.

I judge films on expectation vs results. This film is not pretentious at all like some other french films can be. It delivers the goods it promises. That for me is a film worth watching.

MR 73

Convoluted and jumpy editing make it hard to watch
From a cinematography point of view the film loses me a few times. We don't know what is going on at some points and some scenes are inexplicably there with no purpose.

Were it not for Daniel Auteuil I would give it a 0. He deserves an 8 if not just for going through with this sad excuse of a film. The other actors are so stiff it is cringe worthy.

Every cliche from American cop movies is repeated several times. There is so much cigarette smoking I had to open my windows while watching it.

The ending for me was a waste. There are 2 plots going on at same time. None come to a complete "denouement". This film takes on more than it can chew.

War of the Worlds

Not H G Wells aproved !!!
If you are going to call a series by this name then why turn it into something else? Ok maybe that is closed minded a bit but then the show is just utterly ridiculous in it's portrayal of an alien invasion.

Seems like every single show and movie these days no matter what budget never really achieves greatness. More like mediocrity mostly.

The movie version directed by Spielberg and starring Tom Cruise is infinitely better than this insult to our intelligence.

The Walking Dead

You have milked it enough
This show should have ended a long time ago. Mainly at season 6. But the not only did they keep it going but they started an offshoot Fear The Walking Dead. Not to be outdone a while after they launched another offshoot "The Walking Dead World Beyond" a version for teenagers.

It should be obvious to all of us by now that what started out as great writing, great acting and directing turned into sloppy pandering scripts with a lack of any interesting characters. Then they kill of THE main character followed by a few other quite pivotal ones. Even FTWD started out great and then they go and kill off one of the main characters followed by the next main character. Don't even bother with World Beyond it is a ridiculous and insulting show even if written for teenagers.

They should have either finished the show while they were at peak or rebooted it with brand new interesting characters. The dynamic between the characters is long gone. No chemistry left anymore. Just episodes that are a sad reminder of what it was. Now the show is deader than it's walkers.

I gave it a 6 because the first few seasons were so damn good.


Why can't they make good movies anymore?
What is it about the movie industry these days that no matter what budget most of the movies are mediocre. In this one we go one level lower in that the acting is atrocious. Maybe it is the director's fault because the cinematography is mostly lame and amateurish.

But worse of all is the story or script. A good story/script will sometimes be able to make us forget the acting or directing etc. But when the story sucks nothing can save the movie.

This story has been told many times before and much better.


Over emotional FBI agents etc.
Is this a Sci-Fi or some new let's al cry every 10 minutes about how sad our life is show?

The show premise has potential but it is destroyed by the incessant and frankly neurotic insistence on making an FBI main character into a blubbering emotional mess.

Where is the story? Concentrate on the story instead of trying to save a few people every episode. We want to see Sci Fi not General Hospital.

I'm giving it one more episode then I'm out if it doesn't change. Another waste of good money going to a show that could have been great.

Miss Sharon Jones!

The Real Thing
I have to admit that I am biased. I saw her several times and once got to meet her in a way I'll never forget. What I saw on stage was the same person off stage. An incredible human being with a god given talent she never disrespected.

This film only shows a glimpse of who she was and in the throes of a cancer even. Not the best light. However I appreciated the way the documentary presented Sharon. Too often we see an artist shown at their worse or only their phony side but here we get a glimpse of a real person and the passion she had for her music and fans.

A true legend as great an artist as any of the other American Soul and R&B performers. I had always hoped to see her again. Gone too soon but not forgotten. See this movie to see a true great talent show her human side.

Resident Alien

Another missed opportunity
Why do these people keep making these shows or movies with what looks like a decent budget, god awful ad frankly insulting to our intelligence.

A lame show that had potential. So many great writers out there but I guess when it comes to SciFi or Horror the good ones are not taken seriously too often.

I can tell you to watch it and I am sure you will make up your own mind. Just watch the first episode like I did. Then it's up to you to watch the rest.

The Shack

God help us!
I'm sorry but this an insulting film. Insulting to one's intelligence and I'm sure 99% of people have a higher one than the people involved in this project.

However if you want to suspend disbelief to a level never before done go aead and watch this bad advert for ...... dare I say it? Christianity? Well yes it is.

The worst part is when the camera "casually" focuses on the scars on their wrists (you have to watch it to know who "they" are). That was the final straw for me and I had to fast forward the rest.

One of the worst and most pretentious things I've ever had the misfortune of experiencing.

It was God Awful!

The Second Arrival

Worse than cringe
After watching the first one you would think that OK maybe it wont be as good but it might be almost as good?

Nope! This film should be enough to ruin the carriers of everyone involved. A teenager could have and would have written a better script. A first year cinema student would have done a better job at filming.

Don't waste your time. This film is not even in the "so bad it's good" cult of film buffs. Utter trash.

The 13th Warrior

One of the best adventure movies
Although not as perfect film, it is a film I have watched 3 times now and liked it each time for new reasons.

This a well written and crafted movie. It is not a deep character film. Rather it is a true adventure film full of action and tongue in cheek dialog that tells it's viewers that although the characters are all warriors they have more going on in their heads and hearts. It's enough to sympathize with the characters. It's not unlike Raiders Of The Lost Ark in some ways.

If you long for a fun ride in a movie as a change from the overly deep and often times pretentious crap from Hollywood watch this one. Sit back with some popcorn and your friends and enjoy.

The Serpent

I feel pity for those involved in this film
If I think a movie is really bad then like most I will write a scathing review. However this film is so bad I feel as if I would be criticizing people with mental disabilities or cognitive delay.

What I cannot understand is how someone in this day and age when every movie is out there for renting or viewing on Netflix etc. they cannot watch them to learn what to do and what not to do.

The dialogue seemed written by 8 to 10 year old kids that have watched every B movie out there and didn't even nail that. The pacing of the actors was terrible also. Lighting? Was there any thought given to that?

I understand budgets can influence the outcome of a movie but in this case no budget could have saved it. If I am writing this it is at least this film can serve as an example to future film makers on what NOT TO DO! Put quality in the script. Be realistic in the production based on what budget you have. Pick quality actors (and not yourself unless you are better than what you find). Lear lighting technique or hire someone that knows it well. It's an essential to film making. Then there is editing! Get an editor and colorist that knows what they are doing.

Yes these things cost money but this movie had more budget than most amateur films I've seen yet many of those surpassed this garbage because their story and intent was foremost.

It's extremely difficult to be the writer, actor, director and producer in any film for extremely talented and experienced film makers. As I said this film would be a waste of time other than it can fulfill a use by being a standard of the abysmal failure.

The Walking Dead: World Beyond

Plain bad writing with every Woke stereotype known
I tried to like it really I did. I am a sucker for any SF or Horror genres be it A or B movies and even sometimes C quality if there is a tongue in cheek element to the writing. However this series is supposed to be in the A list yet manages to insult even I am certain the intelligence of it's obviously intended audience which is that of a teen or preteen kids.

Maybe it's me but does every show or movie today have to have the set of mandatory Woke characters pushed on us without any inevitability?

World Beyond is beyond me why they decided to come out with this horrid show. Lazy and subpar writing and imagination.

Even kids deserve better than this.

In the Shadow of the Moon

Finally a good one out of the sea of crap we get usually
Great film making. Unpretentious story telling.

I've seen (and so have all of you) so many terrible films that I start to wonder if maybe I should write a script too. How much worse can it be than the 80% of films coming out?

However once in a while you get a film like this one that does what it sets out to do instead of showing us all the tricks the film maker learned in film school.

This film has a good story. A good plot. Good acting and a script that does not get in the way. It flows and before you know it the end comes. Always a sign of a good film.

The Vast of Night

I just got out of film school and made this
I was expecting so much more than this waste of time. I get that the style is a tip of the hat at the old 50's and 60's science fiction movies. I get it that this film maker loves the genre. I get it that he wants to do another take on that genre.

But.....it fails at doing what its supposed to do which is to hold us captive all the while in anticipation of something great to come. Unfortunately it never does.

Intentions were good I'm sure but in the end there is no real plot or story here. It's an exercise in film making with way too much useless dialogue. I don't get the high score.


Typical Tantric Suspense from M. Night Shyamalan
If you like suspense that lasts and lasts and lasts without any release then you will like this show.

M. Night Shyamalan's trademark is exactly that suspense until the end where you get the final answer to all your questions. If this works at all it works in a typical length movie. However in a TV series that lasts supposedly for 60 episodes can a normal human with normal attention span last that long?

I for one will restrain from watching season 2 etc..

Other than that it is beautifully filmed and the acting is great for that style.

That's the thing about M. Night Shyamalan, he has that "potential" for greatness but tries too hard to blow our minds. After a while this suspense over hours and hours of shows get's a little tiring. We need a bit of "dénouement" at least every 2 episodes.

October Faction

Bad writing, bad acting
The parents were the only thing worth saving. The teenagers went from bad to worse. From the token gay to the oversensitive daughter. Script was cringe worthy and probably written by a teenager. Not only was the writing atrocious but the teenage actors were amateurs on a bad day at best, and I don't mean just the 2 main ones, I mean all of them!

Every episode actually was worse than the preceding one. I kept waiting for the parents characters to kick their kids out of the house and get on with their work.

I joined IMDB just to write this review. I don't have the words to say how awful it was.

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