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This is such a great drama. It's about a forbidden love - a young man falls in love with his married piano teacher, who's twenty years older than him - but it never feels like they're engaged in a tawdry affair. It's clear, right from the beginning, that this is love and it's pretty epic. The two leads are fantastic. Yoo Ah-In is mesmerising. He infuses his role with exactly the right amount of awkwardness, sincerity, intensity and passion. Kim Hee-ae is equally impressive, though her portrayal starts out more restrained. The two shine when they're together. Whatever their characters are experiencing - happiness, despair, intimacy etc. - they hit the perfect note every single time.

The music is gorgeous in and of itself, but how it manages to convey their moods and their growing connection is absolutely marvelous. I especially like how joyful it feels when the two leads play piano together. The plot could've been fairly standard but the acting, writing and directing has elevated it to excellence. It all feels so effortlessly natural and real.

Seriously, watch this. It's fantastic.

Kimbiseoga wae geureolkka

This is one of the best romantic comedies with a dash of drama that I've ever had the pleasure of watching. It's funny, romantic af and the chemistry between the leads is off the charts. The male lead is fantastic, the female lead is super cute and the supporting cast is awesome too.

Basically, Secretary Kim has been working for nine years as the assistant of the Vice Chairman of a company and now she's resigning. Why? She's paid off the debts of her father and sisters, and is ready to have a life of her own. For nine years, she's been at the Vice Chairman's beck and call, at night, in the weekend and even during holidays. On top of that, her boss is self-absorbed to the point of narcissism. So, she's done.

The Vice Chairman is shocked when she announces her decision to quit - because he thinks he is the best boss and most perfect guy ever - and immediately starts to come up with schemes to get her to stay. Somehow he gets it into his pretty little head that Secretary Kim is in love with him, so he starts to woo her. With hilarious results, because she hates his guts.

Seriously, just watch this series! It's so good and so satisfying. You'll laugh and cry and sigh (mostly laugh and sigh, though, at how adorable the main couple is). The male lead is gorgeous and hilarious, the female lead has got a great evil smirk, the sound effects are the best and the side stories of the other characters are absolutely worth your time too. I'm probably just going to watch the whole series again real soon, because watching anything else after this can only lead to disappointment.

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