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Murder at Yellowstone City

A Harvard Educated Slave walks into a Bar...
A former Harvard educated slave rides into town.

He is wrongly accused of murder!

So he murders everyone with the help of some friends to prove his innocence.

The Protégé

Michael Keaton - the Best thing to Happen to this Movie
Michael Keaton gives a fantastic performance, as always.

The movie itself is generic by the numbers predictable women power woke dribble. Cringe with dialogue & action scenes that suspend all belief.

Not good, not old fashioned, decent action, no crime, no thriller. (I don't think people understand genres anymore)

Like i said - generic action film you can watch by turning off your brain cells & turning on the woke.


Based on a True Story
The movie is based on a timeless true story about love during an era of social distancing, lock-downs, & vax-passports.

Some may find the movie boring b/c you dont have to go far to realize, this is your life - a miserable little pile of secrets.

The Matrix Resurrections

Extremely Disappointing
I loved the mind trip of the first movie, the 2nd & third were interesting in their own right but not as great as the first imho.

I had no expectations for this reboot but hope to be entertained.

It is mediocre at best & at worse mind numbingly boring.

Very predictable, cheap action scenes, & woke but that is to be expected of movies coming out of trash Hollywood elitists.


Decent Show, if not Mediocre & woke at Times
When I saw the Season 3 finale, I knew everyone would be ok. You cannot kill off the main characters.

Probably the most memorable episodes in the series: Season 3 Finale & Season 4 Opening

I don't think the show will get much better after that.

The comeback is reminiscent of Star Wars Storm Troopers - the bad(der) guys lose & Duttons are invincible.

How do you send a troop of ex-military mercenary assassins - they all die? Can't even get the old man & the one that is most seriously hurt is the guy who fell off the bull!!!

Oh! And what is a livestock officer doing with a flash bomb in his office & machine gun in the truck?

Keep in mind the Duttons are not the good guys here.

They are just as corrupt & bad as anybody else in the series. They use their offices, positions, & police force for corruption, extortion, & murder.

Ojing-eo geim

Gore Garbage
If you want to know what the Global Elites & Central Planners think of you.

As well as what the "VIPs" find entertaining in manipulating the plebs & playing with their lives - this is a great pseudo-documentary!

Space Command

All Hype & No Substance
I remember hearing all the hype surrounding this production. Then nothing after it came out.

Specifically from YouTube pop-culture media commentators - this is what we've been waiting for.

Given all the sci-fi woke garbage coming out of Hollywood. This show sounded like a breath of fresh air.

Then I sat down to watch it - oh boy!

Bad cgi; alright I've seen just as bad. The acting though is subpar for this caliber of talent...?

AND they couldn't stay away from virtue signaling!

Just stay away and keep your nostalgia intact.

Assault on Precinct 13

Hollywood Stretching for ideas
A crappier remake to a cult classic.

But if you like by the numbers predictable convoluted and mindless action, well, this is it.


Great Sci-Fi with Twist Ending
Great Sci-fi movie! Hokey in parts but great nonetheless. Frames the protagonists in a heroic light until you realize the truth toward the end.

Unfortunately net-flix is editing their films now.

Recently watched & observed two edits: One scene removes Alice's infidelity.

She ventures off-screen with a co-worker.

Second removes David's cruelty.

He executes two unarmed civilians husband & wife in front of their children.

Hoop Dreams

Sad State of Mentality
Almost 3 decades later & especially now, everyone thinks they're going to be the next rap, sports, media influencer, twitch superstar...fill in the blank.

Hardly anyone thinks - hard work, discipline, dedication, education, personal accountability is the ticket! ...it's always someone else's fault for my failures.

It is not that "...nobody cares about you." It's that you don't listen to the ones that do & most people are too busy living their lives to worry about anything else.


Jackie wants His Mansion Back...
Jackie Chan stars in this extremely bad CGI political chinese propaganda movie b/c no movie, no mansion.

Secret Obsession

Extremely Simple Movie
If anyone remembers the movie 'Throw mama from the train' Billy Crystal's character was teaching a writing class where Danny De'Vito's character's book assignments were always being actively ignored. Why? Because he wrote a murder mystery with two characters and one of them was dead by the next chapter... That story was turned into this movie. Movie is ~passable if just to watch how stupid it is.

Burn Out

Great action movie with depressing ending.
The story of a young man at the crossroads of his life and the consequences that follow the choice he makes.

*Spoiler* or maybe not...if you've seen enough of these movies you know how it goes but the adventure to get there is something else.

This movie measures very well the sacrifice a man makes for the love of a woman - a woman by the way that left him for another with son in tow. But he wins her back with the realization that he will never be the man he wanted to be. Bitter sweet ending as we root for his success in life.


Multicutural SJW Romp Fest
This movie could have been so much better. Action was good, acting alright(Bautista could only do so much with bad supporting actors), story not so much.

Instead Bautista takes 2nd billing to a no name SJW snowflake actress who couldn't shout here way out of a wet paper bag. Plus we have exposition and hand holding throughout the movie.

Spoiler! The bad guys are...white but not just any whites-southern whites. So the multicultural super hero team has to be assembled sans white guys to fight this new or maybe old ancient hatred that has arisen anew.

Synopsis: Join me on a multicultural SJW romp as we fight those big bad racist white boys from Ohio? Texas and...well all those Southern racist backwaters states because everyone knows that's what they are. So now they want to take over Yankee town because reasons. And here we go...

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