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San Pietro

Beautifully shot film about early Christianity...
After seeing the 1981 made for TV film PETER AND PAUL, I wondered if any one could match or remake the story of early Christianity as adequately as SAINT PETER. Omar Sharif wasn't as bad as Peter like in the other biblical films he was been in in recent years. Johannes Brandhupp's Christ was OK after a fine performance in the resurrection scenes.The background and music was great.They should of shown a little bit more about Peter's relationship with Jesus much before his crucifixion.If you liked this film, you should watch PAUL THE APOSTLE and also THE APOCALPYSIS(Richard Harris). RAI LUX-VIDE really knows how to do biblicals.

Juwanna Mann

hilarious b-ball ...
Watching Juwanna Mann kind of reminded me of the 1993 Mrs. Doubtfire film about a man dressing as and acting like a woman. The way Miguel A. Nunez made this person want to play basketball was really hilarious a amusing. Kevin Pollack as his agent was really a powerful spot since only he knew the difference between Juwanna and Jamal Jeffries. I liked the way Jamal told him "You're a feminine Jerry Maguire" Vivica Fox was so hot and perfect as Michele Langsford who at the end did accept Jamal as well as Juwanna. They should try to shoot more films about men dressing up as women just like Dustin Hoffman did in Tootsie an Robin Williams in Mrs. Doubtfire.

Saul e David

Less popular telling of King David peculiar,,,
This Italian produced film about the young life of David and his relation with King Saul is not precise to the Old Testament, but nevertheless shows very movingly how King Saul's reign and life got tarnished by his own deviance and popularity growing on David's side. Norman Wooland's performance of Saul seems pitiful comparing to the Bible account and future performances by Anthony Quayle and Edward Woodward. It was nice to see that the actors used Jehovah's name through out the picture and also Antonio Mayans in a beautiful performance as Jonathan. He seemed to be good for biblical films especially after portraying St. John in King of Kings two years earlier. Gianni Garko didn't do so bad as David since the Bible does say that David was red haired, comparing with Richard Gere,Keith Michell and Jeff Chandler's portrayal.

Little Giants

The Super Bowl for active kids...
Watching this comic film about two brothers facing each other on the football field as coaches was very humorous, especially Ed Oneal's Kevin Oshea. His attitude nearly resembled a combination of Mika ditka and Tom Landry. No wonder why Rick Moranis' Danny told him off, "Who the hell do you think you are? Vince Lombardi? These are kids." That was probably the line that lay-ed out the plot of the picture. The Ice Box was nearly cute as she had her crush on her own QB. It was very nice to see Hall of Famer John Madden do a cameo appearance as he got lost on his way to Canton, Ohio.If the action on the field would of been filmed as detailed as in Bend in on Beckham(2004) Little Giants would have been really for everybody's enjoyment especially since this film is most possibly aimed at younger audiences. But I still give it a seven out of ten for its good effort to represent rivalry on a pee wee field. Spike stole the scene as a Dick Butkus like kid.

Bend It Like Beckham

Brilliant soccer dream showing...
After seeing this picture for the first time, I really enjoyed much more the sport of football(soccer) and also the Hindu culture. My hat has to go off directly to director Gurinder Chandra for making a movie connecting soccer and Hindu religion especially since cricket is the number one sport to most people in India or Asia. Parminder Nagra's performance as Jess Bamra was a brilliant way to make her famous on TV and screen. The way she loved football behind her parent's back seemed humorous at the beginning though it nearly cost her relation with her family. Keira Knightly was nearly perfect as her friend Jules and on the field as one of the few women I seen at their best when in action. Anyone who loved this film a sports should might also want to see the Hindu movie "Lagaan" in subtitles, or Little Giants(1994)

Kicking & Screaming

Hilarious sports film...
Watching this film made me remember when Mike Ditka was on the sidelines shouting and swearing off his own players when they didn't meet his demands. Will Farrel's performance was wacky and funny considering the fact he was competing against his dad (Robert Duvall in a nice spot). Anyone who likes soccer will find this film entertaining for a change along with Bend it Like Beckham. The kids on all the teams did their best on and off the field. If there would of been better props, we could say this movie could equal Little Giants(1994), another good comic sports film.Between a one two ten, I give a seven and a half thanks to the director's effort to bring in Mike Ditka to help out.

The Day Christ Died

Moderate telliing of passion of Christ...
Any one who has seen Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ and was bothered by the gory violence would want to see this film instead. Though it wasn't a success in th box office or TV ratings, The Fox Movie Channel still finds a real good motive to show this anually. I liked the way that they trained Chris Sarandon and the men who portrayed his disciples to sing in Hebrew.Though Sarandon didn't have long hair like any other Jesus would in other films, his looks are pretty close to what a Jewish man would appear. What surprised me or startled me was the scene where Caiaphas told Jesus about Pilate "And don't ever forget, that you are a Jew!" Though that may have not been a racist remark,Colin Blakely was trying to make Chris Sarandon look like garbage in the eyes of the prominent men of those days.Keith Michell's portrayal of Pilate was hulking, comparing with his previous performances in "The Story of Jacob and Joseph" and "The Story of David". But if you compare his portrayal of Pilate with Telly Savala's or Hurd Hatfield, you can say that he really painted well the impression of a Roman procurator.

Day of Triumph

Peculiar telling of the life of Christ
This obscure film of the life of Christ seems fairly decent for the time it came out since before the 1960's no one represented Jesus openly and realistically, Robert Wilson's portrayal of Christ wasn't that bad even though at times he did seem melancholic. The interesting thing about Wilson is that he along with Danny Quinn(son of legend Anthony Quinn) are the only two actors to portray as Jesus in more than one movie.Lee J.Cobb's performance was well enough to give this picture a dramatic run thru since he retells the events that happened along with Andrew.Perhaps this is the only movie other than 'I Beheld his Glory' that shows a passive a naive Jesus. Robert Powell's Jesus in Jesus of Nazareth was nearly as good as Robert Wilson's Christ.

The Story of David

Great TV description of psalmist king...
This TV movie about King David may seem long,but it really shows in a vivid way David's transition from a mere shepherd boy to a great political figure and biblical icon.I liked the way the cast mentioned there faith in Yahweh.Keith Michell's portrayal of King David seemed realistic,especially in the scene where he was condemning Joab's murder of Abner.If we compare this film with the 1997 TV film of David by Lux Vide, both have great depictions of David's life. Anthony Quayle did a impressive performance as Saul.Too bad this film is only available on VHS. Let's hope that soon it can be restored or available on DVD.My hat goes of to Alex Segal and Lowell Rich for there project.

The Greatest Story Ever Told

Biblical classic brings out the good in popular celebrities...
This version of the gospel told by George Stevens is probably among the best filmed biblicals despite the fact that Stevens used to many famous faces in minor roles. Who would of imagined The Duke as a centurion or Sidney Poitier as Simon of Cyrene? And also in is interesting to see others in major historical figures like Claude Rains as Herod or Charlton Heston as the Baptist. I heard thru some outside source that Stevens initially wanted Richard Burton to portray Jesus before offering it to Sweedish screen legend Max Von Sydow. Though Vom Sydow wasn't popular yet in Hollywood or the world before this role, this film brought out the good in him and also in the popular American actors. The Lazarus scene out of the tomb is probably one of the most highlighting features of any biblical film since Stevens decided to use Handel's Messiah.

Il vangelo secondo Matteo

Decent foreign effort by Pasolini..
By filming in black and white, this film about the gospel is given more aura or antiquity of its story. I have give my hat off to Pasolini,who despite being an atheist,tried hard at making a film about Jesus' life. Though Enrique Irazoqui's Christ is way to young looking,he did bring a out a new image of Christ out-his persistence and eagerness to preach the Gospel in a modern manner which audiences may comprehend.The crucifixion scene seemed realistic for the time it was filmed though in that category Mel Gibson's film about The Passion tops out.Irazoqui did just as good as Jim Caviezel did in both scenes.It was quite interesting that Pasolini chose his own mother to portray an older Mary.

Samson and Delilah

Spectacular showing of the biblical muscle man...
When I first saw this Made For TV version of Samson and Delilah, I enjoyed it's background and also some of the details Nicholas Roeg decided to include. I liked the way it followed the other Bible Series that Lorenzo Minoli and RAI-It produced in the late 1990's. Eric Thals' Samson was really impact-full and stellar even though my hat goes off to Victor Mature's effort in Demille's 1949 film. What really was outstanding was in the temple scene Samson yells "At last, o God of Israel!" when he destroys his enemies plus himself due to being blind. Elizabeth Hurley's Delilah was not that bad even though perhaps Jessica Alba would have done a glamorous job. Too bad that she wasn't offered the role.Anyone who enjoyed this film may want to watch the 1984 TV version with Anthony Hamilton,Belinda Bauer, and Max Von Sydow.

The King of Kings

Decent Demille biblical epic...
Out of all the biblical stories Cecil B. Demille attempted on screen,this picture is probably the most decent one after his 1956 remake of The Ten Commandments. The way he tells the gospel is fairly decent for the generation of those times compared to MGM's remake in 1961. It seemed more secular the way Nicholas Ray filmed than Cecil B. Demille. Plus the major contrast is that H.B. Warner's Christ is much older than Jeffrey Hunter's Christ. Demille was possibly seeking a man with a fatherly image or face just like George Stevens did when he selected Max Von Sydow to portray Christ. The scriptural quotes as the film goes along is an original idea. Demille should have done that in his other biblical films also.

The Passion of the Christ

Moving and touching show of the passion...
Mel Gibson's effort to relate the gospel of Jesus' passion really hit thousands when people went to see this film. No one one expecting it to be moving and really graphic though it was announced months before its release. At least when I finished watching it, I felt that I just walked out of an ER room without the proper anesthesia. Especially when it came to the scene where Jesus was nearly flogged to death. Just seeing all that blood splattered and his flesh shredded made me realize the reality of Roman flogging and torture. Jim Caviezel should of got an Oscar for his valiant effort since I heard that in certain scene he really did separate his shoulder.I loved the part where Jesus consoled his mother by quoting Apocalpisis 21:5-Look Im making all things new-.The Resurrection scene really caught my eye and consoled me after see Caviezel's Christ tortured to death.This film along with The Gospel of John(2003) bring me back the memories of what the 1950's and 1960's were when biblical films were filmed often.

The Visual Bible: The Gospel of John

Great representation of the gospel.
This film by Philip Saville really touched me when I heard th way Christopher Plummer narrated the Good Book. It was more than just a mere reading of a novel. The way it was filmed blended perfectly with Plummer's reading. Most of the artists and actors made a special effort to make the life of Christ look real. Henry Ian Cusick's portrayal of Jesus is close to perfection and is almost as good as any other actor did. The good thing about this film is that it nearly came out at the same time The Passion Of th Christ came out. Any one who loved this film should also compare it's similarities with The Passion of the Christ and also Jesus Of Nazareth(1977).


Decent story telling version
As soon as I seen this picture, I remembered an animated older version of Joanna Spryii's story of the Swiss orphan girl Heidi. Even though the 1937 Shirley Temple Version still stands out for a stellar performance, this version is very decent and adaptable when it comes to touching drama. The choice for Heidi's grandpa could of not been better portrayed by Sweedish screen legend Max Von Sydow. He brings a lot of respect to the character in difference with the portrayal Jason Robards Jr. did in the 1995 Disney version. Though Robards did fairly good, at times I laughed when others considered him a monstrous old bum. Von Sydow is too meek for that type of comment. His aura and decades of experience may have saved this film. Good thing he portrayed Christ back in 1965 in The Greatest Story Ever Told.

One Night with the King

This representation of Esther's biography is totally awesome!! The way the picture shows flashbacks of her childhood and of her ancestor King Saul really prepares the audience for the outfold of her transition from a vigorous girl to a heroin queen. Tiffany Dupont's portrayal of Hadassah is quite remarkable just like Heston's Moses or Jim Caviezel's Christ. James Callis' Haman in all black blends in well with Haman's personality and satanic demeanor. Let's hope this film gets a lot of attention and in the near future is available on DVD.Anyone who loved this film may want to watch Esther(1998) with Louise Lombard and F. Murray Abraham.


subpar representation of the revolutionary..
This picture about the life of the Argentinian rebel was really boring throughout the movie. Most of the traits Omar Shariff represented didn't match Guevara's personality. Though Shariff is better looking than the real Guevara, some of his outbursts made this movie look bad. Never did he steal or torture the Bolivian peasants when he roamed Bolivia. Al Pacino would have done a better job with this picture though Omar is a legend and needed a letback or break. The only cool choice on this picture is Jack Palance representation of the old Cuban jerk who messed up that island's history for five decades.Good thing his days are numbered and the old bum has quit.


Hilarious spoof of an encore after The Passion of the Christ
I was very anxious when Mel Gibson's hit movie made it to the public. But when I saw this TV movie about Jesus' relationship with Judas Iscariot thru his life,I just flipped off and laughed at Hallmarks effort about the Gospels. Jonathan Scarfe's Jesus was too blond compared with Jewish men of Jesus days. The only moving scene of the film is Matthew's conversion to discipleship by Jesus' loving admonition.Even Jonathan Scaach would have been a better Jesus.The crucifixion scene was not as accurate as other films even though "The Gospel Of John" had its similarities.Let's hope that soon a real epic about Jesus's life can hit the theaters or TV.

The Ten Commandments

Perfect remake of 1956 classic...
This TV movie about Moses' life was very moving and 75% biblical comparing to the 1956 movie. The Red sea parting scene was very realistic and original even though Cecil b. DeMille's tactics still live on. It was very humorous to to see a Christ like appearance in Dougray Scott's portrayal of Moses,but he did a somewhat fair job.Mia Maestro was SO glamorous as Zipporah.My hat goes off to Robert Halmi and RHI for a great effort in this project of the Exodus.ABC should have this film on a regular run yearly to blend with DeMille's version. Hopefully it will be available soon on DVD.If you liked this film, you should watch also "In The Beginning" with Martin Landau and "Moses the Lawgiver" with Burt Lancaster.

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