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Out 1, noli me tangere

Just saw this at the PFA...need help with the ending
I loved this movie! So worth the long running time. I need help with the ending though....


The final shot of Marie at the end - Is this to suggest that she is still searching for Renaud? or possibly that she was the one who wanted to reinvigorate the 13? (she seemed to be the one who delivered the initial letter to Colin in the first place) I don't quite understand it, but I know I really liked it. So if anyone has seen this and remembers it or has just seen it, please elaborate on the ending.


Mei man ren sheng

A really good movie
Just saw this tonight at the SFIFF. The content and style of the film reminds me very much of Edward Yang's "YiYi". There are also some outright similarities (a character who is into photography, an old grandmother who is in a state, a financially irresponsible younger male sibling of the family...) but all in all this movie stands up on its own. The movie (for me anyway) got better as it went along. The materialism that serves as the yardstick of one's worth in life is a problem everywhere, not just in Singapore and that's what makes this feature universal (along with the tumultuous familial happenings.) All in all, definitely worth your time.


One of the greatest movies ever made...
This movie is one of the greatest movies ever made. For a movie that was made over 20 years ago its amazing that its as relevant as it is. In the case of Brazil, Marshall McLuhan was right to believe that the artist is the only one who can give pattern recognition, many of our most troubling societal concerns are dealt with here. This movie should be seen by everyone who feels something is a little...."off" in our world today. The mechanization of society. The grinding down of people's dreams and fantasies through bureaucratic sterility. The constant threat of terrorism used to control a society. It's all here in Brazil. I think people who want to understand our age better could really get a lot out of this movie.

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