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Sister Wives

Used to Love this show
I used to love this show, but it was a huge mistake to leave Vegas, at least without a better plan or roadmap in place.

Now its just all about disagreements and debates on how to or if they should "come back together as a family".

I was never a huge "Cody" fan, I really liked the wives and their support and friendship. It seems that this move to Flagstaff has ripped them apart and its just not the same.

I wish them all the best, but I am thinking about looking away from this train wreck.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life

I really enjoy this show. Its what many of us go through, life's challenges, friendships and life's decisions in general. The only thing I do not get is Buddy. Why Whitney "thinks" he is her or anyone's friend is beyond me and as a very bad example of a human being, he shouldnt be on the show. He was dishonest and horrible to Heather who was nothing but great to him; so why would you allow him to be in your "circle" since he treated one of your own so horribly? LEARN how to push toxic people to the back, do not invest in them and be true to your friendship with Heather in doing so.

Why Whitney would let anyone as worthless as Buddy even be a topic of contention with Chase is totally beyond me. Buddy has had multiple chances to stand up and be at the least a man, let alone a friend to Whitney and has NEVER even had one ounce of success. Don't let Buddy destroy this great new guy !

I'll enjoy the show more if he is no longer in it, because I enjoy all her other friends and like to see them all (but not Buddy).

Timmy Failure: Mistakes Were Made

Loved It
Maybe not for very impressionable young, but if you get that its a spoof; its is hiliarious ! I laughed and laughed. it came at a good time, I needed an ALL OUT laughfest and this movie provided it. I'll watch it 3 or 4 times, I was laughing so hard, I'm sure I missed things !

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