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what i see in the animation
I haven't fully understood the implication of the film until I read an illuminating article on DOUBAN. From my perspective,the trip of the cat seems existentialism,as he tried hard to rebel the absurd reality controlled by god at random,but it turned out that his hard work vanished in vain. And the animation also reflects the destiny that we all face--the cat would eat meat and be cruel and violent to others to survive ,since he ate the eyeball of the dead fish which had struggled through others' knives ,and he as well couldn't escape from the fate that he was doomed to lose everything. In addition,while the cat was traveling backwards,through the time tunnel where every tragedy hasn't happened ,car accident hadn't taken someone's life,war hadn't killed billions of people ...I saw the hope of human beings ,but it is just like a flash,fleeting away too soon. Well my feelings are too fragmental and lack of logic :(

La planète sauvage

What appeals to me most is the marvelous imagination and the surreal style of the animation. And at first I just thought oms are the metaphor of wild animals which we once tamed and looked down upon but turns out to be smarter than we supposed, destroying us as a vengeance . But with watching it longer time eventually did I realize that oms and deras symbolize the history of Europeans colonizing the unindustrialized ethnics and enslave some of them ,exploiting their resources unlimitedly while treating them like they do to pets, manipulating the whole race. Not until the rebellions took place did they reflected what they had done,cause they just took the present logic of how the world worked as granted.After some terror, they decided to live peacefully with each other and divide the work with more equality ,whcih from my perspective follows the tide of human history . It's worth mentioning that the end where oms found the fatal blow to deras was to destroy them when they were making love through contemplating ,I think it reflects the foundation of the so-called highly civilized culture is fragile and delicate,and after some tremendous change should it be rebuilt. Anyway this is an appealing animation to me,and I may rewatch it some time.

Being John Malkovich

Only wanna be myself with flaws
It's bad to be a puppet ,but it's even worse to be a puppeteer,manipulating puppet days and nights,eventually gain nothing but getting further from the real self and world;actually I think the puppeteers are also puppets of the fate and karma. Why not directly face who you are?/ I wanna see myselfs if I had access to the portal of my subconscious.

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