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City of Ember

I have not read this book, but I read a lot, and something I've found to expect is: Books are 9 times out of 10 better than the film adaptations.

My thoughts on the movie… Fabulous work paid to the environments, sets, ambiance, all in all, the entire community and style of ember was very enthralling and interesting indeed. But unfortunately I think the movie suffered from the same things with a lot of movie/book adaptations. As the film continued, too many things are introduced, too many story elements, characters and events are cramming together, and it just starts to feel like they are rushing things to get everything that made a good story in a book into a hour and a half movie.

I find I am left far too curious about too many things that they didn't have time to properly explain or explore. (big bugs?? wha?) I am most defiantly picking up the book for a more detailed story of ember, but as it stands now the movie is an enjoyable one. It's just so hard to trump books.


Arrrg. Pull the switch! Turn it off!
Man, I really wanted to like this movie, I am a big fan of fantasy settings, interestingly designed characters, cool story premises, all that noise… and from the trailer and concept art I viewed, I thought this could turn out to be a great flick.

Not so much. This entire movie just seemed rushed from minute one. And it's a real shame too with the sheer amount of voice talent they had going (John Cleese is the bestest. Ever). They had some great ideas, sweet concepts, just all around really good potential, potential left and right… but, without going into detail, it all just seemed slapped together into a messy, roughly told story. It left you… very unfulfilled. Most likely if the corporate movie scene had given this studio a budget for another rewrite or two, or maybe just a couple more weeks to edit and polish, this would be a great watch. As it stands now, it's a fairly forgettable watch.

I would say check this out on TV if you get a chance, but go into it with low expectations.

Baiohazâdo: Dijenerêshon

From someone who is not familiar with the games... maybe skip it.
First off- I have a lot of respect for the resident evil games,I know they are at least solid enough to warrant several sequel games. I also know there is one or two good guys, a whack of zombies and usually a decked out uber badass boss character. I don't know much more, and for that reason, this movie really didn't do much for me.

There were too many moments throughout where some random guy/girl would show up, that im sure any resident evil fan would freak out at- but i just had no clue what the significance was. copious references that went over my head that one of the gamers would catch...made me basically feel out of the loop on this one.

I think I felt like one of my firends I've forced to watch advent children with no knowledge of Final Fantasy 7. there is just too much insider stuff for casual viewers.

wooden character animation, and above average vg cutscene style- but a very cool fight at the end, some decent gore kept up the pace.

defiantly recommend you check this out if you've played the games, however I would be very wary if your new to the Resident Evil universe, this is likely not the best place to start.

Kôkyô shihen Eureka Sebun

This show, hands down...
I'm rather picky when it comes to animes, japans cultural differences with storytelling irk me a bit while watching a series... I have a lot of respect for these shows, but it takes a special something for me to try one out.

this show, hands down, has the best style and artwork direction I've ever seen- its jaw droppingly beautiful animation, fantastic character and vehicle design, awesome effects- everything is aesthetically spot on. I love the expressions especially.

Im a graphic designer and illustrator by profession, so i tend to pay attention to colour schemes, designs and the like... i had to rewind a bit of the episode so i could catch the dialogue rather than study the posters in Rentons room... Im totally hooked by the details of this show.

And hey, the story and dialogue has me impressed so far as well, some really good back and forth. Im only 3 episodes in and plan on finishing all 50 in the next couple days, sleep? phooey on sleeping.

watch it.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars

think of it as the intro to the show, not a star wars movie
What seems to me -and Im totally guessibg at this- is that this was built with the intention of introducing the new TV series, likely to be shown as a TV event, but then some corporate fat cat came along and said "woah, woah, woooah you animators, this is flipping star wars, lets advertise the crap out of this thing, throw it in theatres and make it sound like the new, mid-prequel movie, well rake in the bank!" And they were right, contrary to the general reception, tons of people went to see this- and I think people would have really enjoyed, had they not been in the mindset that this was supposed to be on par with the rest of the series, it was just waaaay to built up. (but anything star wars has to be 8shades of epic or people freak)

This is a good watch! Its just not a star wars movie! It's a long first episode for the new show!! (which looks pretty good, i plan on checking it out)

Legend of the Seeker

I went into the 2h season premier with fairly high expectations, having read this book several times, i really wanted them to do a good job... and hey, i thought it was not too shabby, but with movies, the book is almost always better. but not too shabby a show.

cooouple-o-things. ....copious amounts of slow mo. go easy.

The boundary looks exactly how i thought, nice effects for a show, great effort being pumped into this thing.

Gars. gars are not supposed to look like skinny demons. ther're furry.

Kahlan - really well cast! but where is the boom when she confesses it up?? i wanted the boom!! richard - i shall reserve acting judgment on him until later- but how come he can use the sword willy-nilly?? its supposed to hurt like a b' when he kills someone! and darken rahl looks like a young snape... not at all how i pictured him.

Denna better blow minds.

I am going to continue watching and hoping it stays enjoyable, i still don't know how this is going to pan out, but seeker got a solid start. Sooome holes, but you really cant expect them to go from the book word for word, its a show, lets all watch it and see if it can do its own thing.

give the gars they're fur.


I went into this movie with fairly vague expectations - however I am a fan of scary movies, and not to mention a big fan of Jennifer Carpenter, could be good times. so lets go.


This movie was horribly fantastic! It was a ride, a very scary, very stressful ride, but an awesome one. True, this flick does not stray far from the typical zombie flick concepts, but I thought the execution was above par. The 1st person views, the sense of confinement/hopelessness, and the great acting (especially ms carpenter, extremely believable job of someone going hysterically frantic) One of the key things about this horror is the scares never let up, there is rarely a "breather scene" where you get to relax for any amount of time, it just keeps hitting you and hitting you.

haha, phew. I truly enjoyed. check it out. cheers

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