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A promising start!!!
The premiere of Vanished had me hooked from the get go!!! It is stylishly filmed with beautiful location shots of Atlanta, and the atmosphere catches your attention from the first frame.

Everyone seems to have a skeleton in the closet and the guy who has been assigned to do the digging is FBI Agent Graham Kelton. Gale Harold is mesmerizing in the role. He takes a successful leap from sexy, brooding Brian Kinney (on Queer as Folk) to serious, straight-laced Graham Kelton. The guy is uber-intelligent, he knows his job, and he's damn good at it. He's also snarky, confident and distrustful of everyone around him, which makes sense considering he seems to have been betrayed by his superiors in the past. The scene where the young boy gets blown up.... the look on Kelton's face is haunting and makes you feel for the character. Harold does good work!

The guy who plays the senator is also good in the role. Judy Nash isn't very likable but then that is how it's supposed to be, I guess. Ming-Na fills the role of Graham's partner quite well. I didn't much care for the senator's daughter and her boyfriend... but the son is all right.

You can feel so much brewing under the surface. I can't wait for next week!

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