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A great film about our changing world
This is a great film for anyone that finds it hard to get their heads around the science of climate change.


A great insight into this fascinating fandom
This was really nicely shot, and has loads of likeable personalities in it. I liked how the filmmaker didn't shy away from touching on the negative or darker side of this fandom.

Pecking Order

This film is hilarious with heart
This film has everything I need in a documentary. It is funny, moving, entertaining and educational. After watching it, you may consider becoming a vegan!

Repeat Attenders

A rare insight into the human condition
I don't know where to start with this film. I went on such an emotional rollercoaster. I started off laughing at these extreme fans, but ending up questioning why I am not more like them! Be warned though, this film is not all jazz hands and tap dancing, it is an exploration into all aspects of musical theatre fandom, and the compulsions some people have in attaching themselves to a hobby. Both sides of the fandom are shown, which is quite confronting to watch, but necessary to show what happens when boundaries are crossed. It should be noted how many great female characters are in this film, who speak with such raw and vulnerable honesty, which takes immense trust and skill. This director shows great promise, if this is what he delivers for his first feature film.

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