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meet my expectations
As a princess movie, a story that will soon be well-known all over the world. To be creative and profound, it is difficult to be honest, but I am very satisfied with the growth and awakening of Mulan in the movie. What's even more rare is that this movie is focused on female martial arts. It's smooth, beautiful and powerful. In terms of literary drama, Mulan's and father's emotions poke me, and the screen is as usual as Disney's dream, but it's not the same. The difference before is that the scenery brought by the live shooting is real, which is great! The actors' performances are also very clever and detailed.

Kill Bill: Vol. 2

kill bill 2
Mr. Quentin Tarantino went further and further, his figure looked a little confused to me. When the movie finally ended, a woman humming "Goodnight Moon" absently flashed one or two words like a knife or a gun in the lyrics. I suddenly woke up and felt slightly sentimental-KILL BILL is a romantic romance movie. .


It's an old-fashioned plot, and obviously it can be done better in some details, even if it's just a few lines and adjustments to the characters' motivations, it's a pity.

Di yi ci de li bie

di yi ci li bie
The lack of images in this place is as significant as the significance of this film. Boys don't leave their mothers, girls don't leave their hometowns, and lambs don't leave their masters. On one side is a soft and beautiful garden, and on the other is a serious and bitter campus. The strong contrast between the two spaces is there. Even if nothing is said, it means that it naturally emerges. Growth, recognition, modernization... The director is also a dancer dancing on the tip of the knife, both sharp and elegant.

The Theory of Everything

the theory of everything
I have loved you. I did my best. History only remembers greatness and legend, but movies prefer everyday and trivial

Despicable Me

despicable me
This cartoon once again proves that you are not afraid to tell old stories, you only need to have an old heart. What touches people is the little fun inside, the little cuteness, the little loneliness, and everyone under the hard exterior desires a warm heart. It's really far better than toy3.

Good Night, and Good Luck.

good night and good luck
The effect of black and white is done quite well. As an actor transition director, George Clooney has been quite successful. Although the Hollywood-style heroism and idealism still permeate the movie, the overall tone is quite good. The biggest challenge of black and white films is the use of light. Clooney made me look at him again. He should run for president.

Homeless to Harvard: The Liz Murray Story

homeless to harvard the liz murray story
Life gives you reality, it is best to use it, it forces you forward, because you have no way back. You have to see the essence of things, you don't have to ask why, because you know.

La cara oculta

la cara oculta
A great film that made me sit up and take notice of Colombian films! La Cara Oculta! Crazy recommended! Don't casually doubt, test your boyfriend 2. You are not reliable, don't expect his boyfriend to find others 3. A beauty never expect another beauty really help you

Pelle erobreren

pelle erobreren
The cruel exploitation of the feudal privileged class catalyzed the awakening of the working people; the poor and aging father did his utmost to give Pell care, courage and hope in the face of adversity, and the two lines jointly constructed the growth of the teenager, which will also be a Nordic one hundred years ago. The rural landscape and social operations are meticulously outlined. Auguste always has special skills when shooting realism, which makes people unable to detect time.


During the Mexican government's crackdown on the revolution in 1971, amid violence and gunfire, a pregnant young nanny lost her child because of delays in getting care. It would have been a very good story, and the confluence of social unrest and individual destiny at a single point in time would have been enormously powerful

4 Tage im Mai

4 tage im mai
Very good story. When the war is over, what else is worthy of bloodshed? When the war is over, what is the basis for distinguishing the enemy from the enemy? --This is the thinking brought to us by the film.

There Will Be Blood

there will be blood
Greed and desire are the driving force, and money and success make us the only faith

La La Land

la la land
The choice of dream and reality The actor wakes up quickly, although he still missed it. I like the last "another way to open my life." It is very artistic. Being denied time and time again "embarrassing myself" is also the feeling that I am rampant now. It is quite difficult, but I still want to try it.

Elizabeth Is Missing

elizabeth is missing
The story editing is relatively trivial, and it is a bit uncomfortable at first. It looks like this form corresponds to Alzheimer's disease slowly. The patient's own memory is chaotic and trivial. For the loved ones who have always been in my heart, the broken memory Searching for answers in the process, although the process seems to be plain and innocent but full of emotion

Hamilton's America

Lmm is a genius
I love musical rap is perfect. The story tells the history of American politics and the soul of freedom.


This is the high IQ movie
This is the high IQ movie! The characters in the play are much higher in IQ than the characters in other suspense films... The atmosphere of the whole film is very good, and the decryption may not be exciting enough, but the stimulation is not Finch, Finch's movies have always been so cool

Gospod postoi, imeto i' e Petrunija

A very special movie
This movie is very powerful because it is very powerful, and there is basically no weakness from script to photography to performance. The movie sparkles from the moment Peñia jumps into the water, making the eyes not want to leave for a second. The dialogue is full of humor, and several transitions from the camera lens to the reality are also very interesting.

Les traducteurs

les traducteurs
It was such a touching story that uttered for the translator and moved to cry. I fought against the rights of the translator many years ago. Although I haven't been in this business for so many years, it hasn't changed much. The translator is always the lowest one. The power of literature mentioned in the movie may not be realized in our country.

The Bucket List

the bucket list
I have always known that this movie is beautiful, but I didn't watch it until a few days ago. First, take every day of the present seriously, instead of putting expectations in the future; second, the big premise of having money can realize many dreams, so work hard to make money

Mary and Max.

mary and max
When I was young, I wanted to be anyone except myself. Dr. Bernard said: I must accept myself, my shortcomings and all. We cannot choose our shortcomings, they are also part of us, and we must adapt to them. However, we can choose our friends and I am very happy to choose you.


Talents who are not alone are shameful. Crying so much, like watching "Paris, Texas"...maybe the performance of the little boy scared me crying-I don't believe that a child can show such strong control over his limbs and expressions, he will have similar terrible Childhood experience? ! I again advise adults who have not grown up to be responsible for the consequences of your actions! Don't let the children hear others or say "you are a mistake" to yourself countless times!

Dark Water

dark waters
The story is simple. Emotional power is also great, and it is a story of little people fighting against powerful forces for justice. This is worthy of respect. This is an adaptation of a real event. From the director's point of view, this film is not ferocious and sternly condemned, but focuses on the daily boring and painful protagonist of the protagonist.

Glory Road

glory road
You can always see passion and feelings on the basketball court. The meaning of sports is not just fitness. Especially in that special era, it is a book page bearing dreams and history, recording the dazzling light of each legendary person walking on the road of glory. I believe that everyone who loves basketball can see that persistence and perseverance, glory and proud!

Der kommer en dag

the day will come
There is more than light in the world, there is darkness under the light. As for the evils of human nature and the problems of the system, it goes without saying that there are few in the movie. What I want to talk about here is assimilation. You can think of the adoption home as a micro society. We are always silent like ghosts. Such a person, who has self-thinking and sticks to challenge the rules? How much is silent? Too silent to assimilate alternatives.

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