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100 Miles from Nowhere

A good watch
A cool show. Equally inspiring and off-putting to try it for yourself. Awesome scenery and challenging terrain. The guys putting themselves out into some isolated areas and with a combination of run, boat, ride and survive, as they move from A to B. There is no doubt that these guys are serious athletes and have what it takes to make it to the finish. Although it is good to see that sometimes circumstances put up challenges and force changes of plan. I hope that the show continues, but are there enough scenarios to play out before it becomes familiar to watch? For sure, the guys actually doing it are funding their wild adventures with the show... and more power to them. Genuinely entertaining, a good mix of characters and fun to watch the post feed sugar rushes and end of day (lack of) sugar crashes. Guys, if you are reading... keep up the great shows.

Diesel Brothers

Started strong,,, fast becoming OCC's Diesel powered brother
Not sure if these are spoilers or not.. best to be sure. This has started as a great series... a solid 8/10 for me. The builds are cool, with some great big trucks to lust after. The shop's team seem a great bunch of fun lovin' characters.

After 3-4 episodes a familiar feeling crept in. Was I watching Orange county diesel? Of course, all of these types of shows are for self promotion of the company, but the plugging of own brand products came on strong. Here we go, their own tire brand, sporting a 'patriot' theme, stars and stripes... manufactured elsewhere. Then a local dealer 'drops in' at the exact moment needed for a TV victory! Dropping in interest 7/10.

I am holding on in the hope of a recovery. Now the latest episode is the 2nd of the 'sponsored builds'. Brands looking to buy prime time space by commissioning a build and getting exposure. Is it wrong?.. maybe not, but it is played out. OCC, Fast N'Loud and a bunch of others just about burnt up this premise. Time crunch, missing parts.... amazingly all coming together at the last moment.... 6/10 and dropping.

Man, hoping it recovers and goes somewhere.


lame... product placement abounds
To me, it seemed to be a soft remake of 'tomorrow never dies'. Too much and too obvious product placement. Cars, phones, watches, computers... all there on obvious, lingering display for us public to consume.

Craig's 4th outing has moved Bond back towards the farce of earlier Bond's and not maintained the rawness of his original appearance. The decline has not been a sudden one, each outing has been slightly more disappointing and less exciting. Big explosions do not a great movie make... Casino Royale was a fantastic new beginning for Bond. Spectre seems tired and clichéd.


Hannibal: Antipasto
Episode 1, Season 3

One hopes that it is only a slow start
Did not overly enjoy this episode. An initial meeting at a Parisian party that seemed to not fit with the story. The pay off conveniently shoe horned in later within the same episode.

This episode seems more visual than and less mentally stimulating. Overly lingering slow motion shots, that whilst beautiful, seemed to be just too long and too much an offering to the God of gongs for best cinematography.

Some of the pace, tension and intelligence seemed missing. Especially when compared to the stellar season 2.

A lot of money spent on location. Equally as much on production values. However, it seems like the series is waiting for Will to join the party.

Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning

just awful
What happened to the franchise? Universal soldier movies were solid movies. Good action and watchable. Not this graphic and borderline porno. Selecting from a viewing list on a flight.... it was unexpected and disappointing. Boom! Graphic murders, full frontal and forceful, graphic sex.

It seems the entire movie is just generated to create maximum shock value and generate views/money.

Story was weak. Other than the main stars, acting was poor.

If you have any nostalgic feelings for the Universal soldier franchise... do not watch this. It will violate your fond memory and then beat it to death.

Jesse James: Outlaw Garage

where did this go?
This was recently shown in Asia... it was at least 5 episodes, then 'poof' gone! The series started strong with a great rod build. After that a another great rod, this time for Paul Teutel Sr, but the show started to feel like another semi-reality style 'cookie cutter' show. Paul Sr bitching about his son took as much priority as the car.

After that it spiraled down.. potential build off's, everything being up to the last minute, rival company gift sending... seen it too many times. Started to feel like a sell out. So much formula from just about every other Pilgrim production show out there... all they needed was to start digging for gold and it would have everything.

The last episode aired was a return to form. A custom build for the new Austin track of America's... lots of fabrication and mechanical interest.

Jesse has great skills and makes for entertaining watching. It is great to watch weakness break under his alpha-dog style. He needs a show on TV... just one that does his skills justice.

The Expendables 2

it is p**p
'If you love life, don't waste time' Bruce Lee once said this.

Sorry Bruce, I need to apologise.... to my family. At the end of my mortal life I will be cursing the wasted time that is EXP2.

I am happy to give cash to my old heroes, but the movie just SUCKED at every level.

Obvious 'dead meat/revenge' character, Asian stereotypes, Bad guys with the complete wrong spoken language (Thai speaking Nepalese, Albanian/Bulgarians). Was Chuck (my number 1 hero) a CGI character? He and his face hardly moved. Sucky story, sucky dialogue, sucky effects, sucky predictable soundtrack... it just sucked!

Just don't do it. Wait for it on cable TV and sit around ripping into it.

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