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loyal brave true
The film's all-female behind-the-scenes team reflects the spirit of the core female perspective under the loyal brave true but also charming Liu's performance is very good it will become a girl's idol an Asian princess

Green Book

you are the most politically correct person
If you are not black enough or white enough or male enough tell me tony who am we i you are the most politically correct person

Dà hóng denglong gaogao guà

Zhang yimou's classic film
Zhang yimou's classic works, burst of different times of inspiration, the actors fit

Ba wang bie ji

Say a lifetime, less than a year, a day, an hour, are not a lifetime
Say a lifetime, less than a year, a day, an hour, are not a lifetime


somebody is worth melting for
Once again, Disney animation has gone beyond that. The act of true love is no longer limited to the kiss of true love. Disney princesses are no longer innocent victims, but the rise of female power

Yi chu hao xi

magic realism film
Huangbo virgo is quite good, meaning profound, ups and downs have a turning point, magic realism, human nature is really complex

Na xie nian, wo men yi qi zhui de nu hai

youth is never back
Youth is hand in hand sit on the train does not look back

Huang feihong zhi yingxiong you meng

huang feihong is real super man
Is not huang in my view jet li is best huang the king of kongfu

Fan gun ba! A Xin

never give up
The movie tell us never give up never give in never say never

The Farewell

Asian refueling we are on the road More and more people see

Jumanji: The Next Level

interesting setting
Very interesting setting, the exchange of soul water, a special viewing.

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