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Yin shi nan nu

Ann is a master of detail
Ann is a master of detail, all kinds of foreshadations, allusions, and contrasts, resulting in very brilliant dramatic conflicts.

L.A. Confidential

the screenwriter, the script is so excellent.
Multi-line narration to the final concentration, perfect plot and acting, wonderful story, deep human struggle, the screenwriter, the script is too excellent.

The Martian

This is a rare, light-hearted science fiction film.
This is a rare, light-hearted science fiction film that deliberately downplays the most common fears about the future and the unknown universe, focusing instead on human effort and the science that can save humanity.The film has a tech-geek's idiocy and optimism. (Matt Damon, of course, did it perfectly.)Even if the movie is a little bit stereotypical in its emotional setting, it can still touch the audience at crucial moments.

The Farewell

It was a miraculous balance.
It was a miraculous balance.It can not only show the atmosphere of life in changchun, but also meet the needs of western audiences.Even though she is a Chinese who comes back from the United States and represents a western perspective, we can still be brought in and moved.Emotion is always the strongest weapon to break down cultural barriers, and in this film, that weapon is grandma.

Chalard games goeng

A miniature society.
In addition to the technical completeness of the genre film, it is more difficult for it to shoot the important thing in the youth film, the transformation and loss in a moment.In the rich and poor or smart and stupid to find the purpose of the test connection point, win-win and come together partners, but soon lost each other forever, as if to see everyone in the society.Is every little story not a reflection of the society?Maybe our children are exposed to society much earlier than we think.

Whale Rider

This movie is not simply an anti-traditional, anti-patriarchal movie.
This movie is not simply an anti-traditional, anti-patriarchal movie. Because the heroine in the movie did not express any behaviors that were popular at present and opposed to the traditional patriarchy, she never hated her grandfather or abandoned her father, but connected all the people around her through her unshaken love and faith. At the end of the film, she proved the tradition and continued the myth of her nation. Very to the person say finally she "won" grandpa's respect and love, actually is not, is she gentle love. What's really important about this movie is that it describes the tenderness of women and the breadth of their hearts like the sea, as well as their unyielding faith. This film can be regarded as a truly excellent example of female film. Girls who fight bravely are my role models. Women who are tolerant and gentle are also touching.


How many times do we see ourselves in those three hours?
The process of watching the movie was very easy, and it didn't feel like 160 minutes was long. After a long period of time, the trivial fragments in my life accumulated into boyhood, which lasted for 12 years.Two years in a three-hour movie and it's kind of brutal when it comes out. How many times do we see ourselves in those three hours?

Angrezi Medium

It is powerless to touch the hearts of the audience
Building on the success of the first film, and using the name of the sequel to attract more viewers, it turned out not to be the "starting line" story we imagined.The focus of the film is on the family, but it is powerless to touch the hearts of the audience, and the middle part of the film is also very chaotic.Watching the film after khan's death was complicated.The memory of this great actor.


I think it is always necessary to tell such stories.
The team spirit of the crew is just like a wonderful group performance, finishing a very high degree of completion of the film.Calm and restrained, objective but not yet sensational.I know that such things may not be rare, I believe that there are thousands of journalists who are not afraid of the power, do not set up a field, only to pursue the justice of the truth, speak for the disadvantaged groups.I also know that people in all walks of life have to adhere to their ideals, because of this, because of the existence of such a person, I can insist on trying to grow into such a person. I think it is always necessary to tell such stories, because only such stories can make people see more hope and work hard for it.

Nanfang chezhan de juhui

A unique personal style full of innovation of the film!
A unique personal style full of innovation of the film! Each frame of the lens was finely crafted.Almost all of them are night plays, and it is true that the night is magical under various lights and Settings.The chase, fight and gunfight of the gangster drama also have the director's unique way of expression.

The Post

To the freedom of the press
To the true journalist who guards his conscience, to the freedom of the press, to journalistic professionalism, to the golden age of the newspaper industry.Pay tribute to this inspiring story, do not sing songs of praise for the king, only speak for the common people.In this age of chasing traffic, and in an age when paper media may be gradually replaced, I hope that media people will never forget their conscience. I hope that your pen and your voice will always be in pursuit of truth.


The warmth of many episodes of science and justice brought tears to my eyes.
Surprisingly nice! The script solid plot development is reasonable, the reversal of the publicity particularly is attractive. In a word, under the banner of indifference and suspense, we are trying to explore the "future science" of forensic medicine itself, and the ethical and moral issues arising from it. There is no absolute right and wrong and justice, but science itself.The warmth of many episodes of science and justice brought tears to my eyes.

Tenki no ko

The pictures and music were perfect.
The pictures and music were perfect. The plot was a little rough, but I enjoyed it. A particularly boyish movie, people, sometimes just crazy, too much worry is more and more boring. Of course, there are still some things that are not so smooth, but it is enough to like the parts.


It is still a very good black humor film.
Basically maintained the level of "two big smoke", but there is no breakthrough. But it is still a very good black humor film, the director's personal style is bright, Pitt's accent is really funny.

V for Vendetta

The classic lines in the movie, "the people should not be afraid of the government, the government should be afraid of the people", "artists tell the truth with lies, politicians cover up the truth with lies", etc.I were really shocking to me when I was a teenager when I first saw the movie.

Good Will Hunting

Wish to have such a friend in life.
Revisit dead poets society, though the film is more warm.In the self-righteousness of the small world to build a step ahead of others in order to protect themselves, mistaking the cynical world for brave, mistaking theory is reality, and fortunately there is always someone willing to understand you, understand you.The world is not fair, the genius of the crushing extraordinary people reach, but this loneliness must be matched to unlock, so he is very lucky.Otherwise can only say a "invincible is how lonely", such a genius is happy will reduce a lot of it.Wish to have such a friend in life.


How I wish when I am old, I can dance with my little sisters.
In fact, there are many problems in the film, the performance is too much, and so on.But still really moved.Familiar melody, friendship and love.At the end of the end of the good, finally there is no Korean film not off the problem, but rather some aftertaste.How I wish when I am old, I can dance with my little sisters.

Kiraware Matsuko no isshô

If god were like Matsuko, I'd rather believe in him.
It is clearly a bitter and cruel story, but shot like a fairy tale as beautiful, see the time will laugh, but after watching the tears, this feeling I don't like. But every time in real life is very unhappy, when I want to cry to vent, I will find this movie to watch, so that I can unbridled cry. In the past, we may not be able to understand the life of Matsuko, but in real life, we may seem to have more self-esteem than Matsuko, but deep down, is there a Matsuko? Because when I was a child, I would desperately want to have what I didn't have, but I never got it. Can we really say that it's all because of the pine nuts' fault? Matsuko at the end of the real face of reality and their own time, is how powerless. "Born human, sorry." From apologizing to everyone who should not apologize, to apologize to life, to apologize to everyone, how desperate. Whatever, Matsuko are not willing to give up life, and finally because of a little bit of good hope and died. I would also like to say to such "Matsuko": if god makes people laugh, cheer them up, and love others, although he is always scarred, totally ill-groped, utterly stupid. If god were like my aunt, I'd rather believe in him.

Django Unchained

A romance in vulgarity.
The taste of the American western film hong kong-style martial arts film, the bloody and violent scenes shot the feeling of the United States to the extreme.The film slave django in order to save his wife, not afraid of the world as an enemy, kill all the evil white man, gunfight scene bloody and beautiful.After Fried flat candy manor, to his wife love romantic matchless.There is a warmth in cruelty, a romance in vulgarity.


Love of all kinds is cmmon.
Love of all kinds is common, meeting because of missing, existence because of the power of memory.Just like my grandfather passed away for so many years, but we will never forget his love for us.I still remember in the New Year of the year he left, he wanted give me a gift, I said "wait for me to go to college", he said he did not know whether to see you go to college, he really did not wait for me to go to college, whether he also have a hunch.If there is such a world, I hope we can meet again in that fantastic world.

On - drakon

Who love the twilight can't miss it.
A twilight story can be made into a Russian epic, hhhhh, it's really interesting and attractive. Picture editing and OST and male main voice are too right taste, watching the movie experience is very good.The special effects rendered the game, the art director gave me full credit, the plot was just right, and it made me scream.

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

Lose interest.
Boring.There was a little excitement when Jacob showed his muscles.Once the feeling of film and television, the original fantasy in the plot have no feeling.

The Twilight Saga: New Moon

The story is much better than the first one
The scenery is beautiful, the story is much better than the first one, and the story is more coherent.When I first read the book, I hated this one because of its backand forth heroine, but after seeing the movie, I didn't know who to choose.

The Great Dictator

A really meaningful movie.
As Chaplin's first sound film, its influence has exceeded that of a film.However, the jokes and stories may not be so brilliant now because of their age, but the realistic significance of the film far outweighs all the jokes and stories.A true artist not only expresses his artistic pursuit, but also appeals to more people when he humanizes his works.


The core is anti-inspirational.
How much do you dare to pay for your dream? the shell of the story is inspirational, the core is anti-inspirational.Subversion of the previous also teachers and friends of the tender feeling of the routine, the master and apprentice alike as an opponent, mutual torture, very abnormal way of agitation, fight mad, also burned.

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