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A Heart-Wrenching Account of the Aftermath of Teen Suicide
I was overwhelmed by this movie in 1985. I think all families with teens should see this film because it shows the after-effects of teen suicide on the surviving family members. It gives hope about how to cope with suicide in your family. Zach Galligan (Gremlins) plays the boy genius of upper-class parents who have high expectations of their boy-wonder to a T, Molly Ringwald (Pretty in Pink) as the confused and much misunderstood misfit is one of her best roles. A young River Phoenix as the little brother who gets lost in shuffle of his families grief is an outstanding (although a small part) performance. Ellen Burstyn and Marsha Mason give heart-wrenching performances as mothers who have lost their children to teen suicide. This film also explores the different ways that people cope with grief and anger at themselves and at their children for taking their own lives. I would recommend Ordinary People as an excellent follow-up movie to this well-made, well-acted made-for-TV-movie.

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