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Un'estate ai Caraibi

The worst Vanzina ever
This is out of any doubt the worst Vanzina's work compared to Vanzina's baddest. I'd had better leave before the end but I didn't, unfortunately, so I had the chance to watch its awful finale, starring a Berlusconi look-alike in the role of a dentist's patient who personifies the current ridiculous Italian prime minister in his usual attitude to look nice and likable and this is a disgusting and evidently flattering Vanzina's tribute to the worst Italian politician since World War II. Too bad the great Gigi Proietti lent his skill to a badly written and trite character, he sure did for money. Save your bucks, you really don't need to be kidded by one of the worst directors ever.

Bastardo, vamos a matar

The cast is almost correctly listed, but
there is no Scilla Gabel in this movie! Unless I have a censored copy and/or an edited one the only notorious actress is Antonella Steni. Hopefully IMDb will correct that entrance. As for the movie nothing is really remarkable. Good performances come from Antonella, Eastman and all of the guys, but the rest doesn't even deserve a mention. Desert locations, tough-guys' speaking, banks to rob and Mex pueblos have been depicted too many times with much better results. The Spaghetti Western genre has been great with Leone, good with some of his followers but very bad most of the times. And this is actually the case. You won't happen to see this in your hometown I guess. Save your money, don't buy it for your home video device.


Solidly convincing, greatly acted and directed
Based on Roberto Saviano's best seller ( over 1.000.000 copies sold in Italy ), this movie is an inside look at Camorra's underworld in Naples, depicted as a sort of modern Dante's Inferno. Children and young guys are involved in a merciless, cruel struggle for life and blood money which has caused over 3.600 dead so far which is a bigger slaughter than the others committed by different criminal organizations in Italy and elsewhere. Five stories from Saviano's book have been chosen and told through a few professional actors and a lot of real people that never stood in front of a camera before. A heavy, gray sky hangs over these sleazy landscapes as if the beauty of one of the Italian lands of the sun had fled and the moral darkness had taken its place. Go watch this unconventional masterpiece as soon as it's released somewhere in your area.

Before the Devil Knows You're Dead

A true masterpiece
All those who love cinema and good acting will appreciate this solid masterpiece. The plot is really convincing, the screenplay is excellent, Lumet's direction is almost perfect, Seymour-Hoffman deserves to be acknowledged as one of the best actors ever. Go watch it, you won't be disappointed. It's another American tragedy, set in the modern times. After a few minutes you're shocked by a terrible revelation and you feel there's no escape to the unhappy ending; an American drama whose story is shaped on ancient Greek tragedies, especially Sophocles' works in my humble opinion. Once you start what you shouldn't you race towards your definite ruin.


Too much overrated
The best part in this movie is the first one, located in Sicily, I suppose. Crialese shows a good talent for photography and the movie start is delightfully surprising. The rest of the story is quite boring. Crialese uselessly insists on stereotypical situations and characters, trying to melt neorealistic suggestions and video-music technique, Fellinian surrealistic remembrances and a very annoying and completely off-topic soundtrack, leading the whole thing towards an end which gives you the sensation of an exaggeratedly long story cut abruptly short. Frankly, this is a real overrated movie and Crialese is a real overrated director.

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