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absolute favorite movie
this movie came out when i was five so it was a big influence in types of movies and books i continued enjoy. whoever said that the movie lacked in parts it needed the most should have kept their comments to themselves. i watch biggles at least twice a month, if my sister does not hide it from me. i was even in love with Ginger when i was growing up, hey i have a thing for red heads. this movie is not to be taken seriously and not to be used as history refrances for a term paper of which might be the reason a person might not enjoy the movie. remember it does say "fiction" and "movie" don't take it as truth. this is a great movie and the music goes great with the action sequences and shows the time period that it was made. a song that always reminds me of the movie is "the promise" by when in rome... which i'm sure any biggles fan would enjoy

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