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  • I stumbled upon the trailer for this movie in Twitter and i usually didnt watch Indonesia Movie because honestly I'm not a fan of Indonesia Movie. But, due to the trailer of this movie which contains a lot of funny and lovely scene, i have to give it a try. So i just finish watching the movie and seriously this movie doesn't disappoint me at all. The actors/actress and the storyline is not boring at all. The director and scriptwriter must be praised for the amazing storyline. The humour in the movie was so good. I love Morgan Oey in this movie, his character in the movie is outstanding eventhough he is just a supporting actor. Widyanti also serves us with her best acting skills. Not to mention about the others actor/actress, they did a good job with this movie! But, there was also a scene that unecessary to be included in the movie because it's doesn't help the storyline at all (in my opinion). And still, love this movie!