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Dead Poets Society

William's Class Act
One of the finest film I've come a crossed recently. Although watching it in 2020 makes its plot very familiar with Unorthodox teacher inspiring his students to make their lives extraordinary by the phrase Carpe Diem i.e. seize the day and on the contrary parents having different plans and ambitions for their children's, yet the brilliant narration and picturization makes it different from other movies still in 2020 with same idea which you'll definitely agree after watching this movie . Peter Weir's storytelling is very engaging followed by some catchy background score which ignites the emotions instantly especially in the climax scene. Robin Williams as John Keating, the Teacher narrating poetries and making it relevant to the common life struggles etc. is just brilliant, by the end of the movie you'll definitely sympathize for the character and chances are you might actually end up with tears just as I did and that defines the sheer class of Late Robin Williams. Supporting cast i.e. the young group of students at that time not so young today were very convincing, they nailed it with their own stories and things happening around them and their connection with their teacher who once freaked them out. Despite of some hell of the performances and smart direction, film's strongest part is indeed its writing and credit should've been given to Tom Schulman, actually credit has already been given to him as he secured Academy Award for this movie, Although the plot is familiar in 2020 but imagine 1989 when film got released pitching this kind of story for the first time ........ In the end I would conclude it by stating that film is thought provoking and hits you hard with its idea and emotional notion which it creates convincingly within 2hour and 10mins of its run time.

The Man from U.N.C.L.E.

Everything about this movie is classy - Kudos to Guy Ritchie
Very familiar premise as far as espionage is concerned but still film stands out with some brilliant story telling by Guy Ritchie . Ritchie's film has some sort of subtleness, you'll see high tension scenes directed beautifully in a close calmly manner where sheer importance is been given to the one on one talks between the protagonist and the antagonist rather loaded with heavy violent scenes. He has some classy ways to get things done and that is his USP. Elizabeth Debicki as main antagonist looks gorgeous, cunning & Bad Ass I actually loved her as the tall gorgeous villain. Armie Hammer is indeed a versatile actor every time I watch his movies he always has something new to offer and My God how tall he is like Henry Cavill was looking short Infront of him I mean the guy is our Superman :P nevertheless Cavill as Napoleon Solo is heart-throb he was Smart, Charming, Handsome basically everything a fictional spy can be. The love hate chemistry between Cavill & Hammer is something to look for. If you've not seen this movie yet I recommend you to watch it at your earliest.


Sunny Pawar is the actual Leading Man
Based on true story how an eight year old Saroo got lost from his family and after struggling for number of months experiencing some hell of a journey finally ended up in Australia adopted by a caring family. Storytelling, Direction, Cinematography everything works for this movie making its audience to connects with the movie right from the start however it looked little dragged somewhere in the middle of the second half but it can be ignored as the idea and picturization is very strong there. Talking about the performances Nicole Kidman was brilliant it was indeed very good to see her in a role other then being glamorous. Dev Patel as usual delivered an intense performance he nailed the character effortlessly. Now talking about the star of the movie Sunny Pawar, who already impressed me in Chippa and did it again in this however Lion was released earlier then Chippa. From Slums to Oscars Sunny has done it and he deserves every bit of it as in this small age he is sharing screens with Nicole Kidman, Dev Patel & Nawazuddin Siddqui and making his presence felt which is indeed an achievement surely em his Fan and you'll be too

The Boys

When Super Heroes gets Corporate Tag.......Corruption is Inevitable
Talking about the western cinema, they always provide their audiences with fascinating, interesting and thought-provoking premises followed by their brilliant storytelling and extra ordinarily visualization and "The Boys" is the recent addition to it. What makes "The Boys" so special and unique is its premise based on the Comic Book it gives the unorthodox concept for Superheroes. As since the inception of superheroes genre we've seen and we've been told that Superheroes sole job is to protect humanity from antagonists which popularly includes Terrorist organizations or Aliens who have nothing but sole agenda to destroy the world and in return they want nothing but peace and safety of this world. Now that's before the arrival of "The Boys" who gives the counter narration that what if the superheroes we admire, we love and we look forward to are being handled by the corporates and to clear it further let's say that any state of USA shows the upward movement in crime figures, so this organization known as Vought will just approach the State's mayor and offer them one of their employed Superhero to fight with crime against a heavy amount as their remuneration. Not only that they have their own Media, Brand and Business Development team to handle and promote their employed Superheroes and to cash them accordingly. Things get more darker as series develops with whole superhero concept of saving humanity is being flushed down and showcases the idea what if Superheroes gets corrupted and their sole mission is to serve their employers rather their people and for that they can do whatever it takes even on the expense of peoples life. That's only one aspect, series gets further darker but to avoid spoilers I'll just stop here and leave that on you to further watch and experience it by yourself. Full marks to the creators of the show who has given the unpopular concept a new direction and people have already liked the show including positive reviews from the critiques, Talking about the performances, the cast is not familiar at least to me except Simon Pegg, who have nothing but a cameo role. Leads are simply brilliant and to mention some of them is actually due in their credit so lets start with Karl Urban as Billy Buthcher he is BAdAss and Ruthless, Antony Starr as Homelander leading the superhero team he is just brilliant as unpredictable shady Superhero, Elizabeth Shue as leading corporate lady is very convincing with her looks and cunning nature, Jack Quaid as Hughie a young simple common guy is adorable and last but not the least Erin Moriarty as Annie aka "Starlight" a good Superhero and lovely to watch also she actually resembles with Selena Gomez so the whole series I've watched her as if she's Selena Gomez also knowing that she's not. The series is comprised on 8 episodes with almost 1 hour of runtime each and is being streaming on Amazon Prime since 2019. You can binge it over the weekend and just to give the readers a heads-up the season 1 of the series has been ended on an interesting turn of events and Season 2 is due in the second half of 2020 which is September 2020 and has already been renewed for season 3 due to its popularity with the audience which I'm saying because as of today it has the IMDB rating of 8.7. So yes, just stream it online and do share your comments about it.

The Old Guard

Should've been a Web-Series rather then a Feature Film - its actually 6.5
As stated in the premise section the film is about the team of immortal mercenaries who use to help and safe people since many centuries not showed but stated in the movie and now in this era of technology and world being a global village they struggle to keep their identity secret. A young Pharma CEO wishes to experiment on them and wish to decode their DNA's apparently for the sake of Humanity which as always not the case and Evil is always there to f''k things up. Film looked half cooked as not much of a details provided about their inception but just little glimpses of past which were interesting, hoping that in future I would get more from it as ending promises other installments. Also I feel that it would've been more better if Netflix had opted for web series comprised over 3 to 4 seasons rather then a feature movie but I guess this might have caused them Theron out of the project. Action sequences were well choreographed I liked the fusion of Sword & guns. Charlize Theron doing all the heavy liftings looked gorgeous badass woman with her effortless action sequences which always look eye pleasing and an Old Guard is no different. Overall the film has yet to answer many questions and I hope with its interesting premise I would get to explore more about the immortals from its future sequels.

Defending Jacob

Some strong performances from Evans, Dockery & Jaeden Martell
Different and unique as far as the story telling is concerned as it is not like a regular crime mystery. The perspective here shown by Morten Tyldum is the emotional and traumatic journey or I may call it an emotional saga from which an accused and his family goes through. The investigative part is very less to literally none which was the actual risk taken by the creators and not taking the creative liberties apart from the book which might be a reason why this series got mixed reviews. As far as performances were concerned the story revolves around a family i.e. Mother, Father & Son and three of them were brilliant in their roles. Chris Evans as resilient father, Michelle Dockery as emotional, lone & doubtful mother and finally the accused son played by Jaeden Martell a teenage coldblooded darky character he was simply effortless. Overall you might feel the series a bit stretchy and its conclusion might not satisfy you but one thing which will keep you intact with this series is the performances by its lead.


From Friday Midday Prayers to Friday Night Party - "Dilemma"
Ramy Hassan is a first-generation Egyptian-American who is on a spiritual journey in his politically divided New Jersey neighborhood. The show is not solely about Ramy but about his whole family where Ramy's parents and uncle trying to maintain their Islamic values and morals while living in America and constantly interfering and taking charge of their children's life i.e. Ramy and his sister Dena who are in their 20's. Ramy despite of being enthusiast being a proper practicing Muslim but yet constantly indulge himself to do things which are forbidden in Islam specifically Liquor drinking and Sex before marriage. The show depicts the traditional conservative family which is linked directly with their religion to which I don't fully agree rather its about the culture which by the way is Egyptian. However the show is definitely a watch you might agree with many things and disagree to others but it is good to see the mainstream show not portraying Muslims as bad people but......!! Ramy Youssef in and as Ramy is watch worthy you might relate with him many times when he is in situations with moral dilemmas. The show is indeed underrated but has already got acclaim from the critique's including Ramy getting a golden globe for his portrayal of Ramy Hassan. I request you if you're watching this show make sure it is rather from entertainment perspective and not to hurt your religious or moral sentiments.


Perfection Dipiction of "Loog Kia Kahengay" (What People Will Say)
It is always good and relaxing to go back to the subtle, slow & calm movies when you are a reviewer and constantly indulge into fast paced Action, Thrillers, Adventures, Fantasies etc. Movies like Sir are not being made solely for commercial gains but the idea is to depict realities in a beautifully articulated art form. Sir is simple and calm with runtime of 1hour 39mins no loudness or high tension scenes which is indeed the USP of the movie. Film showcases how strong a woman can be despite of everything going against her, breaking the stereotypes of being a weaker gender Women's are actually the opposites they are always ready to challenge the circumstances, fighting against the odds and ready to sacrifice whole a lot just for the sake of society, acting mature. On the other hand, film has also showed that what Men's actually want from a women and that is just being cared, someone who understand them and being there for them in their downs all the other things like beauty, status etc. are the secondary things. Both the leads Tillotama Shome & Vivek Gomber were in the charatcers throughout, they were natural neither less nor extra they just nailed it beautifully. Both the story & narration by Rohena Gera are simple yet engaging. Don't go for this movie if you like fast paced, commercial films because you wont gonna find anything in this and you might get bored .

Nocturnal Animals

Nocturnal Animals
The film has 3 segments all revolving around Susan Morrow played by Amy Adams i.e. present time when she's married second time yet alone , The past when she met her first husband who was writer and she married him against all the odds and yet left him for the same reasons and the Novel part which is dedicated to her in the present time by her Ex-Husband which she's reading and connecting it with her past failed relationship, now I know its little complex when you're reading but when you'll see the movie you'll not find it confusing which is because of the fine visual and narrative skill of the director Tom Ford. Apart form good Narrative & Visual the film is also watch worthy for the performances by Amy Adams, Gyllenhall & Michael Shannon. Also there are some underwhelming aspects which I felt including the abrupt ending as no definitive end was given to all the three segments, many questions remained un-answered. The thriller part was predictive but still picturized beautifully with respect to the occurrence of the events and some watch worthy cinematography


Vikramaditya Motwane's Best Work
One of the best coming of age drama movie I've seen recently followed by 'The Lift Boy'. From its writing to its direction and performances everting is impactful. Script co-written by Motwane & Kashyap is simply brilliant. Film was the directorial debut of Vikramaditya Motwane and he did an impressive job, so far the best from him up-till now. Standout performances by the cast including Rajat Barmecha as teenage boy with an aspiration to become a writer & a rebel was spot on supported well by Ram Kapoor as sympathizing uncle though he had a brief screen presence but still he make his presence felt. The stellar of the show was definitely Ronit Roy his performance as egoistic Maniac, cruel father will make you hate him every time he is on screen and that's the highlighting and best thing about the movie


Relevant Adaptation & a Good Watch
Aarya is an Indian crime drama web television series co-created by Ram Madhvani and Sandeep Modi based on the Dutch drama series Penoza by Pieter Bart Korthuis. The series revolves around the Aarya, the daughter of a notorious Rajasthan drug lord, reluctantly takes charge of the family business in order to clear her husband's debts. The series is already commercial success and have some praise worthy performances specially form its leading lady Sushmita Sen as Aarya. Let's talk about its creation and we'll get back to performances after that. As stated above the series is inspired by Dutch drama named Penoza, Now the most tricky part of any adaptation is if you could make it relevant to your part of the world for example Haider from Vishal Bhardwaj was adapted from Shakespeare famous play Hamlet but making it relevant to the Indian audience and adding his flair with the happenings of Kashmir was the sheer brilliance of Bhardwaj, same is with Aarya as Ram Madhvani & Sandeep Modi the creators of the series convinced their audiences and make it relevant within the premise of Rajasthan and that is indeed their biggest achievement and is one of main reason for its commercial success. Now let's get back to the characters and performances. The series is the comeback of Sushmita Sen and also Chandrachur Singh, I don't know why people are not talking about his comeback. Nevertheless, the series is been narrated from the perspective of its lead which is Aarya which Sushmita Sen has nailed very convincingly she is simply brilliant but having said that except Aarya's character no other supporting or leading cast had enough character built-Up or depth despite of their importance within the storyline and at point it seemed that all the limelight is desperately being given to Sen's character. For example ACP Khan played by Vikas Kumar was very powerful character he played the role effortlessly he is neither good nor bad Cop rather he is actually a COP but his character looked incomplete as in one scene creators gave the glimpses of his sexuality and after that his personal life's perspective simply vanished, same with Daulat a henchmen played by Sikandar Kher had no depth despite being one of the important character also his inclination towards Aarya or should I say the soft corner or feelings for Aarya shown in the start but again it vanished suddenly. Here I would also like to praise the kids i.e. the three children of Aarya played by Virti Vaghani as Arundathi Sareen, Viren Vazirani as Veer Sareen and Pratyaksh Panwar as Adi Sareen their performances were also noteworthy, they were in their characters throughout the series especially the little one Pratyaksh. Manish Choudhary as Shekawat a counter Antagonist was very impressive which he always is he marked his presence counted. Overall, the series is watchable but you might find the chaos infuriating at times. If you haven't watched this series yet let me tell you it is streaming on Hotstar and it is comprised on 9 episodes with every episode ranging from 50 to 55 mins long which might take almost 9 hours of yours. The show surely can be binged and is good for a weekend night i.e. for Friday or Saturday night.


Sunny Pawar is the Rockstar
A street boy with a dead mother & abandoned by his father who he has never seen roaming to the streets of Kolkata on his 10th birthday with no purpose but to experience what life brings to him also finding someone who could read the letter of his father which is written in Urdu. Talking heavy and deep with contrast to his age with sheer innocence and honesty shows how brutal life has been to him hitting hard to its audience right where it needed to achieve that connectivity & sympathy. Sunny Pawar the sole lead of the movie with just 10 years of age doing all the heavy liftings engages you emotionally his performance is just out class and keeps you intact. Its just delightful to watch an actor leading the whole movie like this in this very little age. Screenplay & Direction by Safdar Rahman is also praise worthy as it didn't dragged much he kept it tight throughout. Editing & Cinematography is also very good making this simple drama emotionally engaging. All in all I loved the movie very much.

Laal Kabootar

All in all it was a fair effort
Film Lacks the depth with respect to the story & its character building that is why it fails to ignite the emotional sympathy among its audience. Film depicts the era when target killings, street crimes were common in the city of lights but again no depth it was like showing a single page for describing a whole book which for Karachiites would be easy to understand but for others it might struggles also desperate love angle between Adeel & Aaliyah in climax was not required. The best part of the movie was its cinematography the realistic showcase of Karachi streets with some brilliant color saturations was indeed applause able followed by some good performances by its leads especially Mansha Pasha who was very promising & looked natural while Ali Akbar's performance was also good and I like how he is getting or choosing roles to show his versatility as an actor also Rashid Farooqui as Inspector Ibrahim was noticeable.

Chaman Bahaar

Very Limited Plot & Also No Single Dialogue of Female Lead makes her a Women being Objectified
Set in a small town the story is about a young aspiring man wanted to make his presence felt so he quits his job and starts its own setup which is basically 'Paan Ka Khoqa'. Infront of his setup there is a house where a family has been shifted in which there is a beautiful gorgeous young girl who despite of being in a small town wears Shorts & T-shirts and roams freely in town and without a doubt becoming a heartthrob to all the boys around and that's almost it about the movie i.e. very limited plot. The film has been written and directed by Apurva Dhar which is obviously very limited but still is 2hours long which makes it more mediocre with respect to its storytelling, it could have been better with entertainment's perspective if the movie could be summed up within 1.5hours because there are some LOL moments but not a single ROFL moment. Ritika Badiani as female lead has no single dialogue in an entire movie she has just been objectified to flaunt her beauty. Jitendra Kumar as Billu looked convincing but that was not enough.


If you're not privileged enough, Struggle is your Fate
The film depicts the life of two young people with two different set of stories both having lower economic conditions i.e. poor yet aspiring. Not much revealing about the story & plot other than stated in the premise section, as it has to be experienced by ourselves. Story offer something different to it viewers which we never encounter normally. Drama leads to the high on emotions including Love, Care, Hate, Grief and imitated strongly by the leads. Sanjay Mishra as poor, concerned yet caring father was very realistic and he was as good as he always is. Richa Chadda & Vicky Kaushal were natural and nailed their characters as it was required. Despite having much lesser dialogues both the characters required subtlety & high emotions to engage its audience and both of them did a commendable job.


From Story to Direction to Performances to Editing everything is just messed up
From the trailer film looked promising as the concept was familiar but how lollyowod would portray it made me curious with perfect lead Meera in as Baaji but film got ruined in every possible way from its writing to direction to story telling to its editing everything was just poor. Pathetic choreography which is the case of every Lollywood movie so wont blame them much about it.With everything going against the movie performances by the leads were no different, from Meera to Amna Ilya to Usman Khalid Butt everyone looked un-natural failing miserably to create emotional connection. Mohsin Abbas looked natural but again his character was irrelevant & developed abruptly. Only Nayyar Ejaz as Chand Kamal was convincing his constant old classic songs reference as according to the situation was spot on. As film industry we are already way behind the world and by this type of art work we are not going anywhere

The Witcher

Overall, the show looked half cooked, em hoping that it would get better in its coming seasons.
Fantasy world created on a larger scale purely shows the ancient world of Magic, Wizards, Sorcerers, Curses, Mages, Prophecies etc. Despite having a different experience and different in a good way I still had mixed feelings about the show as there were some underwhelming aspects which follows, Timelines: The Witcher showcases the past & present events both running simultaneously and at times it was very confusing as an audience to bifurcate which events were from past and vice versa. Storylines: Followed by confusing timelines, storyline also showed abrupt occurrences such as Jinn plot where Witcher with no reason finding a Jinn to tackle his insomnia finally ended-up in meeting Yennefer looked so unnatural and forced just to connect both the characters, similarly Cirilla meeting Witcher had so much hyped but when actual event occurred it just happened out of nowhere while on the other side there was a whole war scene happening at the same time. Also, I felt that there should be more depth to the Yennefer's character as when she was in the process of being a mage it showed very little to nothing about how she learned the magic, what was her journey, as in later episodes we learnt that there was a whole schooling process for becoming a mage and once Yennefer was the brightest student. Use of Words: Although Witcher showcased the ancient times with people riding horses, using swords & arrows but their use of words were very recent such as 'F' word used constantly by the leads, 'Doctor' , 'Medical Science', 'Botany', 'Reverse Phycology' these words and the timeframe/era showed in the show I find it very contradictory. Performances: Ferya Allan as Cirilla didn't impress well as her situation referred me to the Arya Stark of GOT who had not exact but the similar nature of journey and Maisie Williams was phenomenal and effortless in that which I thought was missed by Ferya Allan. Apart from that Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia was mesmerizing, he looked solid in every fight sequence and catchy in emotional scenes he has done all the heavy liftings effortlessly and proved his versatility as an actor, The Witcher is truly his show Anya Chalotra as Yennefer of Vengerberg also did a commendable job but the abrupt development of her character ruined all the charm but she did great for what she had.

Dallas Buyers Club

Indeed Oscar Worthy Performances by Matthew McConaughey & Jared Leto
The film depicts the journey of Ron played by Matthew McConaughey, How a cowboy cum drug & Sex addict tests positive for HIV & how he challenges the Medical personals including FDA battling the two i.e. the legal & life wars simultaneously. The 2hours movie might look slow paced but its all about building up the case for the climax which looked convincing however still the movie could've been summed up 10 to 15 mins earlier. Matthew McConaughey is the star of the movie leading the movie from the front, he nailed the character of Ron perfectly supported well by Jared Leto as Rayon a transgender suffering from the same which is not the part of real story but was specially written to depict Transgenders story for Aids & their survival and Leto make-ed the character alive. Apart from brilliant acting, both Leto & McConaughey's chemistry and connection ignites the sympathy for both the characters and yes not to forget their body transformation as AIDS patients which is skinny near to death. Surely the Hard work did pays them off as they secured Oscars for Best Actor's in lead & supporting role for their well deserved performance.

Gulabo Sitabo

Not the best work from Shoojit Sircar but some solid performances makes it a watch worthy movie especially Stellar performance by Mr. Amitabh Bachchan
Inspired by Allahabad's famous traditional Puppet show: Gulabo & Sitabo the film not only carry's the same name but also the same traits of Gulabo & Sitabo along with their argumentative relationship. Well the movie might not be everyone's cup of tea but trust me when you see this film with satirical lens you'll realize how real and bitter the film is exposing human nature describing the irony of human relationships taking advantage from each others situation. The film is a slow burn takes its complete time to introduce and to make every character familiar which was completely justified as this movie heavily relies on its supporting casts rather only to its leads. Vijay Raaz as Gyanesh Shukla a government officer from archeological department was totally lit no doubt his performance was one of the best in the movie, as usual full marks to him, other supporting casts includes Brijendra Kala as Lawyer & Srishti Shrivastava as bold & a street smart sister of Baankey were equally good and make their presence felt. Talking about the leads the Deadly Duo the legend Amitabh as Mirza & in-form Khurrana as Bankey, their chemistry specifically in argumentative scenes were lit and not only that the USP of the movie is actually the constant arguments between the characters which at times were not completely hilarious or laughable but very natural and relatable. Take it as disappointment or surprise Ayushmann's impact in the movie is low may be because of his character's requirement, on the contrary the star of the show is definitely Amitabh Bachchan the persona and the efforts that was required to play that character totally nailed by Mr. Bachchan even in his late 70's he not failing to impress he was simply effortless. Not the best work from Shoojit Sircar but some solid performances makes it a watch worthy movie

Hotel Mumbai

Hotel Mumbai
Based on the True Events, Hotel Mumbai depicts the 2008's Mumbai Attack on Taj Hotel. The film is one of the good thrillers I've seen in recent times with tight screenplay and cringe editing making this film a hell of a ride with 2hours of a runtime. Anthony Mars's storytelling is gripping followed by the convincing performance of Dev Patel supported well by all the other casts including AnupamKher, Armie Hammer, Jason Isaacs , Suhail Nayyar & Nazanain Boniadi. From Entertainment perspective this movie worth's a watch

Load Wedding

A Generous 7
All in all the film was entertaining however the major issue with the movie was its plot which looked scattered followed by its storytelling from highlighting the widow marriage issue then summing it up abruptly & jumping towards the Dowry issue and in-between them a lengthy love story. Dowry was the main plot as movie states 'Load Wedding' but this plot only got intense in last 45mins making it very lengthy movie with the runtime of 2hours 15mins. Performance wise Fahad Mustafa as innocent, responsible Son & Brother with lovable husband was right on target his climax monologue is something you should never miss supported well by Mehwish Hayat as his better half she looked beautiful. Qaiser Piya as the Honest Friend and the narrator of the movie nailed it totally. Fiaza Hassan as Baby Baaji & Noor ul Hassan as Mama were funny including Fahim Khan as Aashiq Bhai.


Haraamkhor - Short Review
Based on a small town, the story takes a dig over the moral values and dilemma's. It was indeed a braver attempt to showcase these type of social realities and I mean bitter realties no one likes to talk about and is hard to digest. Shweta Tripathi as the young ignored and confused teen was one of the highlight of the movie she totally nailed the character and makes her presence felt despite being opposite to Nawazuddin Siddiqui. Nawazuddin Siddiqui's performance was brilliant and convincing as always, he has some especial kind of formula to make these type of characters relatable. Director Shlok Sharma did a fine job and em glad he has taken this bold step as this type of stories can go either way, always risky to hurt the moral sentiments but kudos to him and other producers including Anurag Kashyap & Guneet Monga.

The Butterfly Effect

Little Dragged
Let me try to describe this complex movie in a nutshell, Evan gets severe headaches that cause him to suffer blackouts. While unconscious, he is able to travel back in time and alter the past but this causes drastic changes in his present life. Writing, Directing and Acting in this kind of complex movie requires much of the efforts because altering timelines are always tricky as every detailing needs to be addressed every time and Kudos for Writer Director and the lead Ashton Kutcher for doing all the things effortlessly. The Film is intriguing and disturbing also I felt that film tried harder to convince its audience and provided much more then a one can digest so much happenings which were to a point looked imposed. If creators could've sum this saga within 1hour 30mins I believe then it would've been a spectacular gem but nevertheless the film is still recommended as it is little different from other sci-fi thrillers and you can see the efforts behind its creation.


Living in a small city of Kanpur the film is about three young aspiring guys wanting to fulfill their dreams. A Helpless lover, A Struggling lawyer & A passionate wanna be Chef sets the three different stories showcasing Love, Struggle, Emotion, Fate, Destiny & Drama. The cast is ideal Divyenndu, Aparshati Khurana & Harsh Mayar (National Award Winner) are in the leads and nailed it totally supported well by rest of the cast members. Vijay Raz is as good as always as stubborn yet caring father. Writer/Director Ashish Aryan looks promising and did a fair job. The film at first looked liked a regular small town comedy but rather it is an emotional saga picturized with every possible details closer to the reality of a middle class common people.


Performance by John David Washington & Driver
Showcasing the 1970's Colorado Springs the film is based on racism and I mean hell of a racism. The movie for me is only good in bits and pieces as the storytelling wont hold you for the entire 2hours 15mins however the starting 20 mins and last 45min were watch worthy and eye catchy which is certainly not enough. Despite of having mixed feelings about the movie the performances are to be appreciated. John David Washington played the character of Ron effortlessly supported well by Adam Driver and all the other cast members". Note: The film is critically acclaimed and had the positive reception overall. It received six nominations at the 91st Academy Awards, including Best Picture, Best Director and Best Supporting Actor for Driver, and won for Best Adapted Screenplay

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