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Sleep Always

Not bad
Not bad. Pretty dang good actually for such a low budget movie. I know this movie has inspired a lot of people in my neck of the woods to follow in the technical footsteps of this film makers. I must say that while this experimental film really pushed the boundaries further reviving the super-8 format (which was already on a rebound), I found the acting of the main character rather contrived and often took me out of the movie. The editing was very disorienting and made it impossible to understand what's happening. This may be intentional and it may be by mistake but either way, their intentions are not well defined in this area. A very common mistake for indie films. The imagery was erie and disturbing, perfect for the mood of the movie. The sound was quite good in most cases. The music is non intrusive but completely and utterly forgettable. Not the kind of movie where you buy the soundtrack but it did the job as far as I can remember. But their efforts are not a wash and I hope to see more from them in the future. My biggest notes for improvement is I wish they had shot in negative film and had a professional transfer done on a Rank Cintel and that they had found a better actor for the lead role.

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