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The Duchess

Breath of fresh air onNetflix
Many of best comedy is with not ideal people as stars and they are often hilarious. AD, UK Office, Seinfeld, CYE etc. If you like these I hope you'll like The Duchess. Most of TV comedy today would be called drama in 80s and 90s. This is different and first comedy in last few months I can watch without being bored.


Maybe the best UK TV comedy I saw
It's a crime they didn't make more seasons. I watched those 6 episodes at least 10 times in last decade. Most funny, clever and campy little thing. All 3 characters are so well developed, I can't imagine anything better. Only The Office UK and Outnumbered are on the same level. Can't understand how Plebs or FND can make so many seasons and this proved to be dead end. With development of Great war they could develop much more.

What We Do in the Shadows

good movie but this is better
Cast is perfect. In the moment maybe best comedy TV can offer. Movie was great as idea but this implementation and these actors are even better. It doesn't matter if you didn't see the film. US versions of overseas material are becoming better than originals. (VEEP over The thick of it etc). Main thing is these are the same creators as film version.

Norm Macdonald Has a Show

Different than Norm Macdonald Live but maybe better
I am Norm MacDonald Live fan but this is different. Guests are great and maybe more interesting than in Live. Norm is funnier than ever. Biggest difference from Live is that Norm has cleaned his act and became more funny (because of shorter format probably). In last few days read reviews and apologies of apologies of apologies and twits and watched and listened interviews, podcasts, radio shows but there is nothing of that here. I guarantee that bad reviews were about his non PC comedy from Live and not from this Show. Sometimes I actually doubt that reviewers watched this Show. 'm so happy for Norm. His "straight" performance is so much better than I expected.

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