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The Capture

Halfway Through, Too Little Meat
Teasing is fine but this is ridiculous. Far less skillful at doling it out than 'Counterpart' was. And that one failed as well with hugely better writing and directing AND acting.

This silly, blind nonsense and Holliday Grainger's limited range combine to make the first three episodes the longest three hours of my life to date.

I've lost both patience and interest.

Rather than suspense I am experiencing impatience, boredom and annoyance.

Cutting my losses, I'm out.

A Confession

The camera work is not the problem
The problems are: Martin Freeman's limited range, the glacial pace and the tedium. The tedium led to my conclusion that both the writing and directing are pedestrian.

I forced myself to watch the first two episodes, googled the victim and concluded there was no way I was going to subject myself to four more hours of this boring, boring work.

Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj

'I'm just sick of this notion that Muslims are trying
'I'm just sick of this notion that Muslims are trying to push ourselves and our beliefs on everyone all the time,' Hasan said on Volume 4, Episode 5. And I suddenly realized that that is EXACTly what he's doing.

And I stopped.

I stopped listening.

I stopped watching.

I felt . . . disgusted with myself for falling for it for this long.

The Gulf: Episode #1.1
Episode 1, Season 1

Very slow
Monotonous everything: music. scenery, acting . . . puh-leeeeze . . . this lead actress and her boring pain and breathing thing, over and over and over. No nuance, no other ways of showing it. Just the same thing for the whole episode.

The directing is horrible. How do you make a pretty interesting story in a pretty interesting place tediously inaccessible? Bad directing. Bad, bad acting.

I want to watch it, but I don't see how I can stand another episode.

Why Women Kill

Should be good
But unfortunately the timing is oddly stalled and slow, the writing isn't funny and it's just flat.

Excellent production values, sets, costumes, acting.

Too bad it's all wasted.

Preacher: Deviant
Episode 3, Season 4

Though it doesn't do much to advance the story
And, indeed, the story seems to have lost itself somewhere. Still, this episode is stylistically perhaps the best. Operatic at moments . . .

City on a Hill: High on the Looming Gallows Tree
Episode 8, Season 1

Kevin Bacon. I could feel the seething rage, the coke . . . what an amazing performance.

The Hunting

I really want to like this
I respect the subject and the way they're going about it.

The casting and acting is good.

But the pace is simply glacial and not in a good way.

So, after three runs at episode 1, I'm bailing.

To those of you who can stick it out, I'm sure it will be worthwhile. The approach seems thoughtful and balanced.

The Loudest Voice

Fat. Ugly. Old.
And still. STILL Russell Crowe mesmerizes. Fascinates. There is nothing likeable about this character, and there is a LOT that is unlikeable, horrible, and yet it stays with me long after each episode and I WANT to see it again. Soon.

I have always enjoyed Russell Crowe's work, but this . . . this stuns me. I am slammed, flapdoodled right in the face with what a monumental talent this man is.

I am so impressed.

So. Very. Impressed.

Tabula Rasa

No one is attractive or interesting
Writing is banal.

Pace is glacial.

Locations go beyond charming antique to crumbling junk.

Why watch?

Aziz Ansari: Right Now

Yes he handled 'the issue' very well
No, I didn't find him funny.

At all.

I checked this out to find out how he would address 'the issue.' I don't necessarily credit him with its handling. I suspect he had some expensive advice.

'The issue' aside, I feel there has always been a certain creepy aspect to Ansari's work, which was cultivated in the role he played on 'Parks and Rec' , , , an inherent sleaziness.

It's still there and is a big part of his continuing work. Not funny.


Made in Heaven

Seduced by voluptuous beauty
And colorful novelty at first then I slowly started adapting and in episode 2, I thought, during a conversation with her voluptuously unattractive best friend about her husband cheating, if it turns out he's cheating with this friend . . . and sure enough, that was the 'big surprise' at the episode's end.

Gave episode 3 a chance, but no, there's no doubt.

It's just a soap.


A search for style that doesn't find it
That almost becomes a style, except for the problematic timing: it's too slow and has these weird spaces of suspended nothingness. The directing isn't quite there. The writing isn't quite there. Carla Gugino is excellent as always. But she can't do it all by herself.

This is a very big zero.

Animal Kingdom: Man vs. Rock
Episode 3, Season 4

Should have been excellent
VERY frustrating. Given the content of this episode it SHOULD have been tight, interesting and fun. Instead it was boring, strung out and tedious.

And Pope was horrible. The most menacing character in the series and he's stiff and boring.


The direction for this episode sucked very very very much. Spoiling an interesting and entertaining series.


Big Little Lies

I don't want to spend time with these people
Loved Season 1. Gratified by the ending and surprised to hear there would be a Season 2.

Saw the clip with Streep asking the question and thought maybe they had something.

Now, mere minutes into Season 2, Episode 1, I face the fact that i just don't want to.

I've seen the glamour of Carmel. I really dislike Shailene Woodley. This is boring . . . all the same old same old . . .

. . . so, no.

Not gonna do it.

Big Little Lies: What Have They Done?
Episode 1, Season 2

I don't want to spend time with these people
Loved season 1. Gratified by the ending and surprised to hear there would be a season 2. Saw the clip with Streep asking the question and thought maybe they had something. Now, mere minutes into 'What Have They Done,' I face the fact that i just don't want to. I've seen the glamor of Carmel. I really dislike Shailene Woodley. This is boring . . . all the same old same old . . .

. . . so, no.

Not gonna do it.

Perpetual Grace, LTD

It's 'Patriot' without the charm
Made it about three quarters of the way through the pilot.

I loved Steve Conrad's 'Patriot' and found it charming in a unique and delightfully insane way.

Jimmi Simpson, in 'Perpetual Grace, LTD,' IS the same character as Michael Dorman in 'Patriot.' Same vibe, same sadness, same 'trying to make it right.'

Unfortunately Conrad's PGL is not charming in a unique and delightfully insane way. It is very far from that and instead is slow and mystifying in its absurd reach.

I would love to love it, but instead I am made anxious by its failure. I know what everybody WANTS it to be. Unfortunately, it is not.

Dead to Me

Started out fun
But became just another soapy nonsense.

Too bad. Could have been excellent. Instead it went from good, to slow, to predictable nothingness.

Dead to Me: Try to Stop Me
Episode 8, Season 1

Starting to feel slow and soapy
This one and the prior one. Too bad.

It had such a hot start.

The Virtues: Episode #1.1
Episode 1, Season 1

Mystified by the high ratings
Despite the good performances of all involved, I found this excruciatingly long and boring. I stayed with it BECAUSE of the ratings and one (professional) review and here I sit, still mystified, but unwilling to sit through any further episodes.

Killing Eve: I Hope You Like Missionary!
Episode 6, Season 2

And it's back
Villanelle is back in form.

Eve is back in thrall.

The writing is zipped up tight.

Still missing the sneakily ebullient humor . . . but it's at least worth attention again.

The Good Fight

The review prior to this suggests
'Every one star review says the same thing, people are mad this show is political.'

Mine is a one star review. I celebrate the Trump dumping. I'm actually happy and find it refreshing to get opinions re his awfulness out in the open. Yay!

I LOVE Christine Baranski and Gary Cole.

I ADORED 'Braindead' and so, don't mind the cartoons and the music.

My complete disgust with this show, my SOLE reason for my one star rating, is the totally unwatchable, abhorrent performance of Michael Sheen. That is my ONLY reason. And I find his performance SO annoying, extreme and silly, so OVERacted as to make the whole show unwatchable.

I have already posted a review to this effect and it went up. Then came down a day later. So these points have been made before. I am very interested to see if saying this is now 'permitted.'

Killing Eve: Smell Ya Later
Episode 5, Season 2

First disappointing episode
NOT because, as others have noted here, 'why didn't they do this before? I get that this is new, in that Villanelle and Konstantin are now an independent team, no longer working for Russia, and so, 'for hire.'

My issues are:

. WHOAA how did they hire them happen SO FAST?

. Why isn't it funny anymore? Where is that edge? Even Eve's sexual thrall seems boring and ordinary. What's up with that?

Somebody . . . was it the writing, the directing? . . . Somebody lost the edge . . .

American Gods: Treasure of the Sun
Episode 7, Season 2

Took me by surprise
How very sad I am to see him go.

'I used to be a king.'

The Rewrite

This film is seriously boring
I rented it based on reviews here and, in my opinion, they are very very VERY wrong.

This film is SO boring I tried three times to watch it, having accepted that it would be a silly, mindless Hugh Grant thing.

EVEN THEN . . . it was tedious, obvious, predictable, boring.

If you're thinking about doing it . . . don't!

Not unless it's free. Then, if you don't like it . . . meh.

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