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Mission: Impossible - Fallout

It's the kind of movie where you know there's nothing going on and it's basically about being cool, but there's a difference between being cool and being cool, right? This movie isn't a stand-in, CGI, or cutout. From the first movie to the sixth, Tom cruise has grown into Tom cruise. A man's sexuality is never defined by his age!

Lazzaro felice

Lazzaro is like a mirror, his simplicity and kindness, his "superhuman" pure, reflected many, many, such as human nature, the world, the passage of time and so on. But obviously, the director's intention is not only to discuss these, but to look beyond, is the love between humanity and divinity, as well as the vicissitudes of Italian society for decades.


The story background and character setting are actually very common, but each character has a meaning of existence and has its own story, so it is distinctive.

Augie, who had been unhappy because of his ugliness, had become confident because he was no longer afraid of what others thought of him. The elder sister felt very lonely because the whole family surrounded augie, but she still taught patiently in the face of her brother's troubles. Because of augie's illness, my mother gave up her dream to take care of her at home. Will, because his family was poor, agreed to be friends with augie, but in order to please the other students betrayed augie, and finally fought with the children for augie. In real life, the likelihood of such a follow-up is small, but isn't the movie dreaming? The people who were touched by the movie at least yearned for kindness.

Knives Out

Always like that sentence - there are two things in the world can not be looked at, one is the sun, two is the heart.

Therefore, never try to test human nature easily. Human nature is more complex than you imagine. Once you try, you will step into this abyss.

Ready Player One

ready player
Good science fiction showcases the science and technology of the future, and great science fiction discusses the ethics and values of the future. When reality, like the crumbling city of the first playhouse, becomes squalid and empty day by day, the tide of entertainment and capitalism merge into one, and finally ride the ship of virtual reality, where does it all go? What do people become? Are players really going to fight a war against a big company over some values? You refused to give the oasis to IOI, so what kind of oasis do you want? Neither the film nor the novel gives an answer.

Spielberg just tell you, if there is such a virtual world, you like the pop culture are included, it will surely take up the reconstruction of meaning of the standard, and save you in addition to entertainment has no other desire of contemporary humans, retreat from reality nothing in the desert, desperate to escape to the VR glasses inside the hurricane cool oasis.

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

spider man
The first floor was originally, we're doing a cartoon, but it's a real world. You read comics in the real world, and there are real world people in the comics, and that's fine. And then a bunch of comic book characters from other time and space travel, not to the comic world, but to the real world, which means that the real world that you're building is actually a comic world.

There is a kind of dramatic sense of alienation, of jumping out, which is revealed by the style of disharmony. It makes me think that this version is really subversive. The creators are so confident with love, and they don't care whether the audience can accept it or not, the box office will be damaged. We came up with the idea, and we did it, and that's what a comic book fan would do. This is so cool, just give this a standing ovation.

These are the things that animators do on purpose, doing 3D animation and then anti-3d, which is really fun and confident design. In this way, ordinary audiences have a sense of novelty and feel the extraordinary painting style. On the other hand must be deep comic book fan's favor, kill two birds with one stone.

Les choristes

The sincere movie always can firmly grasp you, after the performance of more than 100 minutes, the soul to return to oneself, allow you to comment on the praise or derogatory, it is demure and proud of standing on the side, indifferent to the matter. Angry roar, moved tears, vent and tidy up are in front of the screen of their own, seemingly endless cycle, the catalyst is the film. At this point, I ruminated on that 100-plus minutes. There are no beautiful actors, no gaudy stunts, a few childish "problem" children, a bald teacher, plus clean and simple music, trickling stories, not fierce tears and laughter, clumsy edges and corners of the gentle file...... Clement mathew, a country teacher with a passion for music, was appointed to a re-education school, known as the "bottom of the pond", a chaotic and irreverent centre for troubled students. Here the principal teacher fraught, on the face is the line of rigid boring, abuse and corporal punishment is the only communication between teachers and students. The lovely new proctor has no choice but to watch the students play practical jokes, until one day accidentally found the beautiful voice of the child. Very naturally, rare resonance, singing in the eyes of the children back to clear and clean, teachers and students in the joy of the staff learned to understand, tolerance and love.

It's a broad theme, but I can't be indifferent to the change from gloomy to positive.


This should be adapted from the short film tuner, of course, after the filling of a lot of new plot, black humor is very slippery, again and again reversal, really don't know who to believe.

Hachi: A Dog's Tale

Waiting ten years for a love is nearly a lifetime for a dog. What made hachi so persistent, the warm smile on the first cold night at the station, or the years of careful companionship that followed. If life is only as first, how many people in the world can do it?

Why we can be moved by such and such things, its root is that we can't do it, to the good to the beautiful heart, everyone has, but who is willing to pay without regret, who can simply moved life and death, always consider too much...

Because most people love themselves more, most people's feelings are not as pure as hachi.

Who can only love one person, only make one friend, only eat one kind of food, only do one thing... No, life is so complicated that we don't give our all for one thing. No one is the only one, no forever forever.

La leggenda del pianista sull'oceano

La leggenda del pianista sull'oceano
Most of the time, no matter how busy and noisy the world is, I am just a person as if I were on an island, then I am so lonely but there is no city to put it. It doesn't allow you to be alone. It doesn't give you time to be alone.

If you refuse to fit in, then you suffer double loneliness, the outer and the inner, so you are more lonely. And into, that is a lifetime will not be happy journey, you step on the land is so light, you can't feel your existence, you are still lonely, nowhere to put the lonely.

Green Book

green book
And the world is complicated, even narrow and indifferent often more common than tolerance and warmth, but it is those few warm moments that make us believe that life is worth loving.

Black Swan

In a ballet performance, she was honored to be chosen as the swan queen, one person played two parts, the white swan white impeccable noble and decent, she played up without pressure, but the opposite of the black swan is a full of seductive role, not only need to release the wild, but also need to emit sexy allure. But since the childhood mother controls, for sexual expression cannot be very good, so she Tina began to walk on the brink of collapse, Tina gradually began to appear all sorts of strange phenomenon, thus, Tina in order to better able to deduce the black swan begins to split personality, the performance of the night before, she imagined within your body out of the black feather, she gradually by white swan twisted into a black swan, therefore also imagined himself killed to rob the role of Lily, in the last performance in black swan the charm of the perfect present white swan to the black swan's counter attack, but at this point, Nina, the white swan, ends her life in the last scene, which is the self-destruction after the successful interpretation of the latter two personalities.

The Truman Show

The Truman Show
Clearly, Truman belongs only to Truman's world -- a manipulated virtual world. His birth, his growth, his joys, his sorrows, and, if nothing else, his death, will all be played out on a rigged and choreographed stage, watched by countless men and women in the glamorous modern world. They are an integral part of Truman, and they are growing up together. Without Truman, their lives will be unsustainable, the world will be in chaos, and life will be meaningless.

But an unprecedented reality show, designed to last for three decades, has been crushed by Truman's suspicions and quest. After being tested by artificial storms, thunderstorms, and waves, the ship carrying him to the truth ruthlessly crashes through the dazzling blue beauty of the false sky. In that moment, a myth ended and a conspiracy was put into the light. More importantly, the deep impact proved that as long as human nature existed, the mind could not be manipulated forever.

However, Truman does not belong to the Truman world alone. He is both you and me in this world of electronic warfare.

Forrest Gump

Sometimes, really envy forrest gump is just a fool, don't need to think so much, also won't think so much, simple people have simple happiness, serious work, love their sweetheart. No matter what would happen tomorrow, what kind of chocolate it would be, it would not affect his appetite or his mood. Simple, maybe this is the way to face it all, but who can really do it? What's the point of simplicity if it's simply for the sake of simplicity.


In the movie, zootopias of different social classes are implanted into various social contradictions. Zootopia in the sun, you can see the shadow of reality. Julia rabbit, determined to be a police officer, but the police around are strong and fierce big animals, but she proved herself. In reality, is it possible to entrust responsibility to the weak? There may not even be a chance, let alone a follow-up. Nick fox, predator, and Julia. Stumbled along the way without the rabbit's trust and the fox's support. The rabbit entrusted his life to the fox to help him save himself. Is there such a combination in reality? The deputy mayor of the sheep and the mayor of the lion are like realistic politicians. The character image design is black and white. The deputy mayor of the sheep is more like Hitler, ambitious. The lion mayor is willing but not able.

Les misérables

Les misérables
There are no bad seeds or bad men in the world, only bad plantings for the people. This is no longer Hugo's Paris, and the crowds on the posters are not protesting, but celebrating the World Cup victory of the French national team, which has more than half of the coloured population. When the young mbappe galloped on the field and became a hero, the black children even younger than him ran down the street and the white police still couldn't catch up with them. The lion cubs that are supposed to grow naturally on the African savannah can't bear to stay in the henhouse, and the lion in the circus cage is just as harmless as a barking dog. So close why shoot, the accumulation of hatred infinite revenge will only plant into each witness's young mind to change the future can't be fixed, high level of violence that is the revolution.

Jojo Rabbit

The film is not a critical piece of serious literature directed against the evil, dark, or even radical actions of the nazis. It's anti-hate. It's a smart move to reduce some of the controversy over the director's nazi-themed comedy. And when the last film, when we saw the leading role is so hidden in the darkness of the environment is still strong to grow up, and find the light, is a source of even better to resolve the dispute, will race, war, rebellion, hegemony and other sensitive topics are moderately bypass, only pay attention to jo-jo the child's mind world and his life. That's a big part of the film's success.

Hors normes

hors normes
If more people can see this movie, hopefully even if you can't do something about people with autism or depression, at least try to treat them like normal people, maybe this is the best world for them.

Hello World

No matter how bad the world breaks, I just want to see you. I use ten years to save you in the dream, you use ten years to wait for me in reality, love is so. Like each other, save each other, redeem each other, each time and space of their own are from the pain to maturity, and then because of the maturity of happiness. Really like this kind of drama, sometimes clearly feel their efforts are not useful, but in unexpected places.

La vita è bella

Childlike innocence and love, fatherly love and give, the achievement of a human comedy.

In order to find shelter for the little prince in the camp, the searchlight exposes you, a shot is fired, and you do not reappear. For the princess and the little prince, what you leave behind is an unmatched love for life, for the children you love. Your attitude towards cruelty as a game is the greatest gift you can give your children.

When the little prince emerged from the camp's broken iron chest, he was surprised to see a real tank coming to take him and his mother home. So he really got the highest prize. This is the prize of life

Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde

When you have a pure heart to treat others, others will be honest with you; When you are confident, you will be able to go forward; When you have courage, thorns and cliffs cannot stand in your way. You are always the best.

Legally Blonde

The movie follows the same old Hollywood plotline, but it's the part that touches the heart the most. Quite like ailey's character, confident, beautiful, personality, rich sense of justice, although a little deified, but not let people hate. After numerous setbacks, this girl grows up firmly in front of us, and transforms from the previous blonde with the temperament of a big lady into a young female lawyer with rich sensibility and cool head. Hollywood once again allows us to witness the journey of a girl's struggle, and the story is quite moving.

The Avengers

I think not only as a work of multielement integration also works as the first series, it was very successful, every detail processing is in place, this kind of control need to be the leading role of director of each monomer works like the palm of his hand and join in place, actually films, difficult is difficult in can handle every single element of the fusion, can into. Five-star praise is no doubt the director's careful and careful intentions and the staff of the enormous manpower, material resources, time and energy and capital investment of the full affirmationI think not only as a work of multielement integration also works as the first series, it was very successful, every detail processing is in place, this kind of control need to be the leading role of director of each monomer works like the palm of his hand and join in place, actually films, difficult is difficult in can handle every single element of the fusion, can into. Five-star praise is no doubt the director's careful and careful intentions and the staff of the enormous manpower, material resources, time and energy and capital investment of the full affirmationI think not only as a work of multielement integration also works as the first series, it was very successful, every detail processing is in place, this kind of control need to be the leading role of director of each monomer works like the palm of his hand and join in place, actually films, difficult is difficult in can handle every single element of the fusion, can into. Five-star praise is no doubt the director's careful and careful intentions and the staff of the enormous manpower, material resources, time and energy and capital investment of the full affirmation.

The Pursuit of Happyness

It's part of my life. Even with its poetic Chinese title, "the pursuit of happiness" is still just a part of life. After going through so much misery and suffering, happiness finally came, then after the happiness came. People are always greedy, no matter how much happiness is not satisfied. Ambitious people, every day to do everything, be kind to others, wronged themselves, just for their own an ideal, try their best...... We say, this is an example, this spirit is worth learning from; No ambition of the people, every day eat lazy, muddle along, but, even if the life is simple, but still have "not too bad" hope... We said, this is not good, people should pursue something. In fact, we are all chasing happiness, but the standard of "happiness" is not the same. But in any case, these are just "parts of life".

Home Alone

cute boy
The film is about a young boy who is left alone when his parents go on holiday. A thief comes to his house and steals. The clever boy deals with the bad guy with a series of tricks

The film is really exciting and impressive

The main character is witty and clever and not afraid of ideas one after the other.

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