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Funniest Movie of all Time
This is the funniest movie of all time. I love it. Unlike Monty Python and the Holy Grail it's funny even after the 10th time of watching it. I just got it on DVD and let me say it gets better every time I watch it. I find another element of comedy or satire every time I watch it. It's like the Star Wars of comedies (as a matter of fact it even spoofs Star Wars). The number of extremely comical scenes are endless. The Ludicrous Speed scene, the Major A**hole scene, the doll scene with Dark Helmet (which I recently learned was completely developed in the mind of Rick Moranis), and the list goes on... If you have not seen this movie, see it. I guarantee you won't be disappointed. 11.5/10 Stars.


Who would have thought this movie would be SO good?
I watched the new and read the papers and began to expect an OK, fast-paced movie that would still be fun but not a good movie. I would now like to completely disagree with every critic who gave a poor rating to this movie. There were times in the movie where I got angry at something happening but then very shortly afterwards the problem that kind of annoyed me was solved perfectly and made the movie continue to flow. The weird thing about the movie is how there are about 4 main characters, all in the movie about an equal amount of time and all equally heroic and fun to watch. And even at the point where you think they're just going to screw up the whole movie something happens to smooth out the bumps. And next not only was the songs for the movie integrated really well into what was happening, but all the songs kicked! The first thing I am going to do tomorrow is go out and buy the soundtrack. I would write more but I'd probably take up another 5 paragraphs explaining how perfectly the movie worked out its problems and everything you wanted to happen or something even better than what you wanted to happen does! This movie was incredible! 10 out of 10!

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