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Dark Phoenix

Sad lazy embarrassment.
The real contest here is between what's worst. The script, direction or acting. The script is a flat, contrived collection of cliches. Pretty much an equal for the miserable, lazy and cliched direction. But the clear winner is the acting! When you can take talents like James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Jessica Chastain and to a somewhat lesser degree Sophie Turner and make them boringly painful to watch it's quite an accomplishment. Most of the newer members fail to even register. Stunning in its ineptitude. Please stop making these.

Spenser Confidential

Read the books a few years ago, found episodes of the tv show. Lots of action and humor. This update was ham handed and clumsy. Really hard to believe Peter Berg directed this, there are so many basic filmmaking issues. Look like an early effort from an AFI dropout. And the script's a cliche ridden mess. I did like Marc Maron.

Star Trek: Picard: The End Is the Beginning
Episode 3, Season 1

Fair to middling
Who the hell calls Jean-Luc, JL? Sounds ridiculous. Also not helped by the actor playing Raffi. She's dreadful. She works a lot but these days that doesn't mean anything. Patrick Stewart and Allison Pill are wonderful as usual and the actor playing Rios seems good. The scripts are clunky and production values cheap. Did love seeing them film at Vasquez Rocks again. Goes all the way back to the original series. Good moments and the pace is picking up. I'll continue watching.

Scotty and the Secret History of Hollywood

"Salacious but not entirely provable"
Pandering to a tabloid worthy attention seeker, this, so called doc, wastes both the film maker's talent and whatever meager audience's time. Cary Grant once said something to the effect, after you die they can and will say anything they want about you. Pathetic but accurate.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Identity and Change
Episode 17, Season 4

Deeply Disappointing
When the characters must make the stupidest choices in order to move the story forward it quickly becomes unwatchable.

Rules of Engagement

Undervalued and important film
Should be viewed by anyone considering a career in the service. Great performances by a coupl of our best actors. Sadly the topic is an all too familiar one of the government selling out the men and women who serve it.

Great Expectations

Updated version of Dickens classic for so-called modern sensibilities.
Great example of how you can suck all the life and beauty out of brilliant material. Plus, perhaps the worst music laid over pedestrian scenes to excruciating effect. An artful director, for some reason at his pretentious worst. Good cast completely wasted. The cinematography may by the one redeeming factor.

The Rockford Files

Rockford Files on Hallmark
I love the Rockford Files. Love the actor James Garner. Great casting, especially in the early episodes. Jill Clayburgh, Joseph Cotten, Suzanne Somers, Sharon Gless, James Cromwell...etc. The Hallmark channel is now replaying the show. Sadly they're butchering up the episodes by cutting out, my best guess, 6-8 minutes per episode. The already sketchy writing is rendered nonsensical. Shame on Hallmark. That said, the draw was always the great James Garner. And still is.

Prime Suspect 1973

Young Tennison starting out in London police. 1973. Trials and tribulations of a young woman in a male dominated world.
Really disappointing. One cloying cliché after another. Our pert attractive young heroine is of course paired with a very plus sized young woman on the station switchboard. That is when she's not serving coffee and pastries to the men and then having to do kitchen duty. Where, horror of horrors, even the "black detective" drops off his dirty dishes for to clean! And on and on. Even ordered to clean up vomit. It's depressing how unoriginal the basic structure is. Truly a missed opportunity.

The House Bunny

Bunny gets tricked into leaving The Mansion and ends up as House Mother to a lovable collection of losers at Zeta house.
Not a bad movie. Sadly someone at Happy Madison productions didn't trust a simple and enjoyable premise and had to pile on one stupid sight gag after another. If the situation was amusing it got buried under an avalanche of juvenile nonsense. A number of engaging performances. Cute idea. Sadly not trusted by the producers.

Becoming Cary Grant

Superficial overview of Cary Grants life and career. Features some home movies and quotes from Grants unpublished bio.
Disappointing dreck. Lots of half baked theories backed up by little more than embarrassing film clips used in the most ludicrous metaphorical fashion. The musical score wouldn't have made it onto a B-film melodrama. Might have been nice if they identified the people we see on screen. Only Judy Balaban is introduced. Watching pictures of San Simeon probably taken by Grant. Of course they're not identified and were most likely taken a decade before he met Betsy Drake whose segment they feature in. Really useless nonsense.

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