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The Haunting

Less is scarier, er, better !!!
This ranks as my favorite ghost story of all time. The mood, lighting, and (lack of ) special effects all make the "it's what you don't see that scares you" premise work great. To highlight this movie, watch it on Halloween night with the lights out and then try it again with the ( ugh ) remake and see how you feel. Robert Wise was a great director and this is probably his hidden gem. I purchased it a few years back on DVD and my wife and I watch it every year on Halloween and it never, ever ceases to give her or myself the chills, especially the scenes toward the end in the library, the "cold spot", and the "hold my hand" sequence. Julie Harris is perfect for her part. Skittish and susceptible to all things that "go bump in the night".

Sweet, Sweet Rachel

Stephanie Powers holds herself responsible for what has happened to her husband. In-laws interfere and there is chaos everywhere.
I first saw this when I was 9 years old and although it's probably well past dated by now, at the time it was a pretty scary movie for the ABC movie of the week. The tunnel scene with Louis Latham as Nora Piper still gives me chills and the opening sequence with the ESP cards is a pretty good setup to the whole premise of the movie. This was around the time of the TV series "The Sixth Sense" and it has that kind of feel to it. Another ABC Movie of the Week recommendation is "Crowhaven Farm" or even "The Eyes of Charles Sand" which were both creepy and had a sense of dread to them. I kind of wish they made movies like this again or at least try to remake them so they don't seem dated.

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