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War Room

You will laugh, cry, rejoice, and praise God!
I just finished watching this movie with my wife. If you have seen and liked "Fireproof" or "Facing the Giants" from the Kendrick brothers, then you're going to love, love, love this movie.

While a movie about prayer may seem like a boring concept (I almost didn't see it because of its theme), trust me, believers everywhere are going to be so blessed, touched, and inspired by this movie. I kid you not, but people were literally shouting "Amen!", "Hallelujah!", and "Glory!" in the movie theater (in Amarillo, TX).

My wife and I laughed, cried, and rejoiced throughout the movie. When it was over, I believe that everyone clapped for a good 30+ seconds. That's how good it was. Even when the credits were rolling, no one moved for about a minute or so since we were trying to absorb and process the impact of this movie.

I won't reveal any spoilers, but suffice to say that this is a movie about a lukewarm Christian family dealing with a crisis. An old Christian lady intervenes and offers some advice to the young Christian mother. That advice ends up transforming so many lives.

If you or your family are struggling with anything right now, then do yourself a favor and go see this film. You won't regret it.

I honestly believe that this might be the Kendrick brothers best movie yet -- and that says a lot since their previous films have been simply terrific and inspiring.

Thank you Kendrick brothers for making this beautiful and powerful film!

9.5 out of 10 (my wife rates it a 10 out of 10)!

God's Not Dead

A Wonderful and Uplifting Movie
While non-believers may attack this movie all they want, the truth is that many Christians will be blessed and uplifted by this movie. I just saw it at a packed cinema and at the end, many were applauding the movie as the credits rolled.

While a student at Harvard University, there were many times that my faith was ridiculed and challenged by students and professors alike. Consequently, I was able to identify with the main character of the movie who had to defend his belief in God in his philosophy class. Granted that some of it was exaggerated in the film (but how many films are not exaggerated to prove a point?), it was still highly entertaining and enjoyable.

It is true that most institutions of higher learning foster lively debate and openness. However, there are times when Christians are persecuted and discriminated for their beliefs. In fact, at the end of the movie, the credits displayed legal cases where Christians were forced to take their discrimination to court.

As a Christian, I found the movie refreshing because we are able to identify with some of the characters. In fact, at times, we have been forced to take a stand for our beliefs.

In short, non-believers may ridicule and mock all they want, but believers will laugh, cry, rejoice, and be uplifted by this movie.

End of Watch

Not What The Synopsis Says It Is
Let's get this clear, the synopsis says that this movie is about this: "Two young officers are marked for death after confiscating a small cache of money and firearms from the members of a notorious cartel, during a routine traffic stop."

Unfortunately, if you're expecting an action-packed movie based upon the synopsis then you will clearly be disappointed as I was. I just finished watching the movie and I'm upset by the false and misleading synopsis since this movie is simply a buddy-cop movie (and more character driven than anything else). In fact, the action behind the synopsis does NOT take place until the last 10 minutes of the movie. Consequently, had I been told that this movie was a buddy-cop movie that details the lives of two LA cops as they perform their police duties, then I would have looked elsewhere.

As a buddy-cop movie it wasn't bad, but when you're expecting the movie to be centered on a Mexican drug cartel chasing and pursuing two cops (and hence all the action that would have entailed), it leaves you bitterly disappointed and upset.

In short, if the producers behind this movie had really stuck to the advertised synopsis, that would have been a far more interesting and engaging film than this one.

John Carter

An Epic Movie!
Let me start off by saying that I had not read any reviews or heard anything about this movie except what I saw in the trailers. It simply looked like a good action movie and I wanted to see it.

Little did I know what a breathtaking, entertaining, and wondrous epic movie this was going to be. Think of Star Wars with Avatar. I actually enjoyed it better than Avatar since it didn't contain all that political preaching. This simply is a great action sci-fi movie that should become a new classic.

Disney did an outstanding job with this movie since the plot, special effects, and action scenes were outstanding.

Basic plot: John Carter is somehow transported to Mars and acquires super human powers due to Mars' gravity (i.e. like Superman). While there, he gets caught up in a war between the Martians (who in turn are being manipulated by beings that act and resemble the ancient Greek gods). Along the way, our hero falls in love with a Martian princess who, in turn, is trying to save her people.

In short, if you really enjoy sci-fi movies, then don't miss this one.

I really hope there's a sequel!

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