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W - Du gaeui segye

One of the best
This drama was absolutely adorable, it was actually the first drama I've watched and I recently rewatched it and decided to write a review. Lee Jong Suk (Kang Chul) fit the role perfectly and captured everyone's hearts. Han Hyo Joo (Oh Yeon joo) also fit the role amazingly. I think the only negative thing I have to say is that it gets a bit confusing sometimes when they jump between worlds and stuff you can't tell which world they're in. Also prepare tissues.

If you like murder mysteries and intense shows I definitely recommend this drama, if not...well you'll still keep watching because it's just that good.

Kimbiseoga wae geureolkka

Not as great as people say it is
This drama was just okay. There were a lot of things I didn't like about this show and it was hard for me to finish. This show gets really high reviews and I will never understand why there are lots of other dramas that are worth your time. Most episodes were very boring. Young-joon (leading male)'s narcissism was funny at first but it became annoying very fast and it made him unlikable, Mi-so (leading female) was also unlikable and kind of annoying which is what made it hard to continue. Honestly the side characters like Ji-Ah saved the show, I never would've gotten through it without them. I'm also seeing a lot of people that they had amazing chemistry but I don't feel the chemistry at all.

Okay, now the good things. As I said earlier the side characters are what encouraged me to finish the show, I liked that the show also focused on the side couples which a lot of dramas don't really do. And I'll admit I enjoyed the first 3 episodes but it honestly went downhill from there. Park Seo-Joon did a great job with his role, although the character was unlikable he is really an amazing actor, watching this show after Itaewon Class really showed how he can tackle any role. This is the first drama I've watched with Park Min-Young (I've watched Busted though) and I think she also did an amazing job, the actors in this show are amazing. And this show did make me laugh sometimes.

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