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22 July

An underrated and Informative film!
In Hollywood films, we use to see that a mentally sick mass murder are often "very smart" or "very unnatural/ close to zombie". Interestingly, this film almost perfectly framed the motives of a straight way or we can say this film tell us a hard story in a easy way. There is no rocket science behind this kind of killers, they are also fooled by their "leaders". I think this is a very underrated film, I studied in scandenevia so I can more or less relate many things and it was really informative. Though this movie is a sad movie which end with a strong court room statement by a victim teenager.

5 Flights Up

Love, compassion & traders
I have a certain feeling that I watched most of the good movies and now nothing left to watch. I am a huge fan of ratings and reviews so I always do a 5 minutes research (or more) before watching a movie (investing 2 hours). This film did not have a great rating indeed but I was surprised after watching this! To me it is not a masterpiece but this film could be titled as a "very good movie".

No rocket science is presented in this movie, the story was very common but significant. We are living in a world where we have Internet, gadgets, conform, and a lot of options and those make our life complex, we forgot what is life, what is simplicity,. And we almost forgot to stand and take a deep breath. After watching this movie you can understand life is good if you don't take it so seriously. Compassion, love, mean trade and some other things are presented in this film.

This movie is not for everyone but if you are person who watch movie not for timepass but for finding the meaning of life, then this is not going to disturb you. Happy watching

This film

Lída Baarová

An underrated movie
This film gives us a idea about Hitler's "gang of propaganda". This movie can consider a good historiy based content where we can see the key players visions about their life and other life's. A movie about fake love, greed, stardom, misusing of power and fall down. A good movie for all history lovers.

Julie & Julia

Not only cooking but also way of living
I had some questions about life, passion, career & after watching this movie, I got many answers that I am looking for a long time. This movie teaches us that life is a long ran game and you have to nurture your passion to get some good output. Also, you have to consume 100 percent of you surrounding, I mean the foods, language, culture and friends. What a movie!! Some movies really can add values in our life and I think this is a very clean movie with a significant message. Love you both Julie & Julia!


This movie is in my top ten list (hindi movie)
This movie is the "the birdman" of hindi film industry. The story of an charecter artist, who is a father, a lonely guy, popular but unrecognisable personality, and an artistic. No one could play this role as Sanjay Mishra did. Mr Nasiruddin might thinking "what an script! Why they didn't cast me for the role". Actually the audiences who love 80s off track hindi movie, will admire the "Kaamyaab". Red chillis entertainment should get a big thanks for producing such good content.


Sam Hargrave just did a mistake by choosing an "immature" script !!
Extraction is a C grade movie with some good action scenes. A very weak research team probably wrote the plot of this film. The casting was miserable. Noting good except Sam Hargrave. Unfortunately, Sam guided in a wrong way entire the movie. Most of the Bengali characters can't even speak Bengali properly. A very wrong projection of Dhaka. A total waste of time.

The Crown: Coup
Episode 5, Season 3

When a Admiral meet with the politician....the most underrated episode of '"The Crown"!
Unbelievable story in the content of UK. Charles Dance did his best and no actor was qualified to share the screen with him. His acting skill is beyond the description. The episode is about - a restless admiral's ambitions to make his country great again VS progressive politicians. Or, a patriotic solder vs failed politicians. This episode reminded us all about the role of queen and that is holding the boat during a storm!

The Crown: Aberfan
Episode 3, Season 3

Heart touching...!
This episode can be considered as a feature film. Or, If it is a feature film that film could get the Oscar for this episode. Before or after watching this episode, I will like to suggest everyone watch the "beneath the crown" (explanation video ) on the "Netflix UK & Ireland" channel (YouTube) to know the details about the real event.

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