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Godzilla: King of the Monsters

Giant monsters making a giant impact
After watching a few subtitled Japanese Godzilla films and loving them, I was keen as mustard to see the 1994 Godzilla film and felt betrayed with the American handling of this franchise! Move on 20 years and a significant step up and a real homage to the franchise was paid but still lacked enough "Wow" time with the monsters fighting (still a great film and good acting but missing the budget perhaps?)

Move to King of the monsters and it is OMFG time!!! It starts out a little slow but does the right thing in character building. Then it is showtime and MAN, I was not disappointed at all. It genuinely felt like I was watching gigantic monsters fighting and destroying building. I was taken back to Pacific Rim and how big they looked but this does it even better in my opinion.

Without giving spoilers, if like me, you enjoy a good 'Giant monsters fighting film', you will not be let down at all. Sound is amazing also and well worth watching in IMAX. Ohhh and as a heads up... Stay til the very end credits for a Marvel-esque treat!

Pet Sematary

A remake worth watching!
Being a fan of the horror movie genre, I had high hopes for this and came away very happy. The star of the show has to be the young Jeté Laurence, whom absolutely nailed her role. From a sweet kid to a "not so sweet" kid, she was outstanding. A great movie for making you jump and a classic retelling of this King horror film.

For those unsure of this because of the original, I say give it a go and you won't be disappointed. Well worth my 8 out of 10.


A healthy change to the DC Universe
I went into this a little sceptical and found I came out rather chuffed with such a good film. Far far better than I was expecting and pleased I had gone to a preview screener for this.

The acting is spot on, the comedy is spot on and the action is.... You guessed it, spot on. I certainly recommend any super hero fan to go watch this and big praised to WB for leaving this alone and letting the DIrector get on with it.

Captain Marvel

A Marvel fan who actually enjoyed it!!!
I read a few reviews prior to my midnight screening of the premier for this and was in the mindset of "oh no, this is gonna be crap" but after actually watching, I really enjoyed it. Brie Larson, Samuel L Jackson and the rest of the cast are superb in my eyes. A great deal of humour chucked in also and the action is spot on. No idea where the hate for Brie comes from but from a neutral, I thought her performance was spot on. Very very good CGI (as we have come to expect) and it sets it all up nicely for what is to come in April. Two end credit scenes, so stay in your seats, as they are worth it (no spoiler) and please ignore the rather bizzarre 1/10 ratings. Not even sure if they watched it. See for yourself and you will not be disappointed.

Ready Player One

Not read the book but loved it!
Reading reviews here, it seems like those who read the book dislike it and those that didn't love it and I am in the latter. The acting is top notch, the action is top notch and it is visually stunning. I went into this with big expectations and I wasn't disappointed. I would certainly watch it again.

Tomb Raider

Outstanding and a real plus for game fans
Alicia Vikander is absolutely amazing in this Tomb Raider prequel. From the start of the film, Lara is in London and shows her strong mentality and as the film progresses, you can see that Lara is a very focused Girl but with some apprehensions. The cinematography is superb and the bike chase left me in awe. As Lara heads further on in the film, her stubborness starts to show, as does her resolve and abilities. I would certainly recommend this film to any Tomb Raider or Indiana Jones fans and you won't be disappointed. I was shocked at how empty the Imax was in truth and hopefully this changes as the weekend arrives. I would certainly watch this again. Sorry for my poor review but it is my first and felt I should write one due to the poor turnout in the Cinema. I also made sure there was no spoilers, as there is nothing worse.

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